The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 50: The Sage Destroys the Holy Scepter Army

The activated thunder magic began to pour in like heavy rain.
The lined up soldiers were bathed by it and burned to death.
As they were crowded together, the damage increased exponentially.

Protection magic was deployed soon after.
A translucent barrier blocked my magic.
Even as each layer was penetrated another layer was stacked on top of it.
It was achieved by several casters working together.

Their overall movement is bad.

I spectated on the soldiers’ response.
In addition to being confused by the sudden attack, they were shocked by the attack.
It would take some time before they could regroup.

Moving on, I focused on where Makia was.
There was a sphere made of chains of light.
It apears that she was inside of it.
By wrapping the chains of light into a sphere, she focused on protecting herself.
Makia placed her own life as top priority.
She must’ve considered that I would strike her by surprise.
After experiencing repeated attacks, she was reminded of how dangerous I am.
Contrary to her actions and words, she fought cautiously.

That was convenient for me.
If she were always on the offensive, I would be at risk of a fatal injury.
I needed to kill as many soldiers as I could to weaken her.
Once Makia exhausted her troops, the advantage would be mine.

I flew in the midst of the soldiers.
I immediately spun while swinging my sword.
I sprinted, causing blood and screams to spread.

“Gue, ou…”


“Oi, someone, hurry and attack—“

I decapitated, dismembered, and pierced the hearts of surprised soldiers.
I killed them one after another before they could react.
I kept reminding myself to not stop in the same place for too long.

The soldiers’ confusion reached its peak as they were suddenly dragged into a melee.
Most of them failed to grasp the situation, while my spell still fell upon them.
The layers of protection magic were repeatedly destroyed and redeployed.
Their casters were being forced into exhaustion.

Even those who somehow managed to react were unable to easily fight back because they were surrounded by allies.
Their hesitation would inevitably create a gap, which resulted in them falling to my blade.
I understood their desire to not hit their allies by mistake, but that hesitation brought even more damage as a result.

On other hand, it was very simple for me.
Everyone besides me were enemies.
All I needed to do was keep cutting them down.
There’s no need to have unnecessary thoughts.


As my enemies’ resistance broke down, I detected a magic reaction overhead.
There were chains of light extending beyond my view.
They crept about like a snake while emitting holy light.
It seemed even Makia, who had focused on her own protection, decided it was time to fight back.

Immediately after I recognized it, the chains of light stretched silently.
I grabbed a nearby soldier, turned around, and went behind him.
Then lightly pushed that back which wrapped in his armor.


The soldier raised a stupid voice.
The chain of light pierced his belly and pushed him to the sky.


The soldier screamed while vomiting blood.
His limbs swung about in pain. However, it did nothing for him.
Eventually, the soldier’s eyes went white and he died.

The protection magic overhead also weakened accordingly.
While I wasn’t particularly aware of it, it seemed that the soldier was one of the casters who blocked my spell.

Witnessing the horrific death of their comrade, the soldiers froze at the same time and they lost their words.
They stared at the corpse.

In front of them an ally was killed by the saint who was supposed to be their ally.
Even while they were aware it was just an accident, the psychological impact was great.


It was the scene that made them think so.
I used their fear and continued the onslaught.
There was no way I would let this opportunity slip away.

Meanwhile, the chain of light stopped coming.
Perhaps she’s focused on defense again?
Perhaps she had lost her nerve after accidentally killing her ally.
It‘s hard to say she did the right thing, even with a favorable opinion on her.
She lacked persistence to act in accordance to the situation.
Perhaps she lacked experience as a commander.

It had been said that Makia gained her status because of her sacred magic.
Perhaps she was newly raised to her post.
If she had experience as a commander, I would end up struggling even further.

The soldiers were charging in from all directions.
I mowed them down like a storm.
Every time I swung my sword, the soldier’s limb or head would fly off.

“Demon Lord, prepare yourself!”

There was a soldier with a shield who bravely rushed over.
It seemed he intended to stop my advance.

Not a bad judgment.

If he managed to stop me, other soldiers could attack as well.
They had the upper hand on methods they could take.
Simply ganging up could lead to their victory.

…but, it’s a naïve thought.

I increased the output of my body reinforcement and accelerated further.
I swung down my sword from above and bisected him along with his shield.
I passed by as he split in two.


Another soldier thrust his spear.
It was sophisticated and a good attack.
He was attacking right outside my sword reach.
However, this also failed to reach me.

I parried and used the sword to alter the trajectory of the thrust slightly.
It scraped my cheekbone and pierced the soldier behind me in the eye.


I grabbed the neck of the shocked soldier who pierced his comrade and struck his face with my sword.
I took the soldier’s spear from his hand.
The soldier’s head still stuck on its end, but I have no time to remove it.

“—Pierce through.”

As I stepped upon the corpse, I applied reinforcement magic on the spear and threw it.

The roaring spear skewered several soldiers in a straight line.
The aftershock of the spiraling destruction also blasted surrounding soldiers.
Every one of them was reduced into mere lumps of meat.

The formation of the Holy Scepter Army was completely destroyed as the spear sank into a faraway church.
The earth was gouged from where I stood, and soldiers who stood in between were reduced into pieces of meat.
That throw alone must have killed over a thousand soldiers.

The sound of protection magic broke could be heard overhead.
As the number of casters was reduced, it could no longer block it.
My spell resumed slaughtering the soldiers who somehow managed to survive.
Nobody there had leisure to attack me.

Still, I spread flame magic all over the area as if folding it open.
While its instantaneous power was low, it would cause damage over time by spread of fire.
After waiting for a while, those who failed to breathe properly collapsed, while those who burned suffered in agony.
I approached them and struck them by their head.

Due to the chain of slaughter, the soldiers’ morale was extremely low.
At last, deserters began to appear.
It was not a strategic withdrawal.
It was an escape to keep their lives.

So I surrounded the rubble area with a barrier.
It would be troublesome for me if they, who were the source of Makia’s magic power, managed to escape.
The soldiers who lost their path of retreat were cut down by my sword.
It was a ruthless reaping of the ephemeral life.

This is hell. And I’m the center of it…”

The word of self-deprecation came to my mind.
I swung the keepsake sword, which was now stained with blood.

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Vash the Stampede
Vash the Stampede
3 years ago

Now stained in blood? It’s been stained in blood for the past few hours while you’ve been killing people

2 years ago

he only bothered mention it now he got the leisure

3 years ago

Slowly descending into madness as a foreshadowing maybe? Thanks for the chapter!

2 years ago
Reply to  Redcomet

he already detached for human morality when he began. author put it so bland as he seemed lack conflict acting so

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