The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 285: The Sage Is Perplexed by the Beast

After parting with those two, we resumed our walk.

The next destination was the courtyard of the castle.

The soldiers of the Demon Lord’s Army were training there.

As I watched them go through the drills, a voice came from above.

“Oh my, if it isn’t Havelt-san. You look good.”

It was a cheerful voice.

When I looked up, Gwen was there.

She sat on the air above me and smiled with a hand on her cheek.

Grom looked at her with hostility and complained to her.

“The Demon Lord of Tentacles, get down from there, it’s impolite.”

“Don’t be such a hard headed person, I just happen to love high places after all.”

Gwen lightly shrugged off the complaint and descended before us with lithe movements.

Sparks seemed to fly when Grom and her met gazes.

However, Gwen was more of making fun of Grom in this case.

I wanted them to get along though…

Gwen was now one of the Demon Lords.

She was known as the Demon Lord of Tentacles, and the world she managed was a very special environment.

Every human in her world was processed and stored as only their consciousness.

Their consciousness was driven into the spiritual world and made to imagine that it was their real world.

There, they were granted peace and happiness.

Sometimes, there were a couple who would realize the true nature of their world, those people were then invited to the real world.

They were then given the choice of either being granted a physical body and joining the Demon Lord’s army or having their memories wiped and returning back to the spiritual realm.

Apparently, most of them chose the former.

It was because those who manage to notice the true nature of their world were filled with curiosity.

Therefore, only a few would return quietly to how they were.

The Demon Lord’s army in Gwen’s world didn’t fight in wars.

They were tasked with managing the many consciousnesses and cultivating them.

Therefore, most of them were scientists and researchers.

It was an idea which completely abandoned the concept of ethics and common sense.

However, those who lived within the spiritual world enjoyed happiness earnestly.

As long as they didn’t know the truth, there was no problem.

Nobody would fight and they could live a peaceful life.

It was really like Gwen to not stick to the existing methods.

I called out to her, she seemed to be in a good mood.

“I’m surprised, I thought you’d choose to be absent this time as well.”

“I actually considered that, but I think it’s not bad to show myself once in a while. If I keep choosing to be absent, a certain someone would be angry, see?”

Gwen said so as if she was concerned and shifted her gaze meaningfully.

She was staring at Grom.

As Grom understood the meaning of her words, he snorted roughly and argued.

“We hold the title of Demon Lord, it is natural to be responsible for it.”

“As expected of our number two. I respect you from the bottom of my heart, no, really.”

Gwen shrugged and deadpanned.

It was clear she didn’t respect Grom whatsoever.

“Well, I heard everyone would be coming this time, so I chose to get on with the program and come as well. I think this attitude of mine is worth some praise.”

Gwen put a hand on her chest and boldly spouted such nonsense.

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1 year ago

Mugen Tsukuyomi from Naruto? LOL, certainly it’s one of the ways to achieve peaceful and happiness.

1 year ago

eh ? aint that basically The Matrix ?