The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Pluto

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Chapter 5: The Sage Encounters the Previous Demon Lord’s Army (Part 2)

“D-Demon Lord, there is a problem! “

At night, two days later, an extremely panicked Grom came to the audience room.
It seemed like there was some great upheaval.

“What happened? Is it an intruder? “

“N-No, that isn’t it… But, at any rate, you must look into it at once!”

Grom spoke evasively.
The subject matter seemed a little troublesome to report.

I used perception magic on the whole capital at once.
If there was something abnormal, I would have immediately found out with this.

When I did so, I caught a large number of reactions near the gates of the outer wall.
Their numbers were around five hundred.
They had gathered in front of the gate.

They certainly weren’t intruders.
The other side did not step into the royal capital, but instead waited on the spot.
It’s no wonder Grom was confused.

As I folded my arms, I undid the magic and returned my consciousness to the audience room.

“—Hmm, seems like we have visitors.”

“What should I do? If you order me to, I shall gladly annihilate them.”

Grom spoke restlessly.
He seemed to ooze hatred and bloodthirst.
He was spirited enough that he would leap out the moment I gave the nod.

“No, I will go meet them. Follow me.”

“Hah! Understood! “

Grom erased his bloodthirst and bowed.
His change of heart was terribly fast.
In the face of my order, giving preference to his personal feelings was out of the question.
He naturally put it to practice, so Grom’s manner of a loyal vassal surprised me.

I used teleportation magic and took Grom along to the outside of the castle.
Our destination was the outer wall of the capital.
It was the perfect excuse for checking the state of the main gate.

I landed on the edge of the wall and Grom floated next to me.
From there, we watched the group in front of the main gate
When I was alive, the darkness of midnight hindered my vision, but it did not matter to this body.
My vision was as clear as at daytime.

A crowd of demons had gathered beneath my eyes.
The small green ones were goblins.
The larger ones, ogres.
There were orcs with the plump body and the face of a pig, and Kobolds with the face of a dog and short physiques.
Succubi, having wings like a bat, with warped edges.
Many other races of demons too had gathered.

“This is an amazing army… it’s a mystery that I couldn’t detect until just now.”

“They must have used concealment magic. It is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, your opponents are them.”

Hearing my words, Grom turned to face me.
He asked a little reservedly.

“You’re speaking like that…Does the Demon Lord perhaps know their identity? “

“Ahh, I know them. We share a connection from back when I was alive.”

As we bantered, the group of demons noticed us.
Surprised, they raised a large voice.
The commotion spread, and the group of five hundred made a commotion that couldn’t be brought under control.

At a certain moment, silence fell.
It coincided with the succubus who was their vanguard, raising her hand.

The sharp-sighted Grom guessed her identity and scratched his chin.

“Oho. That succubus seems to be their leader. What in the world are they?”

There was no need to put on airs.
The way he was talking before was fine.
As I thought that, I gave the answer he sought.

“She is the leader of one of the magic races that followed the previous Demon Lord— one of the Four Heavenly Kings.”

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