The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 278: The Sage Looks at Two Old Acquaintances

Luciana ran up to me with a beaming face.

She looked at me from different angles then gently embraced me.

“It’s been about five years since we last met but you haven’t changed at all, Demon Lord-sama.”

“The same could be said about you.”

I pointed out as I escaped from Luciana’s hug.

Her appearance hadn’t changed at all from when I first met her.

Certainly, succubi are a species with long lives and spent the majority of their lifetime in a young appearance.

However, it was unusual to not change at all.

In the first place, succubi rarely lived over 500 years.

Luciana responded happily when I pointed that out.

“Is that so? Being ageless is really convenient.”

She casually said.

As mentioned, Luciana was currently an ageless existence.

It was the effect of drinking phoenix blood.

They were a phantom existence, a type of defense mechanism.

But at one point in time, a certain nation found its nest and launched an attack, seeking its blood and flesh.

It was Luciana who rescued it.

She received its blood in return for her aid, and so she obtained eternal youth with satisfaction.

Luciana was the oldest member in the Demon Lord’s army, but the mere mention of her age seemed to put her in a bad mood.

I heard her subordinates were particularly careful not to do so.

As Luciana took notice of Grom, she spoke with a cool smile.

“The bone minister looks energetic too.”

“Of course I am, I wouldn’t serve as a Demon Lord unless I’m in perfect condition all the time. I’m different from you, who abandoned your position.”

Grom said so a little harshly.

The thing he mentioned was the incident where Luciana quit being a Demon Lord.

It happened about 300 years ago.

Until then, Luciana served as one of the Demon Lords.

However, she suddenly left her position to one of her subordinates and set out on a wandering journey.

The successor Demon Lord was a capable person, so there were no practical problems.

Therefore, I didn’t really care.

Being free-spirited was so like her.

However, Grom found her actions to be unacceptable.

The fact that he still mentioned it even now was proof of how insulting it felt to him.

It was so like him to be serious about it.

As Luciana got accused, she argued against Grom petulantly.

“You know the phrase, ‘to have the right person in the right place,’ right? It’s not something that can be done just out of a sense of responsibility.”


Grom groaned.

It seemed that he couldn’t find the words to retort.

He wordlessly admitted to Luciana’s claim.

She might be wandering freely, but she didn’t do so just to play.

Luciana had already decided on the Demon Lords of each world to be in charge, but still didn’t neglect collecting information in each area.

She gave advice to the Demon Lords of that generation and sometimes helped behind the scenes.

Luciana didn’t abandon her post out of annoyance.

She merely moved on to a post that suited her better.

Grom understood that as well.

Therefore, he didn’t argue.

If anything, he was angry because such an important decision was made without being consulted beforehand.

Both of their arguments were valid.

They both glared at each other, but Luciana eventually shrugged and smiled wryly.

She poked Grom lightly with her fingertips.

“Oh well. Let me visit your world next time.”

“Umu, very well, I’ll guide you there later.”

Grom modded obediently.

There were no signs of refusal.

There were times when they couldn’t get along well since they’ve had a long-standing relationship.

However, exactly because they could bare every inch of their heart out, their trust in each other was solid.

If they truly hated each other, they wouldn’t even be able to talk like this.

Grom and Luciana were still on good terms as usual.

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