The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 73 – The Sage Has a Disturbing Premonition

We transferred to the roof of a building some distance away from the Demon Lord’s Army led by Grom.

It was closer to the central part of the capital.

Considering how quiet the area was, the residents were probably already evacuated.

The dispatched undead were also sparse.

Speaking of humans, all I saw was a group of mercenaries-like people who fought against undead now.

Since they didn’t notice us, I left them alone.

There was no need to bother killing them.

Logan stood beside me as he wiped sweat off his cheeks.

He seemed a little nervous despite his calm expression.

He sighed deeply.

“That weapon just now was amazing, it launched a ray of light with power equivalent to that of great magic.”

“It’s scary since they managed to mass produce that thing.”

As I replied with that, I was convinced that my prediction was correct.

I sensed similar magic reactions in various parts of the capital.

Those should be the tanks.

As far as I could tell, there were no less than a hundred of them.

They must have gradually increased their output as a countermeasure against the Demon Lord’s Army.

Even so, the tanks were stationed evenly across the capital because there wasn’t enough to cover the whole city.

They were moving toward the evacuation site and the Demon Lord’s Army.

Apparently, they had a separate duty between protection and interception.

Despite being separated by quite a distance, the tanks moved orderly as if they were being directed.

Perhaps there is a communication system built inside of them.

Therefore, they could resist the Demon Lord’s Army assault to some extent with some cooperation.

Considering it was the Magic Kingdom, it’s no wonder for them to develop a good communication system.

I decided to deploy my magic to hinder their communication around the capital.

It became a black mist and was swept away by the wind.

This would disrupt their long distance communication.

They wouldn’t be able to communicate properly unless they adjusted its power output.

Only I, as the caster, remained unaffected.

I’ve already built and maintained a telepathic connection with the executives.

I’ve also adjusted it so they could talk even if they were far apart.

They could always get in touch with each other.

Meanwhile, Logan tried to detect the mystic stone’s location.

The mystic stone was hidden with advanced technology.

It was difficult for me to find it through its magic power, so it was only possible to find it by tracing its connection with the Great Spirit which couldn’t be concealed.

The only people who could do so were those whose race was close to the spirits, like elves.

However, a precise detection was extremely exhausting.

That’s why I only asked Logan to detect the rough direction where it was located.

Since he only needed to detect a general direction, it would be less exhausting for him.

We better do the precise detection once we are close enough.

Logan, who finished his tracing it pointed at the end of the street.

He adjusted his breath and told me the result.

“There’s no deviation in direction. Let’s continue in the same direction.”

“I understand.”

I nodded and was about to activate my magic.

At that time, I noticed a tank passing through the road below.

It was almost directly below us.

It must go through a side road.

Fortunately or not, it seemed to discover us.

The tank stopped and adjusted its barrel.

It tried to move its barrel toward our location, but failed to do so.

Due to its structure, there was a limit to the angle at which the barrel could be moved.

It was unable to aim at us who are directly above it.

It began to move chaotically, perhaps out of impatience. 

After the tank moved its barrel in all directions, it began to withdraw.

Perhaps it tried to open some distance to match the firing angle.

It is powerful artillery for long distance, but once one gets close enough, it’s practically defenseless. They should have golems escort it.

Apparently, tanks were weapons which were only useful if operated at distance.

Considering their scarcity, it was apparent they were hurriedly deployed due to the Demon Lord’s Army’s sudden invasion.

Maybe it wasn’t fully operational yet.

“I’ll do something about it.”

With that said, Logan activated his spirit magic.

A tree near the tank suddenly began to wriggle, grew its branches, and entangled it.

Looking at it, the branches seemed to absorb magic power.

It was at the speed that would make humans dry up in no time.

The tank which lost its fuel ceased its operation.

There was no explosion in its barrel.

Logan smiles with a cool expression as we look at the tank which was trapped in a tree.

“I disabled it without damaging it. That should be good enough to be analyzed.”

“That helped.”

I honestly gave my gratitude.

The man named Logan wasn’t good at power confrontation.

If anything, he was good at using skillful and dexterous methods.

In some fields, even I wasn’t his match.

The reason why he struggled during his battle against the empire was because he had to protect people.

To unleash Logan’s full potential, he had to move freely to execute surprise attacks.

He was committed enough to victory to give up his custom and dignity.

His ever changing magic could sink an army of thousands.

Logan was a fighter in a different direction compared to Doldar.

Two operators slipped out from the disabled tank.

Since they tried to escape as it was, I pierced them with a spear of miasma.

They began to wander about as they turned into the undead.

“There he is! Fireee!”

I heard the shout of a soldier from another building and bullets were fired at almost the same time.

I blocked them with protection magic.

Since we were so flashy in defeating the tank, our whereabouts were revealed.

Since there was no meaning to staying any longer, I used concealment magic and left with transfer magic.

Our destination was the direction which Logan had pointed at.

We moved to another roof.

Logan looked around and pointed at a certain spot as he squinted his eyes.

“…Over there.”

There was a huge windowless building.

Looking at its appearance, the building was about 30 stories high, and also painted white like other buildings.

It was by far the largest building compared to its surroundings.

It had a weird shape for a dwelling. 

Apparently, the mystic stone was kept there.

The Magic Kingdom’s Army gathered in front of the building.

There were large numbers of tanks, golems, and magic cannons stationed there.

There were soldiers carrying guns and wearing strange armor patrolling the area.

Is that a security unit? If the mystic stone really is kept there, then this number of strict protection is understandable.

The Magic Kingdom’s Army was still unaware of our presence thanks to the concealment magic.

Otherwise, they would immediately flood our locations with attacks.

I detected the spy in the house next door.

It seemed that was the person who was in charge of this location.

I sent telepathy to the spy.

“Is it going well?”

“Yes. John Doe is hiding within that building, and there’s no sign of him moving anywhere.”

“I see.”

I didn’t aim for it, but it seemed that John Doe was also hiding in there.

What a coincidence.

I could accomplish both goals at once.

It could be said that needless battles were avoided.

However, I had a bad feeling about this.

There was a mystic stone, the greatest magic catalyst, and an innovative genius.

It was unlikely that both were located at the same place by coincidence.

If they just happened to be located together to be protected, that was fine.

However, I doubt that was the case.

…I had to consider the worst possibility.

I made a conclusion in my head given the current situation.

While the invasion itself was going well, I couldn’t be too proud.

There were bad factors hidden on Magic Kingdom’s side.

I should be cautious during my encounter with John Doe.

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