The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 279: The Sage Remembers a Certain Herald

“By the way, Demon Lord-sama, do you know where those twins went?”

“I haven’t seen them.”

While answering, I used perception magic to locate them.

I was able to detect approaching presences, so I told Luciana.

“Speak of the devil, they’ve come.”

A boy and a girl appeared from the rear passage.

Both of them had maroon hair, blue eyes, and exactly the same face.

However, there was a big difference in their overall appearance.

The boy dressed like a bandit.

On the other hand, the girl wore elegant clothes reminiscent of aristocratic daughters.

“Commander, let’s fight!”

The boy shouted cheerfully as he sprinted down the corridor.

His movements couldn’t be seen properly by ordinary people.

He seemed to accelerate.

The boy pulled out his hatchet and tried to slash at me.

It’s sudden…

I used defensive magic and blocked the slash.

At the moment of impact, a crack ran through the magic barrier.

Before it was destroyed, I converted the energy from the impact into steam and ejected it in front of the barrier.


The boy jumped backwards as he spun to avoid it.

He landed on four limbs.

He happily played with the hatchet and licked his lips.

Just as he was about to rush forward again, a hand was placed on his shoulder.

The one who stopped the boy was an expressionless girl.

As she came before me, she pulled at her sleeves and asked with upturned eyes.

“Training, I want to do it together. Is that okay?”

The girl asked cutely.

However, in the hand she hid behind her, there was an unsheathed dagger ready to be swung.

I couldn’t feel any killing intent, but if I showed any openings, there was no doubt she would immediately strike.

Geez, what troublesome twins…

I glanced at the pair again.

The appearance of these two made me recall my former subordinate.

I thought that they would become more and more similar to him as they grew up.

These twins were descendants of the archer, Henry Blakin.

The boy was Kenny Blakin, while the girl was Lana Blakin.

They usually lived in the world under Luciana’s jurisdiction, where they served as the executives of the Demon Lord’s army in that world.

We got to meet sometimes, but they always wanted to fight against me.

Their personality was exactly as what one expected from Henry’s lineage.

Their ancestor, Henry Blakin, breathed his last at 90 years old.

At that time, there was an incident in which a strange monster attacked from a dimensional distortion.

It developed into a great war involving the whole continent, and Henry led an army to the forefront and won.

But after roaring in victory, he died just like that.

It wasn’t caused by any grievous wound.

It just so happened that right at that moment, his lifespan as a human expired.

Without suffering from any illnesses, Henry kept fighting until his death.

He could have chosen to be an immortal and earned eternal life.

I could have done that for him, but Henry refused.

He was particular about his life as a human.

I didn’t deny his choice.

Rather, I would praise it greatly.

That was how humans were supposed to be.

Henry’s values were passed down to his descendants.

The Blakin clan has accomplished various historical feats over the course of 500 years.

There were other descendants who raised their achievements in their martial ability like the twins did.

Some worked as excellent aides, and there were others who controlled the battlefield like a game board.

Some wanted to experience the ultimate struggle and stood against me instead.

Their clan acted too freely.

They acted on their respective ideas without being influenced by the passage of time.

What they had in common was their love of fighting.

Regardless of what shape it took, they showed their respective shining moments.

Their strength always gives us a fresh feeling.

Their opinions and thoughts about mortals were valuable.

Most of the executives in the Demon Lord’s Army were non-humans.

Among people whose values could be skewed, their remarks as humans would sometimes be a great help.

Their existences couldn’t be taken lightly regardless of the era.

Just as I recalled the figure of Henry drinking his liquor, Grom grabbed Lana’s arm and pulled her away from me.

With his hands on his hips, he reminded the pair.

“Hey, both of you shouldn’t disturb Demon Lord-sama. You can just ask someone else if you want to train.”

“It’s meaningless unless the other party is as strong as the commander. Ah, I don’t mind if Grom wants to train us, though.”

“I’m talking with Demon Lord-sama at the moment, I have no time to train you.”

Grom dismissed Kenny’s words.

Lana then raised her hand and expressed her thoughts while looking up at Grom.

“How about you train us while you talk?”

“The Demon Lords all over the world are gathering in this world today. All of them are capable people. You can just ask anyone who is willing to train with you, okay?”

Grom then explained how to persuade them.

As the two understood that they couldn’t argue back, they reluctantly agreed.

“Tch, I understand.”


The two turned back round in disappointment and ran away.

But as they left, they looked back at me with hope in their eyes.

Apparently, they hadn’t completely given up yet.

I guess I could accompany them in mock combat later.

Kenny and Lana were greedy for strength.

It might be due to their bloodline, but they have a definite goal.

It was to get the dragon bow that Henry once wielded.

It was currently owned by another member of the Blakin clan, but they boasted they would clash in the future.

I was quite curious about how the battle would turn out.

When the time came, I would definitely watch.

When the twins finally left, Luciana nudged Grom with her elbow while wearing a teasing expression.

“You are always great at dealing with children. Why don’t you choose that line of work instead?”

“Are you envious of me? You just suck at it.”

“—Ahah, you actually said it.”

Luciana revealed a dark smile.

Just as I thought they would quarrel again, she laughed lightly then calmed down.

Then she began to walk in the direction where Kenny and Lana ran off to earlier.

“I’m off to take care of those two now, see you later.”

“Aah, please do.”

Luciana was familiar with the twins.

There shouldn’t be any problems with leaving them with her.

Meanwhile, Grom sighed and grumbled.

“Geez, that succubus is still cheeky even after 500 years…”

“I’m glad both of you are on good terms.”

“H-how do you even interpret it that way!”

Grom shouted as if in panic.

His attitude was rather pleasant.

I chose not to respond and walked around the castle

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