The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Chris

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Chapter 30: The Sage Listens to the Words of an Old Friend

 While under the pressure of Logan’s relentless questioning, I hurriedly let out a clumsy lie.

“What are you talking about? I’m just a Demon Lord—”

“Don’t play dumb with me. Do you really want to waste time with useless chatter?”

 Logan said, interrupting me.
 His anger towards my evasive response was palpable.
 But somehow, he was sure of who I was. .
 Even though my magic had been altered, and despite there being no trace of “Dwight Havelt”, this man couldn’t be fooled.
 Clearing his throat, Logan regained his composure and said,

“I’m not old enough to forget my friends. Your new appearance doesn’t change that fact.”

“…Can you still call me a friend? Even when I’m like this?”

“I don’t remember breaking off our relationship.”

 Logan declared resolutely.
 It seemed his gentleness hadn’t faded over the years.
 The way he treated me was exactly the same as it was when I was human.

“I’ll ask again. Dwight, what happened to you?”

 Logan asked me the same question.
 I could no longer keep my identity a secret.
 Besides, half-baked lies wouldn’t get past him.
 With my real identity no longer a secret, I could only tell him the truth.


 I folded my arms and cast my eyes downwards.
 Had I had been alive, I would’ve been dripping with sweat and my heart would’ve been pounding out of my chest.
 The nervousness I felt shook my very soul.
 I felt thankful that I now had an undead body.
 At the very least, my outwardly appearance was peaceful.

 After regaining my composure, I began my story…

“…You heard about me and the hero being executed?”

“I did. I was angered to the point that I even plotted to assassinate the king. I would have done it if not for my role as chieftain.”

 Logan spoke in a low voice.
 I could sense the fury in his words.
 I could also tell he wasn’t exaggerating about assassinating the king; afterall, he was more than capable of doing it.
 This man would even sacrifice himself to accomplish a task, if necessary.

 I was hearing this for the first time, but apparently Logan was already the chieftain at the time of the previous Demon Lord’s defeat.
 It had been more than a decade since I last saw him, so I wasn’t aware of his plans.

 I was glad he didn’t carry out the assassination. I didn’t want my old friend to die after becoming a criminal because of me.
 For this, I’m thankful for the situation at the time.

 Logan scrutinized my appearance.
 His gaze carried not so much a hatred of the undead but a genuine interest in my new undead form.

“Your appearance completely changed…you really are an undead lich. Did you resurrect with necromancy magic?”

“No, nothing like that. Actually—”

 I confessed every detail of what happened to me after I was executed.
 I didn’t want to hide anything from him.
 I even told him about my current aim.

 When I finished, Logan groaned with a troubled expression.

“The Valley of the Dead, huh. You absorbed every last bit of miasma in that place…”

“I abandoned my humanity and embraced death. I have killed countless humans. Do you despise me?”

 I couldn’t help but ask this in a self-deprecating manner.
 It was a question that had been clawing at my heart.

 I was a Demon Lord who left massacres in his wake.
 I was cursed at and looked upon with scorn by the world.
 I am not a person who can be defended for their actions.
 I carry sins that I can’t possibly atone for by simply dying.

 The only people who would see me in a positive light are my subordinates in the Demon Lord’s army.
 While they admired me, they also used me to satisfy their own greed, but that was alright.
 I’d rather be hated by everyone else without exception, so that they shun me as an evil being.
 But Logan’s reaction was different.
 He just shook his head and expressed his opinion.

“I don’t despise you. It is the path you chose after much deliberation I’m sure. It’s not something for me to interject on.”

 Contrary to my expectations, Logan was understanding.
 Logan hadn’t changed one bit from back then.
 His manner of speaking was pedantic, yet gentle.

“You may have drastically changed your goals and appearance, but you are still you. You have always dedicated yourself to the world’s betterment, struggling and searching for a better path. That’s the Sage Dwight Havelt I know.”


 I struggled to whisper his name as if I was fighting back tears.
 My fingertips unknowingly trembled.
 I felt the strong desire to take a deep breath, despite my skeletal body’s absence of respiratory organs.
 I grit my teeth and looked away. {TL/N: Brb, gonna go write a Logan x Dwight doujin}

“Though, it’d be a different story if you attempt to harm our clan. I would have to kill you even if I had to sacrifice my life.”

“I see. You truly are the chieftain.”

“I had to work hard to get to this position, but it would seem that it’s a trifle compared to your situation.”

 Logan stated matter-of-factly
 He, who had hated the elven village, had returned home and became the village’s chieftain.
 Moreover, he was acting to protect the villagers.
 There must be some complex reason for his actions, but I shouldn’ttry to dig it up.

 With our conversation having come to an end, Logan stood up, andI followed suit.

“That’s all I have to say. I won’t reveal your true identity. Don’t worry.”


 I unconsciously called out to him as he walked toward the doorway.
 Logan stopped and looked back at me.

“What is it?”


 I hesitated to say the words that followed.

 Now that the time had come to tell him, I was unable to speak.

 I sensed that something inside me might collapse if I said those words.
 I guess I’m afraid of that possibility.
 Now, I am aware of this insecurity that lurks inside my heart.

 After some time, I finally asked him.

“…You… won’t stop me?”

“I’ll answer your question with a question of my own: Do you want me to stop you?”

 Logan asked right back.
 His words caught me off guard.
 I really hadn’t thought about the possibility of me wanting to be stopped.

 No, deep down I probably wanted it.
 That’s why I asked Logan that question.
 I realized that I could no longer read my true intentions.
 Without an answer, I stammered on clumsily.


“I just told you. It’s not my business. I know who you are, and that’s why I agreed to be your subordinate. Do you know what that means?”


 Without the ability to rebut him, I shut my mouth.
 Logan sighed and put his hand on my shoulder.

“I will do what I have to do. You do what you have to do. Simple as that.”

“—I understand.”

 I nodded.
 The vague anxiety I had felt faded like the receding ocean tide.
 I had asked a tactless question.

 Logan neither supported nor denied my actions.
 He would remain a third party, nothing more.
 I should’ve expected nothing less from this resolute man.

 I can’t let myself be saved by kind words.
 There was nothing to hesitate about anymore.
 As the current Demon Lord, I just have to continue along the path I’ve set out on.
 Nothing has changed since I made up my mind at the bottom of the Valley of the Dead.

 I must ignore the knots in my heart for the time being.
 This isn’t the first time that I’ve had misgivings.
 Even if I have doubts that can’t be dispelled, I can never stop moving forward.

“I’ll bring the Demon Lord’s army here. Give notice to the elves in the village so that they don’t panic.”



 I called out to him once more before leaving the room.
 He responded with a bit of annoyance.

“You still have something to say?”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t say something so pathetic. You’re the Demon Lord afterall.”

 My elf friend chuckled slightly.
 It was an expression I rarely saw on his face.

 After witnessing this, I returned to the royal capital with teleportation magic.


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3 years ago

Logan is chill. But as another commenter (Jay) says, the author seems to not making a very difficult road, struggles, or conflicts for MC.

2 years ago
Reply to  qaz

No. The author is making everything easy and simple. Every enemy is killed with OP magic that is never explained. And every ally is in absolute submision to him. (going as far as to use the cheapest “enslavery magic that makes it imposible to revolt”)
Basically, as it progresses, the story is turning into a “one note” kind of story.

2 years ago
Reply to  Gontzal0

yeah, and things would become more bland as things goes. it is tough to keep it till the end.

2 years ago
Reply to  qaz

Yeah, Logan is a chill dude, and yes, author seems lazy now and write easier road instead that make the story feels bland

3 years ago

I don’t feel this at all
There’s no conviction at all he’s doing all of this and it barely means anything at all for him that could’ve been fine if hia resolve is tempered all throughout the story so far but all its been is just him getting what he wants with barely any conflict at all its like the author is avoiding any form of stuggle. Instead of becoming stronger and stronger as the story progresses the impact of that resolve he has at the beginning just keeps plummetting down. Everyone is just pitiying him

2 years ago
Reply to  Jay

yeah, that’s why the story only feel good at beginning but turn boring later.

3 years ago

“Don’t say something so pathetic. You’re the Demon Lord afterall.”

Have to say, I kinda agree. While I get he’s made a big decision, he’s had a lot of time to come to terms with it. Even if he met an old friend his sudden weakness feels excessive here. Let’s hope this is where that ends.

3 years ago
Reply to  Aokiji

Bro, before he is a skull, he was a righteous man which assist a Hero. He became mass-murderer because the previous kingdom plotted to kill Hero and himself. Now he’s broke the kingdom apart, he still want the world became peacefull by sacrificing himself. In other words, the demon lord is not evil at all, even he’s too kind that’s why it’s not excessive at all. You should comprehend the character first before saying such thing.

2 years ago
Reply to  YourName

nah, he is just hero fanatic that wanted to make sure their sacrifice mean something 10 years ago, unlike what actually took place in the world, so he proceed to personally produce result by producing peace his way.

2 years ago
Reply to  Aokiji

likewise. he is just of worried on trivialities and i personally hate his character.

I ChoCked On Stick
I ChoCked On Stick
3 years ago

I knew the reason of him discovering his identity will be the most empty and effortless one ever made , its like the author was too lazy to think of good reason so he went with the classic “cause we friends ” reason with nothing to add plus i love how the protagonist was bragging about his resolve and how he is determined to continue this path with no doubts whatsoever and after few chapters we end up here with him having more insicurities and hesitation then a high schooler Thot trying to open up an onlyfans , it’s like the whole mental strength was a cosplay and now he reveals his true thoughts puting aside that he is supposed to be an undead but keeps having emotion like he still a human being , Consistency is getting penetrated hard in this chapter .

2 years ago

Agreed. Worst chapter so far in an, otherwise, decent novel.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ilya

it’s amazing you could still see it as decent novel, but yeah, i agree.

2 years ago

agreed. author is getting lazy in developing story making all prota prior resolve and actions seems cheap and didn’t mean much.

3 years ago

I think he’s eventually going to try to rule everyone rather than act as an antagonist for them to unite for peace.

2 years ago
Reply to  LØCK

yeah, play god and boring stuff with random justification, really.

super ecchi mecha suit
super ecchi mecha suit
3 years ago

Damn it so good! so intriguing! This is like the bomb I have been waiting for something to improve my foul mood, to give me something to look forward to.

2 years ago

err, really? the only point i see in this chapter is Logan being chill and prota being wishy washy

Aoi Kitsune
Aoi Kitsune
3 years ago

Any chances for stuff like this happening on new year?

2 years ago
Reply to  Aoi Kitsune

err, dunno?

3 years ago

finally someone who know MC’s circumstances…

2 years ago
Reply to  Nematoda

well, he might need one story wise so author make one, but it make story feels cheap here…