The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 275: The Sage Spends His Daily Life

On that day, I was doing clerical work in the audience hall.

It didn’t feel like the pile of documents had lessened at all.

The clerks who were sitting in various parts of the room were also worried.

I managed to keep my arms moving despite finishing an amount of work that would drive people to despair.

Then, another clerk entered the room and added a bunch of documents he was holding to my desk.

Said clerk looked at his colleagues with pity before leaving the room.

The other clerks responded to that thought, but they soon returned to doing their respective tasks silently.

This scene had become my daily life at this point.

The exhaustion they piled up over doing hard work every day was quite something.

The only reason they went that far was to reduce their burden.

I could only be grateful toward them.

Obviously, it’s not just about being grateful though…

I was observing the clerks.

When I found someone who seemed to be overworking, I would call them out and transfer them to the nap room.

I would then take over the work they left behind.

Otherwise, it would be too late to deal with it once they had all collapsed.

Unlike me, they weren’t immortal.

They needed to lead a healthy life.

Since they had a hard time resting while I was still working, I tried to actively encourage them to take a rest instead.

As I scratched my temporal region, I looked down at the paperwork.

It sure is troublesome…

The wars on the land had dropped sharply compared to before.

The cohesion between nations had become stronger and there were some cases where they were close to being merged into a bigger nation.

On the other hand, small scale conflicts and crimes were occurring rather frequently.

Corruption cases were also included among them.

Various measures had been taken, but no fundamental solution had been reached as of now.

I guess demonstrating some sort of punishment is necessary.

However, how much effect it would bring was questionable.

Even if the world was in crisis, there were still those who would choose to commit evil.

The damage would only continue to increase, and I couldn’t expect any great result soon.

It was unrealistic to crack down every single one of them.

It was better to have the experts of the Demon Lord’s army to infiltrate each organization.

Although it would take some time, I could proceed without any rush.

It had been done many times so far and it had produced definite results each time.

As expected, every organization had to be cleaned regularly.

I wanted to create a place where people with an overflowing sense of justice could play an active role, so we didn’t need to interfere with that part.

As I was thinking about it, the door opened vigorously.

The one who appeared energetically was Grom.

He stretched his back and greeted me.

“Good morning, Demon Lord-sama! It’s a refreshing morning today!”

“You’ve arrived early. The meeting is supposed to take place at noon.”

When I pointed that out, Grom nodded happily.

“As a vassal of Demon Lord-sama, it is natural to not keep you waiting. After all, I’m the second-ranked Demon Lord!”

Grom proudly said so with his fist on his chest.

As he was satisfied, he looked at the tragic state of the room and raised his hand in anticipation.

“If you don’t mind, could I help you with the office work?”

“Aah, please.”


After Grom arrived at one of the desks quickly, he began to process the documents at a speed that produced afterimages.

The surrounding clerks were astonished by the tremendous speed.

They eventually regained their thoughts and resumed their work.

Grom muttered happily while briskly moving his eight arms.

“But it sure feels nostalgic. It makes me remember the old days when I used to work at a desk near the Demon Lord-sama.”

“…You’re right.”

As I stopped my working hand, I looked outside the window.

The vast cityscape of the royal city continued endlessly under the blue sky.

It was natural to feel nostalgic.

We were currently working separately on different lands.

—500 years had passed since I had defeated the hero Claire Vatton.

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