The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 6: The Sage Accepts a New Subordinate (Part 1)

 “The previous Demon Lord… and one of the Four Heavenly Kings!? What in the world does that mean!?”

Grom trembled in shock. He had just been born, and while Grom had acquired the knowledge and skills of the corpses that constituted him, he did not know detailed information.

“I’ll tell you the details later. Let us first give our greetings.”

I quickly wrapped up the conversation and jumped off the outer wall.
I reduced my fall velocity using wind magic and came down in front of the Succubus, one of the former Four Heavenly Kings.

“What is your purpose for stepping onto my land?”

“Umm, are you the new Demon Lord?” The succubus tilted her head and asked.

Somehow, the tension in her voice seemed to have eased up.
Her voice brought back memories.
Putting aside the resurfacing memories of the past, I answered her question.

“So far, I am a self-proclaimed Demon Lord.”

“Oh, I see. Got it, got it…”

The succubus stared at me unblinkingly.
It seemed to be a somewhat pleasant, evaluating gaze.

“—Lass. Try showing any more impolite behaviour and I will slice your neck off on the spot.”

Coming down to the ground, Grom coldly spoke.
This was unlike his usual self.
It was a similar atmosphere to our first meeting.
His attitude towards those other than me doesn’t seem to have softened.

The threatened succubus held her shoulders and quivered.

“No, don’t say scary stuff like that.”

It seemed fake and exaggerated.
She was clearly acting.
Grom’s killing intent was splendidly warded off.

The girl who had been joking about till now, suddenly made a serious face.
Approaching me, she slowly brought her face close.
She seemed to be sniffing my scent.
After a while, she raised her face and joyfully shouted.

“I thought your magic seemed familiar. Turns out it was Sage Dwight! Hey, am I not right? “

“This lass! What rudeness to the Demon Lord! “

“Grom, stop.”

With my hand, I held back Grom who had stepped forward.
The flames in Grom’s eyes grew weak.
It seems that the scolding disheartened him.

“Demon Lord…”

“Leave it to me.”

Speaking to the despondent Grom, I faced the succubus.

Black clothes wrapped around her, giving her a dignified and beautiful appearance.
Her appearance, her gaze. Every single one of her actions were calculated to stir up her opponent.
I knew many who had fallen victim to her charms.
Of course, she did not fascinate me the least bit now.

“It’s been a while, Luciana”

“You’re right. Ever since half of my body was blown away by that precious hero of yours. It’s already been ten years now.”

Luciana— the succubus who was one of the Four Heavenly Kings, narrowed her eyes in nostalgia.
In doing so, her peach-coloured hair swayed.
Under the moonlight, her hair subtly changed colour.

“Dwight, you’ve changed a lot. Is it because of your age? “

“You should be able to guess. It’s the power of The Valley of the Dead.”

“Ah, was it that after all? I thought so.”

Luciana’s smile widened.
Behind me, I could sense Grom grow increasingly sour.
When I silently glanced at him, Grom snapped back to his senses and straightened his spine.

“You must be tired of standing and chatting. Shall we go inside? I want to let this kid take a good rest too.”

“Got it. Please lead me to it.”

As I nodded, Grom mildly voiced his opinions.

“Demon Lord, is this fine?”

“It’s not a problem. In the rare chance that anything were to happen, I’ll deal with them with all my power.”

I declared after a short pause. Miasma radiated from my body like flames.
It was a jet black shade that would stand out even in the dead of the night.
In that condition, I stared at Luciana.

The demons withered in plain sight.
Luciana who received it at close quarters was dumbfounded and let out a dry laugh.

“Ah, haha…You really have changed. You’re a lot more charming now than when you were human.”

“I don’t care about such things. Follow me. Let me welcome you as my guest.”

I turned heel and entered the royal capital.
The demons followed me behind in close succession.

“Isn’t the miasma a little too strong in this town? It’s so great that it affects the demons as well.”

Along the way, Luciana set up a barrier in an exasperated tone.
She was getting rid of the miasma in her way.
She casually lessened the burden on her subordinates.

No doubt, the capital was not an environment where living things could be expected to survive at present.
Up until now, there were no other existences outside undead, so it did not pose a problem.
Although they were more suited to it than humans, the concentration was still quite severe for the living demons.

The moment we arrived at the castle, I beckoned Luciana.

“One you will go ahead of this. The other’s can use the building as they like.”

“Well, I thought so. I got it.”

Luciana once again deployed her barrier magic.
She covered a group of buildings nearby with the least destruction with the barrier.
With this, a place having thin miasma was formed, ensuring a safe place where her subordinates could wait for her.

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His Holiness Lord Potato
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Anime fan
Anime fan
3 years ago

It’s really weird how she’s acting over familiar but at least be respectful.
Honestly I’d kinda like her to be the romantic interest, when her face came closer to his it’d make things more interesting.
When she said “He’s more charming now.” I think she’s right considering he was naive back then only in love and unable to see reality. Now he’s woke

2 years ago
Reply to  Anime fan

He is all bone with no bone to bone other, so no romance involved in this story.