The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 277: The Sage Reflects

But I am definitely not powerless. There are things I can do.

I thought while signing the documents at hand.

I read the contents of the papers while thinking.

It was a skill cultivated from my long years of experience.

I was confident that my reading speed was second to none.

A new Will of the World was about to sprout but, fortunately, its influence was still low.

It was still in its growing phase, and the desires of humanity were difficult to unite since the world has been divided.

The things I did for the experiment have brought on an unexpected effect.

The Will of the World wasn’t as focused as it used to be, so it couldn’t exert as much power.

When I first became the Demon Lord, I thought the ideal composition was that of a single absolute evil.

By doing so, it encouraged the nations to unite.

However, those under constant threat of the Demon Lord would naturally seek for the death of said Demon Lord.

Such a combined feeling would expand the influence of the Will of the World.

Now that we had more knowledge and information, I learned that this method back then was a bad move.

If I kept forcing myself to proceed with that method, things would eventually collapse.

Someday, I would be forced to fight an existence I couldn’t win against.

Once that happens, not only will I be affected, but humanity as whole would be seriously damaged.

In that respect, dividing the world was a very good measure.

So, I intend to continue doing it from now on.

“This room hasn’t changed. It feels the same as it did 500 years ago.”

“Aah, I’ve been maintaining its state so that it won’t deteriorate.”

As I talked with Grom, I set aside a bunch of documents I already checked.

I supported the stack with magic to prevent its collapse.

This room was considered the audience hall.

In reality, however, it functioned as a large office and has never served its original purpose during our tenure.

When necessary, we used another room as an audience room.

There were plans to build a dedicated office, but since moving was troublesome, we ended up using the room as it was.

I supposed it was irresponsible of me.

I had a tendency to put off things that didn’t bring any supposed benefits.

Perhaps being an immortal affected how long I considered things as well.

Since none of my subordinates insisted otherwise, the improvement plans were given up altogether.

Indeed, although 500 years have passed since, I haven’t changed much.

Being an immortal, I could never grow old and was still busy with clerical work.

If I had to state any changes, then perhaps my ideas have become a little more flexible and that I give greater consideration for things now.

Thanks to my busy schedule, my mind has no time to rest.

That was all I could say for my personal growth.

After that, I decided to take a walk around the castle to amuse myself while taking a break from office work.

Grom walked beside me as if it were an obvious thing to do.

He glanced at the castle town through the window and muttered happily.

“Well well, it sure is a wonderful landscape.”

“It really is.”

The castle town was being expanded systematically.

Compared to 500 years ago, it has grown about 10 times larger.

The transportation network has also developed well, with carriages coming and going on wide roads.

In addition, spies who were under the guise of cleaners patrolled around to collect information in various places while maintaining the cityscape.

Grom suddenly stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

His hackles raised in suspicion as he growled in a low voice.

“Muu, this presence is…”

Grom’s gaze was glued to a corner of the corridor.

A figure could be seen there.

The person shook her black wings, fluttered and waved her hand.

“Demon Lord-sama, it’s been a long time. Are you well?”

The person who spoke in a relaxed manner was Luciana.

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