The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 274: The Sage Moves onto the Future

After the battle, I held onto her corpse.

As I returned the keepsake sword to its sheath and hung it at my waist, the standing undead were transferred back to various places.

Once I was left alone, I transferred.

My destination was the Valley of the Dead.

It was a land isolated by a barrier of mine, so nobody could enter.


I looked around.

The area was surrounded by pure silence.

I couldn’t feel any presence of living creatures.

Even if someone broke in, they would die soon after.

That was how thick the concentration of miasma was in this place.

Being an immortal, it filled me with strength instead.

This was also the source of my power.

It could be said to be the origins of the Demon Lord.

I can’t say I had good memories though, and there were many casualties involved here.

I carried her here and looked down into the valley from the cliff.

Beneath was a dense fog of miasma.

Because of that, I couldn’t see anything.


My shoulders shook as if I had been shocked with electricity.

Many scenes replayed in my mind.

Needless to say, it was reminiscent of the day of our execution.

Both of us died in this place.

For ten years I had suffered at the bottom of the valley before finally deciding to become the Demon Lord.

As I consumed miasma and gained power, I crawled up from the depths of the gorge.

Then, I killed the soldiers and took over the nation.

Everything felt nostalgic.

It felt like everything happened so quickly.

I really have taken countless lives.

At that time, we were accused of becoming the next Demon Lord and executed just like that.

Their excuse ended up becoming a reality.

It was a result that nobody desired.


After several moments of hesitation, I let go of her body.

I casted magic on her and slowly lowered her corpse to the bottom of the valley.

This was also an unavoidable measure.

It was to prevent her body from ever being used by a third party.

She shouldn’t be resurrected ever again.

I promised that there wouldn’t be any more reunions after all.

In that respect, the Valley of the Dead was absolutely safe.

Any form of interference wasn’t possible in this place.

If anyone tried to step in here I would eliminate them regardless of who they were.

I had that much resolve.

As she descended, she was gradually swallowed by the mist of miasma.

Eventually, she was completely out of sight.

How ironic.

At that time, I returned above ground along with her remains.

Now I have resurrected her, and buried her again in this place.

All of them were of my own doing.

However, I didn’t regret it.

I wouldn’t deny my past and chose to carry them on my back.

Next, I looked at my waist.

I removed the keepsake sword hanging on me and dropped it to the bottom of the valley as well.

I no longer needed it.

It was proof of my dependence on that person, but after fighting her, my regrets were cut off.

From now on, it was time to proceed with my own strengths.

It ought to be returned to its owner.

At that time, the rising sun spotlighted the Valley of the Dead.

I held my hand in front of my face and looked to the horizon.

Dawn was about to come.

It was as if it was waiting for me to settle my business.

The dazzling light illuminated the world.

With the morning sun on my back, I turned around.

I overcame one event, but this wasn’t the end.

As I had survived, there were things I needed to do.

First of all, I needed to report the details of the matter to my subordinates.

Everyone awaited my return.

Many of them are worried about me.

“…Well then, please excuse me.”

I looked back only once and bowed in appreciation.

Then, I left the Valley of the Dead.

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1 year ago

So the cover art just lowkey spoiler us from very beginning lmao

Dwight in his Demon Lord form hold Claire corpse along with her sword basically what playing here lol

1 year ago

You know, I wasn’t expecting a happy ending but after what happened with Diella’s resurrection I was hoping that this fight wouldn’t end like this. I know bittersweet and tragic elements are integral to the plot, but I’d hoped Claire would become a sort of “humanity” defense mechanism in the same way the great spirits protect the planet itself.

You know something to keep the undead Demon Lord or a Defense Mechanism in check but not being able to defeat them, and interfering only when humanity is united. Essentially echoing the “will of the world” while still having an ego able to choose whether to protect humanity from their own flaws or let them suffer/die to grow.

This idea struck me as the middle ground between Claire and Dwight’s ideals while still allowing for enough conflict to keep the story going because now that Claire and the will of the world has been dealt with it feels like this story is coming to a conclusion, as there are no more threats, beyond the defense mechanisms which are technically neutral.