The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 280: The Sage Thinks about the Way of Peace

As we passed by the busy dining hall, we met with Yuura.

She straightened her posture and greeted us.

“I have found the master and the individual named Grom — good morning, what are you doing here?”

“We are taking a walk. there is still time until the meeting after all.”

“Processing the answer — I heard that moderate exercise is good for one’s health, but does an immortal have a concept of health?”

Yuura asked seriously.

Grom thought hard with his arms crossed.

Since it appeared he couldn’t come up with a suitable response, I decided to answer in his stead.

“It’s not about physical health, it’s more for mental health.”

“Processing the master’s response — understanding complete. Interpret it as done for improved mental health.”

Yuura said so with some satisfaction.

Although it was only slightly, the movements to her emotion could be read.

Perhaps it was thanks to our long relationship.

At first glance, she looked the same as she did in the past, but Yuura also served as one of the Demon Lords.

She was known as the Demon Lord of Spirit and was feared by her subordinates.

By the way, I was known as the Demon Lord of Black Bone, while Grom was the Bull Headed Demon Lord.1

In particular, since I ranked first among the Demon Lords, I also had the nickname ‘Great Demon Lord’ which was used to distinguish me from the others.

It was because when the number of Demon Lords increased along with the division of the world, the others said it was weird for me to be of the same rank as they were.

Although I didn’t mind it in particular, by the end of the discussion, it was decided that the first ranked Demon Lord would also be known as the Great Demon Lord.

A few hundred years have passed since this title was first established.

I’ve always reigned in the seat of the Great Demon Lord.

Although I basically didn’t have the opportunity to name myself, I didn’t feel troubled by it in particular so I chose to leave it alone.

The executives were also insistent about it, so I believe it wouldn’t be changing any time soon.

Yuura, the Demon Lord of Spirit, reigned together with the Great Spirit.

They were in charge of a land of ice and snow, a frigid world.

People survived there with the use of fire magic.

Chronic hunger was widespread and everyone there often worried whether they had anything to eat tomorrow.

In addition, the concept of a nation didn’t exist there, with villages scattered all over the place instead.

The people who lived in nearby villages would barter goods with each other.

A characteristic of that world was that crime rarely occurred.

Once they committed any acts of evil, they would receive heavenly punishment immediately.

Both Yuura and the Great Spirit monitored their whole world with a critical eye, and anyone there who committed crime was punished without exception.

This was what the people there saw as heavenly punishment.

They feared such heavenly punishment so they lived in good faith.

Even as they endured cold and hunger, they worked together with the fellow men in the same village.

As a result, an ephemeral peace was built.

Yuura’s world was considered the toughest of all.

Thorough management was done by exerting a death penalty.

They clearly defined peace and maintained it efficiently.

It was a method that expressed their temperament well.

Both Grom and I also made use of fear to control, but Yuura and the Great Spirit were incredibly strict about it.

There were even debates about their methods among the Demon Lords when they first began.

Currently, they were allowed to rule by their own discretion.

Furthermore, I started to split the world and manage it separately in order to discover the various possibilities of keeping peace.

Despite their extreme policy, that snow-covered world was peaceful.

Hence, it was also one of the possible solutions.

In fact, Yuura’s world has persisted over hundreds of years and the people have obtained happiness as they lived there.

Since they only knew of the things happening in their own world, they couldn’t be envious of the state of other worlds.

They survived steadily in the given environment.

The act of splitting and managing the world was warped to begin with.

I had no intention of micromanaging everything at this point.

Yuura, who has become a Demon Lord, sought peace much more than anyone else.

Therefore, she created a harsh yet non-malicious world.

I should learn from her attitude and determination.

I cut off my thoughts there and changed our conversation topic.

“By the way, I heard you came here with Logan.”

“I’m here.”

I heard a familiar voice from behind.

I turned around.

Logan, who had appeared to be a ghost, phased through the wall.

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