The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Pluto

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Chapter 5: The Sage Encounters the Previous Demon Lord’s Army (Part 1)

 I returned by teleportation, along with the undead that formerly constituted the recapture troops.
I was doubtful as to whether it was possible, but I succeeded without difficulty.
It really was convenient to be able to transport about 20,000 troops in an instant.
It had countless potential strategic applications.

 As expected, I felt my magical power decrease, but I was not exhausted yet.
If I devised a technique more suitable for mass transfer, I could reduce the depletion of my magic even more.
It could be said that I could show my skills as a Sage there.

The benefits of transforming into this appearance were immeasurable.
It wasn’t just my magical ability that improved.
I could now implement techniques that I couldn’t even dream of back when I was alive.

I shouldn’t let the limits of humans define me if I wished to become an eternal scourge.
Without letting my current power get to my head, I had to cement my presence even more firmly.

The destination I teleported to was in the outskirts of the capital.
I didn’t return to the castle directly because I had some business to do.

I headed towards the Valley of the Dead.
There, I returned a section of the undead to corpse form, then offered them to the Valley of the Dead.
It was part instinct, a result of following what the miasma dwelling in my soul wished for.

The moment I offered the corpses, I felt my power grow.
My authority seemed to have become stronger.
The Valley of the Dead that had cleared up after I took in the miasma, was once again enveloped in a fog.

The Valley of the Dead was the source of my power.
By contaminating the place with miasma, my existence would be strengthened relative to it.
This was a useful discovery.
I would continue to offer corpses in the future too.

I thought I had taken in the power of the Valley of the Dead. But the truth was that the Valley of the Dead had taken in my existence.

The thought suddenly flashed in my mind, but it didn’t really matter.
It did not affect my course of action.
I would use any means as long as it gave me the power of a Demon Lord.
Just to be sure, I protected the valley of the dead with large-scale barrier magic, and taking along the remaining undead, headed for the royal capital.

Everything is fine so ​​far. There’s no problem.

The recapture troops that planned for a swift resolution were annihilated.
Similar forces must have been gathered in various places. But once they learned about this incident, they would be hesitant to set out on an expedition.
They would realise that simply gathering the numbers wasn’t enough.

From here on, meetings concerning investigation and countermeasures would be held, and they would only launch an attack after they have a firm grasp of my abilities.
Whatever the strategy will be, it would take time to put into action.
That’s fine with me.

In my present state, people couldn’t subjugate me.
I wouldn’t let them give up their lives in vain.
Because I do not want the complete destruction of the world.
I just want to continue to pose the threat of the Demon Lord and maintain peace amongst humankind.

As long as they didn’t attack me, I planned to leave humankind alone.
While the other side hastened their preparations, I too had something to do.

Lost in my thoughts, I arrived at the capital.
I walked along the deserted street.
On the way, I disbanded the undead I got in the battle.
I had no plans to use them, so I let them wander around the capital.

From there, I walked to the castle.
For some reason, I felt like going around and looking at the cityscape of the capital.

Bloodstains were everywhere on the street, and houses were on the verge of collapse.
The chilling figure of many buildings burned to nothingness haunted the streets.
Food rotted to an ugly colour, with no one there to clean it up.

It was desolate.
It represented how everyday life had abruptly come to a standstill.

My heart ached, but I did not have any regrets.
This was the path I had chosen.

The Sage Dwight Havelt, who had once contributed to the subjugation of the Demon Lord was now dead.
The one here now, was the Undead Demon Lord, who massacres repeatedly.

Now that I couldn’t go back on my choices, I had to see them through to the end.
I couldn’t let the sacrifices of the dead go to waste.

After observing the traces of people’s activities, I eventually arrived at the castle.
I calmly looked up at the castle and froze upon seeing its exterior.

It originally had white walls and a blue roof, but its entirety was now covered in a deep red lustre.
Blue flames burned everywhere.
The castle looked ominously like the stuff of jokes.

What happened in the little time I was away?

No, I knew the culprit.
I went to the audience room inside the castle using teleportation magic.
The inside, fortunately, had no glaring changes.

The moment I sat on the throne, Grom opened the door and entered.

“Welcome back, Demon Lord! I watched using far sight magic, but your gallant figure was magnificent! I was moved to tears…”

The trembling Grom kneeled as if he were swept away.
He used a handkerchief to wipe the corners of his eyes.
The flames in his eye sockets singed the edge of his handkerchief.

Was he doing that for real?
With Grom’s personality, it wasn’t impossible.
Although it was difficult to make a judgement now, this wasn’t the time for it.

Disregarding the feelings in my heart, I asked the kneeling Grom.

“What’s with the exterior of the castle?”

“Yes, I’m turning it into a castle more befitting of the Demon Lord. I have also set up a form of defence magic. I have not been negligent in countermeasures against intruders either. How is it, did you like it? “

Grom seemed to be waiting for me to ask for his explanation.
He seemed extremely proud.
Even though his face is the skull of an ox, it could very well express emotions.
Although he was a skeleton the same as me, there was a huge difference in amiability.


I glanced at Grom.
His gaze seemed to swim restlessly.
He wanted to be praised.
If he had a tail, it would have been wagging at this point.

Although I thought he had his own way with the exterior of the castle, there was no real harm done.
He didn’t particularly cause me any trouble.
To be honest, I was not troubled by how it was rebuilt.

And Grom hadn’t just changed the appearance of the castle, but had also tried to raise its defences at the same time.
I analysed using perception magic and found a large number of spells had been used.
If someone intruded the castle, they would be turned to cinders in an instant.
Such brutal magic had been used aplenty.

Looking at many layers of barriers, it was doubtful if an invasion was possible in the first place.
Even if you looked throughout the world, you would be hard-pressed to find a defence stricter than here.
For him to have set up the facilities in such a short span of time, showed a glimpse of his enthusiasm and efficiency.

I had forgotten it with his slightly roundabout way of speaking and his conduct, but he was an unparalleled existence.
If he wanted, he could easily erase a continent or two from the face of the world.
It was to the extent that the destruction of humankind seemed plausible.
He was more Demon Lord-like than me.

“I had forgotten about the defence of the castle. Thank you for keeping it in mind.”

After some consideration, I put out words of appreciation.
Although he had done it at his own judgement, I didn’t have much to critique.
More importantly, I should praise Grom’s efforts.

Hearing my words, the flames in Grom’s eyes burned intensely.

“I am honoured! I really put a lot of thought into the castle’s exterior. Turns out my efforts were of some worth. This Grom is privileged to be of use to the Demon Lord! “

“It is my privilege too, to be blessed with a subordinate like you. But in the future, consult me before you decide to do something.”

“Yes! I will be blessed if you use this loyal servant’s brains!”

Grom responded, placing his forehead on the floor.
He was absolutely loyal to me.
In other words, he seemed to worship the Demon Lord.
Seeing his absolute devotion to me, I smiled wryly in my heart.


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