The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ifwewerevillains

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Chapter 63: The Sage Tries the New Weapon

I stood in front of the golem.

I knew how to operate it since I had read the document.

While it operated differently compared to common golems, it wouldn’t be that hard for me.

Despite how I currently looked, I was once known as the Sage.

I could operate a mere golem without much difficulty.

I used a specialized magic to grant false life to the golem.

I kept pouring magic power into it until its entire body was filled.

The detailed parts were automatically infused.

I adjusted the magic power so it could spread evenly through all its parts.

One could control the golem by magically connecting to it.

There didn’t appear to be any problems, according to my senses.

As its operator, the golem would move according to my thoughts.

At that time, a vision unfolded in my mind.

I could see myself standing in front of me.

I could also see Grom, who looked on with interest, and the director, who observed us from a distance.

So this is Golem’s perspective.

I remembered the function mentioned in the documents.

The shared vision between the golem and the operator had begun.

It seemed this was the way remote control was done.

This was certainly convenient.

Usually, the operator had to stand near the golem when operating it.

This would inevitably make the operator a priority target.

However, this vision sharing function eliminated such a drawback.

This was because the golem could be operated even with the operator being hidden.

That was the real value as demonstrated by the defensive battle at the fort the other day.

It was possible to add a powerful fighting force without exposing its operator to danger.

It was necessary to get used to two different visions being generated at the same time.

Some people might end up confused and feel drunk because of it.

Of course, since I was an undead, none of that mattered to me.

As I commanded it in my mind, the Golem slowly stood up using its limbs.

Its center of gravity was well adjusted, and there was no sign of it collapsing.

There was no time lag between command and execution, so it was easy to use.

Golem creation was a type of magic I rarely ever used.

Although I had the aptitude for it when I was a human, I simply had no opportunity to use it.

At best, I merely used an instant golem made out of mud or a tree. Just for demonstration, since I mostly use other types of magic for combat.

Slow witted golems had very few uses during the previous Demon Lord’s subjugation.

It didn’t make much sense to spend time building them when they would be easily destroyed by the demons’ intense attacks.

My personal impression about it was, “a half-assed magic which didn’t excel in any way.”

However, such an evaluation had been revised after I’d witnessed how the Magic Kingdom had made use of it.

By combining several systems of technology together, it’d achieved a tremendous evolution.

Not only could I not criticize it, but also it served as a reminder to me of how narrow my vision was.

There was a small thrumming sound coming from within the golem as it stood.

Various parts within it began to move at the same time.

The golem moved step by step further away from where I stood.

Despite it not being my own body, it didn’t feel awkward.

It should be enough to move it around.

Then I made the golem swing his arms.

I tried to move it in all directions.

There was no problem there either.

It moved quite smoothly.

I tried to make it jump after bending and stretching, but it only made a small leap.

Its body was too heavy.

As expected, it didn’t have much athletic ability.

I made the golem to run about.

I was able to operate it much more smoothly than I thought I would.

With enough golems and weapons attached to them they would function as a good army.

“Ooh! That’s great!”

Grom was looking excitedly at the golem.

He was so excited he was about to jump about.

“You could also use those finger guns. Would you like me to prepare some targets?”


As I agreed with the director’s suggestion, a part of the floor protruded behind the golem.

It turned into an iron plate as tall as the golem.

It was quite thick and seemed like a wall.

I made the golem turn around and raise both of its arms, aiming towards the iron plate.

Then, the inscription inside the fingers activated.

A moment later, bursting sounds echoed one and after another, and the unleashed bullets hit the iron wall.

The bullets sank deeply into the surface of the iron plate.

While the bullets hadn’t managed to penetrate the plate, it showed how powerful it was.

Forget human bodies, it could even penetrate the most conventional armors.

The aim was a little off.

Although I aimed it toward the center, it was spread on the entire iron plate.

Rather than a problem with its function, it was more my fault as an operator who was not yet used to operating it.

It was something that could be improved by practice.

“The bullets are loaded inside the cylinder within both arms then they are sent into the fingertips. It makes continuous firing possible to some extent.”

“Can the staff move it without problem?”

“Yes, they can. However, the golem needs to be filled with magic power in advance. It’s not a problem for Demon Lord-sama since you possess abundant magic power on your own, but it would be difficult for humans to operate it and continuously fight with it.”

The director explained as she pointed toward the golem’s back.

Its internal structure had been explained in the document.

There was a device that held the magic power, it fueled the golem from behind.

If it were destroyed, it would rapidly shorten its operation time.

It was one of its structural weaknesses.

In other words, we should aim for that spot when we fight against the golems of the Magic Kingdom.

“We’re unable to reproduce the protection magic installed within it because of the damage. I’m terribly sorry.”

“Don’t worry. It was originally a wreck. Rather, you did a good job repairing it.”

It was good enough since it was capable of moving this much.

The original golem I had snatched was severely damaged in various places.

I had even doubted that it could be restored.

Considering this fact, the staff was worthy of praise since they had managed to restore it this much.

After confirming its various functions, I disconnected from the golem.

“Would you like to try it, Grom?”

“Eh, can I really try?!”

“Of course.”

“Tha… thank you very much!”

Grom jumped up and bowed deeply.

It seemed he didn’t think he would have a chance to try it.

Even if he was flustered, I could see the joy in him.

It seemed he was very happy about it.

“Let’s see…”

Grom cautiously touched the golem.

He began to manipulate its magic power while tilting his head.

However, he immediately growled and stopped.

“Mmm, how do I operate it?”

“Regarding that, first you send your magic power here…”

The director ran towards Grom and taught him how to operate it.

After several exchanges, the golem finally began to move.

The golem raised both of its arms and bravely showed its chest.

“Hohou! I think I understand it somehow!”

Grom’s golem roamed the room with awkward movements.

Occasionally, he activated its finger gun and tried to hit the iron plate from various angles.

There were times the stray bullets flew in my direction, so I casually blocked it with magic.

While it didn’t really matter to me, I wanted to avoid the director getting hurt by accident.

After a while, Grom got used to maneuvering and no more stray bullets flew in my direction.

“Fuahahahaha! How is it, Demon Lord-sama! Look how light my movements are!”

Grom laughed in a good mood.

He made his golem run lightly.

Occasionally it seemed it was about to crash to the wall due to excessive momentum.

The director screamed “AAAah!” every single time that happened.

The atmosphere became quite lively.

After that, I decided to do a mock combat with Grom’s golem.

The director had suggested it, saying she wanted to check its performance.

Since Grom was also excited about it, I couldn’t refuse.

Of course, I didn’t go all out, since not only the laboratory, but also the whole capital would perish if I did.

I paid close attention to adjusting my own power.

In the middle of it, Henry, who’d finished the gun’s inspection, also joined and it became a three-way battle.

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3 years ago

hmm… you know what, I’m finding it interesting that the author keeps using other novels ideas and adapts them to his own work, the whole “The Golem parts flaws make it work better” seems and awful lot as the “Elenium Type 95 Operation Orb” from Youjo Senki, it’s a quad core thingy that works only if Tanya prays to God or it explodes, with the whole “will of the world” ideology that he’s being battling from the start it’s not a stretch. (I know that idea isn’t exactly original to Tanya, but it’s the first that came to mind)
I kinda like it, even if it’s not exactly revolutionary in its setting the devices it uses and the ideas are well adapted and manage to breath a kind of fresh look into this things keeping things interesting.
Also, I would have already kidnapped that Magic Kingdom researcher and make him work for my research lab… except he would probably stop getting those inspirational epiphanies and they would go to another researcher, even his name indicated he wasn’t really important (john doe I think?? or some other name like that?)

2 years ago
Reply to  HentMas

You’re right, it’s John Doe. XD
What I wanna know is if they could make modified golem components and have a skeleton as its core.

2 years ago
Reply to  ecurps

Since MC goal is eternal struggle to promote humanity comradeship, he couldn’t advance his technology too great or they would turn despair and won’t bother resist anymore.

2 years ago
Reply to  HentMas

err, i think those flaws still there, and it only work because of the buff given by the Will of the world. without it, it’s no different than junk.