The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ifwewerevillains

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Chapter 72 – The Sage Tramples the New Weapons

What a sudden entrance…

I observed the approaching golem unit.

The golems moved in a line with their heavy footsteps. 

There were no human soldiers accompanying them.

The operator was able to manipulate those golems from a safe place by using the vision sharing function.

This was a predictable tactic.

It wasn’t exaggerated to say that the vision sharing function was made solely for that purpose.

They served as a better vanguard compared to living soldiers.

Even if they ended up being destroyed, they were still simple golems after all and only exhausted the operator.

This allowed them to prevent an unnecessary sacrifice of their human resources.

The golems raised their arms horizontally and pointed their fingertips at us.

They would shoot their bullet as soon as the Demon Lord’s army entered the golem’s effective range.

Grom glared at the golem units in a dreadful manner.

“Damn, for them to resort to such petty tricks… what should we do, Demon Lord-sama?”

“Don’t mind it. Just proceed as is.”

I responded to him in a resolute tone.

It didn’t matter what those golem would do.

All we needed to do was to push forward.

We couldn’t invade the Magic Kingdom if we stopped.

As we silently marched, the subordinates began to chant.

They didn’t do any unnecessary attacks and prepared their magic as they waited for the order to shoot.

The atmosphere felt tense, you could even hear the sound of someone’s breath. The Demon Lord’s Army proceeded moving toward the inorganic weapons.

Just as the golems were about to activate their guns a command was issued by Henry.


At the next moment, all of the subordinates’ magic was activated- all at once.

Hundreds of colorful spells mixed and flew forward, attacking the golem with all their might.

The golem units activated their protection magic.

The magic collision produced a high-pitched noise, which managed to block most of the incoming magic.

Apparently, the quality of protection magic had been improved by filling the golems in advance with a large amount of magic power.

Some of the magic managed to pierce through the protection magic and hit the golems directly.

The damaged golems’ movements quickly worsened.

Then Henry went for the snipe, shooting through their center region and they ceased operation.

Henry saw the Golem’s blueprint beforehand, so he knew its internal structure. Therefore, he could accurately snipe its weak spot.

The protection magic and density of golem armor were meaningless before Henry’s arrow.

The Demon Lord’s army came out superior in the clash against the golem unit.

Grom had fired several spells in succession as support which destroyed their heavy layered protection and destroyed some of those golems.

I would like to collect those with the least damage as it would be worth researching them later…

Grom excitedly did his actions despite my quiet thought.

I would feel bad if I poured cold water on his enthusiasm.

Once I explored the capital, I should be able to find the golem’s proper blueprint as well as an undamaged golem.

So it was better to leave Grom to his own devices.

The attack repeated for some time.

The uninterrupted trampling eliminated the golem unit.

The Demon Lord’s army stepped over the wreckage and went into the ruins of the main gate.

Doldar had seemingly gone somewhere and had no sign of coming back anytime soon.

I caught a glimpse of him running about on the outer walls to mow down every living thing he found.

I could hear the sounds of explosions and anger in the distance.

There was no problem since he fought energetically there.

Soon, we invaded the capital.

Outside the outer wall, a group of common buildings were lined up.

Those buildings were just two-story buildings in the shape of white painted square.

In some cases, those buildings could go up to four or five, and  even higher stories could be found. 

All of them shared similar shapes and were all orderly built.

They had no peculiarity but instead focused more on their functionality.

The person who’d ordered these buildings to be built should be either very cautious or a thorough rationalist.

People who saw us were desperately running away.

They were running in a single direction.

Perhaps an evacuation route was already established and they moved according to it.

According to perception magic, the people were gathered in several places.

All of those sections had protection magic and barriers deployed.

It seemed to be an evacuation site to shelter the residents.

I manipulated the undead and spread them throughout the city.

They were split to attack those shelters.

The Magic Kingdom’s Army were forced to focus on defense, inevitably blunting their offense.

As a side note, I had no intention to turn all the inhabitants into undead.

It was okay to  make a reasonable amount of sacrifice.

Then I would take the confusion that ensued.

It was enough as long as they bought enough time to achieve my purpose.


Soldiers revealed themselves from the windows of nearby buildings and shot their guns from all directions.

As I blocked the bullets, I spread miasma to those soldiers and turned them into undead.

So guns are already widespread enough to be owned by common soldiers? They sure are making great progress.

As I watched them turn into ghouls, someone tapped my shoulder from behind.

It was Luciana.

She pointed around the city.

“I’m going to move separately from now on, is that okay?”

“Ah, I’ll leave it to you.”

“Okaay. I’ll do my best.”

Luciana nodded happily and disappeared into the alley with a few of her subordinates.

She began to prepare for sabotage.

Sabotage was her specialty.

I had no doubts in regard to her ability.

I could be at ease if I left it to Luciana.

I asked Logan to search where the mystical stone was hidden.

We would move separately from the Demon Lord’s army and go there together.

I could leave the command of the Demon Lord’s Army to Henry and Grom.

I wanted to finish my business while they were still busy fighting against the Magic Kingdom.

As I was about to say that and transfer away, I detected a high-power magical reaction in the street ahead.

Was that another golem?

As I went and looked at it, what I found was a box-shaped weapon. 

It looked like a magic cannon attached on wheels, and was around two sizes smaller than the magic cannon.

It was covered with iron plate shields around it.

Is that…

I remember there was a similar weapon mentioned within the documents I procured from the empire.

I think it was called a tank.

I had seen a miniature version of it on the imperial capital’s underground, so there was no doubt about it.

According to the document, it was basically a cannon that could be moved around.

Two operators needed to ride inside to operate it.

Those iron plate shields were installed as countermeasures against close combat and magic attack.

There was protection magic engraved on the back of those shields, which could be activated at any time.

A deep sound echoed as the tank moved down the street.

It moved slower compared to golem, but the firepower installed in it was incomparable.

It definitely wasn’t a finger gun judging from its magic reaction.

To think it was successfully implemented. Did they create it as a countermeasure against the Demon Lord’s Army?

As I admired the technological power of the Magic Kingdom, magic power gathered in the tank’s cannon.

The magic power compressed to its limit and was fired as a bluish white ray.

It was right in front of me when I noticed it.

I deployed multiple protection magic.

That moment, the ray of light struck and produced sparks.

Along with sharp rubbing noises, the protection magic was slowly scrapped off.

This is… it broke down the spell…?

As I kept observing, the ray of light eventually weakened and disappeared.

It appeared that it could sustain a considerable amount of destructive power.

It was a considerable threat.

If I didn’t deploy any defenses, I wouldn’t escape unscathed. 

The barrel of the tank was glowing red.

It retreated and tried to hide behind the building.

It seemed that it possessed the same defect of the empire’s magic cannon seeing as it was unable to be fired successively.

Perhaps it was still under development.

You won’t get away.

After I dispelled the protection magic, I used a forbidden spell.

A black thorn broke through the cobblestone in front and pierced the tank trying to hide from the bottom.

The thorn grew rapidly as it was, lifting the tank up into the air.

It wrapped around the entire tank and applied a continuously increasing pressure on it.

The constricted tank was sunken in and gradually crushed.

The cannon shot its ray, but it only managed to pierce through the night sky.

The tank eventually broke in half and exploded.

The debris splattered and burnt the nearby building.

Fumu, it was quite a sturdy weapon.

As I assessed the tank in my mind, I used perception magic and detected the area around me.

A number of high magical reactions rushed to this place.

There were golems, tanks, or soldiers who brought their guns.

The Magic Kingdom’s Army began making an interception move.

Their forces were flooding to this place.

Apparently they wanted to stop the Demon Lord’s Army invasion at all costs.

It was about time to steal the mystical stone.

I left the command to Grom and transferred away with Logan.

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2 years ago

Okay, it’s been MONTHS since the first gun was used. Even with the BS will of the world, it isn’t physically possible for enough guns to be mass produced for another country’s most common soldiers to be using them (especially when their country of origin was in constant war and got destroyed by a spirit). Even if each country is making their own and devoting an insane amount of man power, production just isn’t that face for brand new technology. Maybe in a year I could see this (which if I missed something that said more time had passed, that makes sense).

Also the tanks are just…. Why is it that whenever a fantasy world makes guns for the VERY first time they immediately jump centuries start building war weapons that are actually really recent for us. Tanks weren’t being widely used on the battlefield until WW1 (only like 100 years ago). Guns go back centuries and gun powder and explosions even further. And again this will of the world makes no sense. It’s only going to increase human conflicts if the demon lord is actually defeated. Actually this path quickly leads to weapons of mass destruction, which if widespread moves closer to the destruction of the world or at least it’s ability to sustain life.

2 years ago

Other nation might be able to develop inferior version eventually, but they lacked the research facilities and the backing of the WIll if the world that make the tech possible to begin with, so it’s not possible at the moment.

as you said, BS known as Will of the world make everything possible. Don’t seek logic in this story, it is meaningless and only make you needlessly exhausted.

Last edited 2 years ago by tsukii
1 year ago

Probably because some random researcher was isekeid and has all the knowledge because of world

2 years ago

There is no need to admire.Its just will of world(Gods work) Thanks for the chapter

2 years ago
Reply to  Buuz

I’m amazed you still following it. I appreciate it, thanks