The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy and Cale

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Chapter 281: The Sage Reads the Inner Heart of an Old Friend

Logan descended into the hallway.

He hovered slightly above the floor as he spoke to me.

“I’m helping with the festival in the forest, and I’m short of some magical catalysts. Could I borrow some from the castle?”

“You can use them as you like.”

“Sorry about this, I’ll definitely return them later.”

Logan bowed in gratitude.

His body was translucent all the time now.

One could see through his body to the other side, but he was rather calm.

Grom and Yuura weren’t particularly surprised either.

Logan had already been in that state for quite some time.

He had chosen to commit suicide one day.

To be exact, he had sacrificed his own life to be a catalyst for the activation of a forbidden spell.

The dead Logan was then uplifted into a higher spiritual rank through the effect of the forbidden spell.

Furthermore, his corpse was buried at the base of the world tree, pushing a wedge onto his soul to fix his existence.

To put it simply, he could now live forever.

Apparently, the reason Logan had turned into a spirit was for the sake of protecting the World Tree and his compatriots.

He chose to abandon the shackles of a mortal lifespan and became the guardian of the elves.

However, I didn’t think that that was the only reason.

I was sure that he also did it out of concern for me.

Both of us have known each other the longest, so he must have decided he shouldn’t pass away before me.

Originally, there was no need for Logan to become the guardian of the forest.

It was because I would protect it voluntarily.

Even if Logan passed away, I would still continue to protect it.

I was sure Logan understood that as well.

Despite that, he had chosen to become a spirit.

Although I didn’t bluntly ask for his reasons, I don’t think I was mistaken in making my guess.

He was a quiet man, but he was more considerate than most people.

That was the character of the man known as Logan Linn Freetilt.

In addition to serving as the guardian of the forest, Logan was also in charge of assisting each of the Demon Lords.

He patrolled irregularly and provided help and suggestions sometimes.

At first, I tried asking Logan to become one of the Demon Lords, but he refused.

Apparently, the World Tree took the highest priority for him so he couldn’t afford to manage other worlds.

With that in mind, Logan turned to being an assistant instead.

He would go around each world whenever he had time to provide support for each of the Demon Lords.

I chatted with Logan.

“Are you busy these days?”

“There is a competition for the spot of chieftain going on behind the scenes. I tried not to interfere as much as possible, but I wanted to prevent unnecessary deaths at least.”

Logan spoke with a stern expression.

Such events weren’t uncommon.

It had happened several times in the past and Logan came up with a solution each time.

It was already considered a regular event of some sort.

“Call me if you need my help.”


Logan nodded obediently.

At that time, Yuura raised her hand.

She lit a fireball in her hand and declared as she gestured with them.

“Suggestion to the individual named Logan — I will also help. Regardless of any enemy that comes, I will get rid of them quickly.”

“…I’ll be relying on you.”

Logan said so awkwardly.

Yuura was an excellent Demon Lord, but she was still bad at adjusting her strength sometimes.

She seemed to be a little too enthusiastic at times.

There was a possibility that it might cause her to fail spectacularly someday.

It couldn’t be helped that Logan worried about it.

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