The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Cale

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Chapter 282: The Sage Gets Swayed by His Subordinates

As we were communicating freely, another presence approached us.

The one who quietly descended from the nearby stairs was Doldar with his wolf head.

When he saw us, he spoke while carrying an ax on his shoulder.

“Are we going to go to war? You won’t say that you’re going to leave me out of this, right?”

Doldar asked while exerting a little pressure.

A fighting spirit that could pierce even skin exuded from his whole body.

An unrelated clerk that was passing by far away seemed to leak a little scream.

Glancing at the collateral damage, Logan shook his head and explained to Doldar.

“It’s not a war. It’s just a battle among relatives. In the first place, the forest is not your battlefield.”

“You’re certainly right… it’s a pity.”

Doldar sadly grumbled.

He scratched his hairy neck and hung his wolf’s ears.

It seemed he had wanted to fight that much.

The way he instantly felt depressed was remarkable.

Over the past 500 years, Doldar had completely regained his reason.

He could speak fluently and had established a stable sense of self like Grom and I.

So much so that he was known as the Demon Lord of the sea now.

Doldar, who had become the Demon Lord, was waging war in the world, in places without land.

“Hey, Great Demon Lord.”


“A fellow who claims to be king of the sea has appeared, so can I go and defeat him? He’s just the right opponent to test the new battleships.”

Doldar spoke with a tone that was filled with expectation.

I had told him to report to me whenever he was about to wage a large scale war.

He had properly kept his promise.

Although, sometimes, he would be unable to endure the urge to fight and would jump out ahead, it was still tolerable.

“Report to me after you’ve subdued it. I will collect its corpse.”

“Umu! It’s nice talking to you since you’re so quick to understand things. I have a hard time persuading my subordinates whenever I want to do stuff…”

Doldar sighed and complained.

He had a rough personality and acted by instinct most of the time.

Inevitably, his subordinates always ended up getting dragged around by his whims.

Reports, that were more similar to complaints, reached me at reasonable frequencies.

But those subordinates definitely didn’t look down on Doldar.

On the contrary, they placed great trust in him.

Although Doldar had a problematic behavior, his charisma more than made up for it.

His reputation among his subordinates was also excellent.

I supposed it was to be expected of a great pirate.

Even if he had become a Demon Lord, his nature still stayed the same.

Then I remembered something I had to tell Doldar.

I immediately conveyed it to him.

“Kenny and Lana are looking for a training partner. If you don’t mind, I want you to do it.”

“Ooh, so those twins are here! Okay okay, I’ll check their skills after a while.”

Doldar walked away happily with his ax hitting his shoulder.

It seemed he had gone to immediately invite the twins to practice.

As Grom saw his leaving back, he muttered with a wry smile.

“He feels like a good natured old man.”

“You’re right.”

The reason Doldar had regained his reason was due to his interaction with Henry’s descendants.

Leaving aside combat, it seemed that he liked to take care of others as well.

Perhaps he liked the feeling of babysitting his grandchildren.

As I thought of that side of Doldar, Yuura suddenly raised her hand.

She spoke with a quiet enthusiasm.

“Seeking confirmation from master — I will go along with the individual named Doldar and proceed with the same mission. Is that alright?”

“Aah, please do.”

When I nodded, Yuura started floating.

I thought she would fly away immediately, but she was staring at Logan.

Logan asked suspiciously.

“…What is it?”

“Invitation to the individual named Logan — You’re also to go together with me. It’s better to have a lot of training partners.”

That was an unexpected behavior.

Normally, Yuura would have never made such an invitation.

Perhaps she felt closer to Logan now because he had become a spirit as well.

Logan pondered as he received the invitation.

After a few moments, he smiled.

“I’ll go once I’m done with my business.”

“Accepting the response of the individual named Logan — I’ll go ahead to train and wait for you.”

Yuura turned around and flew through the corridor at high speed.

As a gale blew at us, she was gone.

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