The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 284: The Sage Feels the Change

“Anyway, I came on time today. Isn’t it okay then? I sure am great!”

When Diella forcibly changed the topic, she puffed her chest out proudly.

Her gaze seemed expectant of our reactions.


I looked at Grom.

He shook his head a little in disappointment.

It seemed he had no words to say to her.

Since it couldn’t be helped, I responded instead.

“…Keep up the good work from now on.”

“Umu! I’ll try my best!”

Diella responded energetically.

At that time, Grom turned to me.

He whispered so that Diella couldn’t hear him.

“She’ll definitely be late next time, I would even bet with all my fortune that it’ll happen.”

“I know.”

We have repeated similar exchanges several times in the past.

It was already a custom by now.

I also didn’t take Diella’s vow seriously.

I merely showed acceptance for appearances sake.

She would sulk if I didn’t do that.

Things would become even more troublesome when she did.

As I recalled the past instances of it happening, Diella nudged my shoulder.

“By the way, Dwight.”


“I want to go to the gambling hall in the castle town…”

Grom lamented under his breath as soon as he heard that.

I could understand the feeling.

Even as I felt a headache blooming, I managed to respond.

“Didn’t I already lend you money last time?”

“No, that just happened to be a bad day. I intended to pay you back several times over, but I ended up losing it all. I was definitely not at fault, really.”

“…I see.”

I felt like sighing as I heard Diella rapidly explain her unfortunate circumstances.

Diella was getting excited with no heed.

“I feel like I could win big today! That’s why, as long as you lend me additional money—“

“You seem to be talking about something interesting, let me join in as well.”

A voice cut off Diella’s words.

The one who quietly appeared from behind was the Great Spirit.

Diella jumped a little when she saw that figure.

She stepped back and asked the Great Spirit.

“W-what is it?”

“The deadline for the money you owe me has passed, please give me the reason why you still haven’t paid me back.”

The Great Spirit spoke resolutely.

Diella was obviously worried, but she replied with a determined expression.

“The money I borrowed from you will definitely be paid back this time… As long as Dwight lends me some, that is!”

Diella proclaimed loudly while pointing at me.

Her eyes were shining with hope and expectation.

Following her gaze, the Great Spirit also looked at me.

In response to their stares, I had no choice but to nod.

“—I’ll think about it.”

“Demon Lord-sama…!”

Grom’s head fell to his hands at my unexpected answer.

It seemed he wanted to protest the fact that I complied with her request.

On the other hand, Diella brightened up considerably.

She was laughing triumphantly.

“I definitely won’t forget those words, okay!”

With that said, Diella turned around to leave with a spring in her step.

I called out to her disappearing back.

“Where are you going?”

“Of course, I’m headed to the gambling hall! A passionate battle is calling out to me!”

Diella sprinted away fiercely and disappeared in no time.

Grom sighed deeply.

“Geez, she’s a failure in every aspect.”

“She has qualifications in personality and skill as a Demon Lord, though.”

“I won’t disagree with that part…”

The world under Diella’s jurisdiction was stable.

She attached great importance in eliminating racism and the world was generally safe.

If we were to speak of her problematic behavior, I guess it was how often she rushed to the gambling hall?

Her entire being screamed of the bankruptcy she suffered in all of the worlds.

And as if it were the most obvious thing to happen, that included her own world as well.

Although I was worried about her chaotic behavior, her world had surprisingly few conflicts occur.

Her chronic gambling addiction seemed to circulate money and indirectly build peace.

I wasn’t sure how it ended up that way, but it was working strangely well.

After being thoroughly perplexed by Diella’s behavior, the Great Spirit also proceeded to leave.

She looked back at me and said.

“I’ll go and monitor Diella. I’ll make sure to bring her back in time for the meeting, so rest assured.”

“Sorry about that.”

“No, I don’t mind… I’m also interested in gambling.”

She seemed to laugh lightly as she muttered, at least I felt so.

The Great Spirit left as it was.

“…Was that just my imagination?”

“No, you didn’t hear it wrong. It seems 500 years could change even the Great Spirit.”

Grom murmured.

300 years ago, the Great Spirit abandoned her role as a defense mechanism.

I had to contend with the other defense mechanisms back then, but the matter was already resolved now.

After that, I had the impression that her personality had somewhat softened, but I never thought she was actually interested in gambling.

Perhaps she has been badly influenced by Diella.

I was a little worried about that aspect, but overall, it was a good change for her.

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