The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 283: The Sage Sees the Former Demon Lord

I came back to my senses after being swayed about by the actions of Doldar and Yuura.

Logan also parted from us after he was finished with his business.

It seemed like he would be joining the other two for training later, but those two were either bad at controlling their strength or got far too passionate when sparring.

So Logan would naturally end up being there to babysit them.

He had no choice but to monitor the two since they are likely to cause problems.

He agreed to Yuura’s invitation while understanding that.

Logan, who has become a spirit, took care of other people well.

He was somewhat considered as the person who settled other people’s messes.

I also relied on him a lot.

Although I was grateful for it, I was hoping to reduce his burden too.

Though Logan didn’t seem to mind it in particular.

As he has been freed from any possibility of physical exhaustion and his mortal lifespan, his temperament has become more relaxed.

However, his main duty was still to protect the World Tree and the elves.

I wanted to avoid a situation wherein he didn’t even have the time to do his supposed duty.

It was better for him to have more time in that respect.

Grom and I brushed by the entrance of the castle feeling a little guilty.

At that moment, I saw a particular person enter the castle.

The person who walked at the center of the aisle as if she owned the place was none other than the previous Demon Lord, Diella.

She approached us while waving her hands in greeting.

“Ooh, if it isn’t Dwight! Did you come to pick me up?”

Diella stopped in front of me and suddenly reached out.

Then she began patting my head for some reason.

She grinned in satisfaction.

“Good good, I will praise you for your actions.”

“—Predecessor, please leave the joke at that, are you trying to taunt Demon Lord-sama?”

It was Grom who stepped in between us.

The flames in his eyes flared brightly.

Grom glared at Diella with anger simmering beneath.

Diella responded with a cool expression.

“I’m also a Demon Lord, so it’s not rude. How is that, got another thing to say?’


Grom grumbled petulantly.

Grom seemed poor at fighting with words, and it wasn’t limited to his interactions with Diella’s.

I had the impression that he was always on the losing end of a conversation.

He was too emotional and lacked the clear judgment needed to argue back.

After seeing their quarrel settle down, I spoke to Diella.

“You aren’t late today.”

When I said that, Diella’s expression immediately darkened.

She then frowned and protested.

“Wait, stop saying it like I’m always late.”

“I’m not wrong, right? You’re a habitual offender after all.”

Whenever all the Demon Lords were called to gather, Diella would usually arrive late.

She would appear fashionably by the time the agenda of the meeting was settled.

She has been chided often by Luciana and Logan because of it.

She always reflected when she got scolded, but there were never any improvements to her attitude at all.

But only this time, she actually arrived before the meeting began.

I thought it was an unlikely thing to happen.

“It’s not like I came late because I wanted to. I just happen to fall asleep again after waking up or forgetting my schedule…”

Although Diella mumbled various excuses, it didn’t help her situation at all.

She merely reported her sloppy attitude.

Grom sighed and whispered to me.

“Demon Lord-sama, I think she should be stripped of her position. She doesn’t seem to be qualified for the job.”


I crossed my arms and remained silent.

Diella was known as the Draconic Demon Lord and had a world she was in charge with as well.

But even among the Demon Lords, she was the most problematic.

Although I had no intention of booting her from her position, she was so troublesome that I actually considered it for a moment.

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