The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 74 – The Sage Listens to the Voice

Before we could enter the building, we first had to wipe out the Magic Kingdom’s soldiers who stood in front of it.

It would turn out to be a problem if they ended up disturbing our future progress if we were to leave them alone.

We had to get rid of them, even if it was for mere peace of mind.

Since it wouldn’t take much time, I would defeat them altogether.

I began to cast my magic.

I mixed miasma into it to make sure that it would certainly kill them.

A jet-black sphere was created above the Magic Kingdom’s army.

It swirled about as it increased in density.

It was compressed more than what the golems and tanks could do.

If an ordinary person came too near to it, their body would decay and turn into an undead.

The Magic Kingdom’s army soon detected the abnormality.

The ones who made the first move were the golems.

They tried to destroy the sphere using their finger guns.

As the bullet directly hit the sphere, it got absorbed inside and disappeared.

It could only produce a ripple on its surface without much effect.

It was like dropping a pebble into a lake.

Since the tanks couldn’t fire at us due to the distance, they all began to move away.

However, considering the fact that they kept going back and forth due to colliding with fellow tanks, it was unlikely that their bombardment would make it in time.

As for the soldiers who wore the weird armors, they turned pale and began to evacuate.

Only the golems stood in place and kept on firing.

It was because they were the only ones without humans inside of them.

Even if they were destroyed, it wouldn’t directly result in the death of their operator.

What a naïve thought…

As I watched the golems leisurely use their guns, I activated my magic.

The sphere burst, forming a black muddy stream which flooded the ground.

In front of the large mass of miasma, the golems could only powerlessly swallow it.

They disappeared within the flood as they turned into white smoke.

The tanks were also swept away by the muddy stream.

Perhaps they were so threatened by the scene that they began to activate their cannons.

The rays of light pierced a nearby building, directly hitting some unlucky soldiers and vaporizing them.

The tanks were overturned and smoldered by miasma as they melted.

Meanwhile, the soldiers jumped away.

They landed on the roof with surprisingly light movements and escaped the muddy stream.

Everyone’s face was pale as they witnessed what the muddy stream below brought upon them.


I watched their figures.

The way they moved their bodies couldn’t be explained by just body reinforcement.

Apparently, that was one of the functions of that strange armor.

The armors those soldiers wore had a strange shape.

They were larger than common armors with an additional box on their back.

Magic power was circulated both inside of the armor and the box.

They produced reasonable outputs, comparable to twice the amount of a common magician’s magic power.

Considering the fact that such an amount was provided by an individual, it was quite impressive.

The armor seemed to improve its wearer’s physical abilities by using that magic power.

That was the reason why they could move so lightly.

Apparently, those armors were also a kind of weapon.

The boxes on their back were also filled with magic power which could be used as fuel.

There was a spell engraved on it to control the armor.

Looking at the spell on it, was it a variant of what was used on the golems?

It was like a tiny golem was attached to various parts of the armor to assist the soldiers’ movements.

That’s interesting. I never saw these things mentioned on the document I procured. Is that a newly developed weapon?

It was a completely different concept from the traditional armor.

They were extremely agile compared to the tanks and golems.

Since it was designed to be worn by soldiers, they put great consideration for close combat potential.

They were more adaptable compared to other weapons.

It had excellent overall strength and versatility.

“What a brilliant invention. John Doe really is a genius.”

“Is this the right time to give such a compliment? They’re coming.”

Logan raised a warning as I was busy being impressed.

The soldiers who avoided the black muddy stream approached us from the roofs.

As expected, they had noticed our existence.

There were magic blades attached to the guns they wielded.

All those blades were enchanted with holy elements.

It was a balanced weapon which could be used both in close and long ranges.

It’s quite the equipment, but their idea is still naïve.

As I judged so, I used forbidden magic and manipulated the muddy stream that now soaked the ground.

When I lifted the entire muddy stream, it exploded in the sky.

The scattered miasma then turned into rain and fell.

“Uh, what the…?!”


“Hi–Hiiih?! No, NO! SOMEONE!”

The soldiers who were exposed to it lost their speed.

They rolled around on the roof and transformed into ghouls in agony.

As the downpour of miasma ended, all the soldiers who had tried to strike were wiped out.

All of them had become ghouls.

Only Logan, whom I had protected with my magic, was fine.

The fallen miasma evaporated and disappeared.

Those soldiers were agile yet also fragile.

Since they were too specialized in agility, they had no defense against magic.

Those armors were useless as they were.

They were merely good targets against people who could cast chantless magic like me.

I heard moans from nearby buildings.

The things that sled down the window were robed undead.

They continued to drop until there were tens of them.

They sluggishly moved away.

Those undeads just now were the golems’ operators.

Since they hid themselves inside a building, they obviously were not exposed to the miasma rain.

As for why they had still turned into an undead despite that, it was because their golems were swallowed in the initial muddy stream.

Those golems were controlled remotely, which meant that there were magic power connections between the two.

By tracing it to its root, it allowed for a direct attack towards the operator which would normally be impossible.

I interfered with the golems which were swallowed by the muddy stream and hijacked the control of their connection.

Then I used that to regurgitate the miasma towards the operators and transformed them into undead.

It should have been an unexpected event for those people who were sure about their safety.

Regarding miasma, I managed to freely control it as a result of my daily training.

Variety of spells could be made using it.

Since I could use various spells which I never managed to use during my time as a human now, there was no way I wouldn’t make use of them.

Logan sighed as he witnessed the tragedy that happened around us.

“Tell me when you use a miasma related spell next time. It was bad for my heart.”

“…I’ll try.”

I answered after a short pause.

Unfortunately, I could not give him the affirmation he needed since there were times I had no leisure to do so during combat.

However, it wasn’t like Logan was complaining seriously.

He was trying to protect himself on his own before I used my magic to protect him.

We had known each other for so long that he could guess what I would do next.

As we got off the roof, we stood in front of the huge building.

There were no signs that the Magic Kingdom’s Army would appear from inside.

According to my perception magic, there should still be a decent amount of people left inside.

Perhaps they had realized that there was no meaning in joining the interception, therefore it was unnaturally quiet now.

I observed the entrance of the building.

It was blocked by magic, but there were no signs of traps.

It was something I could destroy easily.

I could use an aggressive method if the mystical stone was my sole goal, but if I did that, a conversation with John Doe wouldn’t be possible.

There was also a risk of damaging the mystical stone.

It was essential to identify him inside the building and proceed safely and comfortably.

As I was about to touch the door with that in mind, I heard a strange noise.

I stopped my hand and searched for the source of the sound.

There was a magic tool installed next to the door.

The noise seemed to have originated from there.

The ringing noise gradually became clearer.

Eventually, I could hear a voice.

“…hea, me. Can you hear me…”

It was the tense voice of a man.

He had a stiff tone and sounded like he was trying to examine me.

Logan and I looked at each other, and I soon responded to it.

“I can hear you. Who are you?”

“My name… is John Doe.”

The owner of the voice replied with some hesitation.

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