The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Hasr11

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Chapter 7: The Sage Expands the Demon Lord’s Territory (Part 2)

 Nearly thirty days have passed since the remnants of the Demon King’s army led by Luciana arrived.
I was using teleportation magic to systematically destroy the kingdom.
It made the threat of the Demon Lord increasingly noticeable, and at the same time, naturally made the foundations for humanity to come together.

I obliterated the self-centred and backstabbing humans like the fief lord just now.
I don’t want people pulling each other down.
An uncooperative person was not only unnecessary but also harmful.

Due to my steady efforts, the fief lords within the kingdom began showing loyalty to me.
It was a wise decision.
They knew if they dared oppose me, their territory would become a den of the undead.

I wouldn’t proactively meddle in their affairs, and let them live life like usual.
I knew that the allegiance was a temporary lie, but I didn’t care what their true intentions were.
It was natural for them to look for opportunities to rebel.

Rather, it would be ideal if all the fief lords decided to cooperate behind closed doors.
I had given them a free rein to think of plans to destroy me.
Humans should cooperate with each other with the common purpose of subjugating the devil.

At present, the fallen capital as the centre and the surrounding territories within the kingdom that pledged allegiance to me, they had all been established as the Demon Lord’s dominion.
It was considerably vast in terms of power structures.
The only real territory under my control was the capital, but I didn’t bother much.
The important thing was the fact that I had invaded almost the entire kingdom, albeit superficially.

After achieving my goals in the city, I used transfer magic.
I took back all my subordinates and returned to the capital.
As I passed through the remains of the main gate, I saw Luciana waiting for me.
She approached me with a light gait.

“My, Demon Lord. Good day to you. You have returned quite early.”

“It was settled more smoothly than I thought. I am grateful your subordinates are all wonderful.”

The success of the ogres was worthy of praise.
I could break through the enemy lines with just the undead too, but the invasion speed was a world apart.

Lucian proudly puffed her chest at my words.

“I told you so! I have trained them rigorously! It is my honour that they are of use!

Luciana narrowed her eyes. Making a coquettish expression, she reduced our distance.
Brushing against me, she whispered in a low voice.

“Hey, Demon Lord. If it is alright with you, shall we drink tea later? Of course only with the two of us—”

“Demon Lord! Do not accept this woman’s invitation! She’s definitely up to no good! “

Grom raised an iron wall to block her.
This had already become a regular sight.
Since there wasn’t any harm, I did not bother stopping them.

Separated from me, Luciana placed her finger on her lips and mused.

“Hmm…Well, it is a bad thing in a sense.”

“Did you hear, Demon Lord!? She has finally admitted her sins! You vulgar succubus, I’ll personally put an end to you…! “

“Silence! Leave the messing around for later.”

As I lightly warned them, the two looked at me simultaneously.
They objected in a strong tone.

“I’m not messing around! “

“I am not messing around! “

These two, oddly get along well.
They were so in sync that I couldn’t help but think so.

Leaving aside the clashing pair, I set out to walk on the path leading to the castle.
Grom and Luciana naturally followed behind me.
Seeing them abruptly pause their quarrel, I truly felt they got along well.
Eventually, the three of us walked down the street.

The fallen capital had transformed significantly.
The goblins running along the roadside carried raw materials.
Receiving it, the orcs repaired the damaged buildings using tools.

Opposite them was a kobold, ploughing a field created on an empty plot.
He worked diligently with a hoe.

The succubi flew around in the sky.
They were collecting supplies abandoned around the capital.

A giant humanoid made of rubble cleared the wreckage of the buildings.
It must be a golem someone summoned.
The goblins who gathered, transported the materials that were still usable.

They are the remnants of the Demon Lord’s army under Luciana.
When I let them live in the castle town, they voluntarily began its urban development.
They toiled day in and day out to make the quality of life just a little better.

There were a small number of humans among them too.
They were slaves, mixed in amongst the remnants.
They were a valuable resource as they had many specialised skills and dextrous hands.
There were even a few who could use magic. Although clumsy, they resolutely adapted to the environment.

I felt deep admiration on seeing them.

“The urban development sure is going well.”

“In these past ten years, we have learned the basics of developing land. If I did not do so, we would not have been able to live. While the miasma is strong here, if we take steps against it, it will become a land of abundance.”

“That’s natural. Although it has fallen, it is still the former capital.”

The miasma spread across the city was concentrated at the castle.
It was because it was a health hazard to other demons and humans.
High concentrations of miasma were toxic to them.
They could now live without any problems.

Incidentally, a large number of undead were stored underneath the castle and warehouses in the town.
The number of expeditions had rapidly multiplied, and the ones that couldn’t be accommodated loitered in the outskirts of the capital.
Currently, we were at maximum capacity in terms of numbers.
I have to cherish it.

I, who had returned to the castle, looked down at the streets from my balcony.
It was an incredible scene nonetheless.
In the regions that had been polluted by the miasma, life had miraculously begun anew.
Moreover, humans and demons coexisted here.

It was a scene I could have never dreamed of when alive.
It truly was a wonderful thing.

I wished for true world peace.
Tranquillity put together in this manner too, was welcome.
Although it was only in one city, I felt happiness on seeing the inhabitants living their life, disregarding the barriers of race.

It would be ideal if this could be achieved on a global scale, but it was an extremely difficult task.
The seams would certainly come apart.
It was possible only because it was a small number of people restricted to within the capital.

To create peace on a global scale, the best solution is still to create the greatest evil.

Of course, after accepting the residents, I intend to protect them from hostile forces.
They were now citizens of my kingdom.
In exchange for that, they would strengthen the foundations of the Demon Lord’s territory.
Our interests surely matched.

At that moment, I hear a sharp roar.
I turned my gaze to the source of that voice.
It was in an empty lot in one corner of the town, the training grounds of the knight order.

When I looked at it, I found the demons conducting a mock battle as a group.
They had held it for the battle, of their own accord.
This was a very good trend.

I have to respond to their motivation…

Due to a successful invasion, I had seized more than seventy percent of the kingdom.
It was a matter of time before I could control all of the lands.
From here on, the ravages of war would only spread.
In other words, I would invade other kingdoms.

As the situation grows more grave, I wonder what each country will do. That is what is important.

At present, my existence was not known
Perhaps it was because the undead’s rampage was restricted to within the kingdom.
I had to wait and watch how the situation would change.
It seemed like the ruling classes of the neighbouring nations had too optimistic a view of the next Demon Lord.
That was why I had to make aggressive moves.

I do not intend for the new manifestation of the Demon Lord to only be a calamity within the kingdom.
I will drag the whole world thoroughly into chaos.
No one will be spared.
I have to show my real ability as the Lord of the Immortals.




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2 years ago

hmmm… this reminds me so much of the feeling you get playing “Shadow of war” when you just take your time to walk around the strongholds you’ve captured…

1 year ago
Reply to  HentMas

hmm… i don’t play any modern game, so i dunno how it feels…(only play gba or ps1 emu due to spec of my lappie)

3 years ago

Thanks for the ch

1 year ago
Reply to  animeforlife

thx for the comment!

Anime fan
Anime fan
3 years ago

Dam I admire his resolution. Though it’d be cool if it had more fantasy elements in the story like in his necromancy. It’s still really cool as it is. Simple story actually

1 year ago
Reply to  Anime fan

Resolution? I’d say he just don’t care about casualties. due to betrayal to the hero, he pretty much labeled humanity as enemy. He just trying to look like acted for the greater good while we all know he just did genocide, though he controlled the scale.