The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ifwewerevillains

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Chapter 78: The Sage Plays with the Giant Golem

The giant golem fired the magic cannons on its shoulders.

All of the shells fired contained great power within.

Therefore, I transferred around and about repeatedly, trying to avoid it.

The passing shells exploded against the buildings behind.

The white painted buildings exploded one after another, and the shockwave created by the impact messed up the cobblestones on the street.

It would take a considerable amount of time and materials to reconstruct all the destroyed structures.

More bombardment came as I watched the unfolding damage in its wake.

This time, I tried to repel the shells back with the magic power net, but the shells penetrated the net shortly upon contact.

It felt different compared to the common magic cannons.

The warheads seemed to be inscribed with a destruction spell.

Apparently, they were special bullets made for the giant golem.

Rather than forcefully repel it, it was better to focus on evasion.

On the off chance I got hit, I would be ground into fine dust.

The golem stood firm as it mercilessly bombarded me.

There wasn’t any disruption between its attempts to kill me with its overwhelming firepower.

I then used magic to ask John, since he acted without any hesitation all this time.

“Do you not care about the damage to the city?”

“Pssshh, I don’t care! It’s not like I swore fealty or anything!”

John happily answered immediately.

At the same time, the launched shell had pierced through the buildings.

It opened a big hole in the building, it then collapsed with a roaring sound.

“In the first place, all the dead are your responsibility, right? I’m not at fault whatsoever. I just hold up the banner of justice and fight fairly.”

John turned to me and laughed loudly.

I couldn’t sense any remorse in his conscience.

He raised the leg of the golem and tried to trample me.

I retreated and opened some distance.

The building beneath the foot of steel was crushed underneath it.

The impact made the ground sink and deepened the cracks.

Seriously, what a ridiculous man.

What a great contrast to the main personality, who aspired to justice despite his distress.

The main personality understood everything, and still chose to commit slaughter despite of it.

In a sense, he must be a considerable rationalist.

If it meant I could be killed, he would tolerate the damage done in the process.

However, in John’s case, he just plain was uninterested whatsoever.

He didn’t care who might die because of his actions.

Because of such a mentality, he could operate the golem inside the city without any hesitation.

While it was very annoying for the people of the Magic Kingdom, they couldn’t stop him from doing what he did.

The only thing with the possibility of defeating the Demon Lord was this giant golem.

The helpless people could do nothing but watch the battle.

I shot lightning strikes at the joints of the golem.

As expected, the protection magic deflected it and my attempts failed to damage it.

It seemed that it always deployed protection magic capable of deflecting great magic.

“It’s useless, that ain’t gonna work!”

The golem’s torso transformed, revealing a huge cannon stored within.

It appeared to stick out from its torso.

Magic power began to gather there and swirled, rapidly increasing its output.

As the force concentrated to its peak, a ray of light was shot towards me.

So it’s the tank’s cannon this time?

I diverted the incoming ray with multiple layers of protection magic.

The deflected ray of light ran through the city in a straight line.

Chains of explosion ensued, and faraway buildings also collapsed.

According to my perception magic, the evacuation shelter was also caught up in it.

There were a considerable number of lives sacrificed to the ray from earlier.

Despite the enormous damage from just now, the golem kept firing the tank’s cannon and magic cannons in rapid succession.

On top of that, rays of light also came out from its fingers.

I made full use of transfer magic for evasion.

I was under constant attack all up until right now, but it was still manageable.

Since he’s fired wildly, he should run out of magic power soon, but…

I observed the giant golem.

There was no sign of exhaustion of the magic power.

The mystical stone installed within it was providing the golem with inexhaustible magic power.

This level of magic consumption wouldn’t exceed the power it generated.

The city was on the verge of being destroyed because of the Golem’s attack.

Fire rose from several places, with most of the neighboring buildings having already collapsed.

Many of the people who had evacuated ended up dead.

We were fighting in a rubble wasteland.

“Hahahah! You sure like running around, soon—?!”

The golem that was about to fire another ray of light suddenly fell to its bottom.

The aim was greatly deviated and the ray of light was launched into the night sky.

The golem tried to get up immediately, but the limb stiffened and it failed to do so.

Something felt wrong here.

“No way… this is unforgivable! I… will… defeat the Demon Lord, and everyone — damn it, screw you! Can’t you see what’s happening right now?! Buzz off!”

I heard a passionate voice echoing.

It sounded like he was having a monologue, but it actually wasn’t the case.

Perhaps the main personality was resisting.

He was trying to stop the golem, which had already slaughtered countless lives.

Perhaps both personalities were unable to completely suppress each other.

At present, the two personalities of John Doe were clashing.

Regardless of what it was, it was a good opportunity for me.

I used the opening to activate restraining magic.

I used tons of magic power to expand the range of magic.

Ivy extended from the ground, weaving around the golem’s limbs.

Protection magic wasn’t enough to protect it.

It was because I constricted the whole golem altogether.

The golem destroyed the ivy with bombardment and swung its limbs in an attempt to break the restraint.

Even as he was annoyed by the ivy that was still clinging onto it, he somehow managed to stand up.

But then, newly grown ivy tried to constrict it once more.

“Tch, is this lame thing all you got?! You’re just wasting time!”

John seemed pretty frustrated.

He was struggling with the endlessly growing ivy.

Even as he fired the ray of light toward the ground, the restraint didn’t stop.

He had no choice but to keep burning it or to keep cutting it up.

I can’t hear the main personality’s voice. Did he get suppressed somehow?

What I could hear was John’s curses.

Its awkward movement also gradually improved.

I transferred myself above the golem’s head.

The cannons immediately aimed toward me and fired.

Since I had no time to prepare for it, I just used protection magic to block it.

No matter how much of the restraints got destroyed, there wouldn’t be a problem if I kept deploying magic faster than it destroyed.

I cast a forbidden magic in front of the golem.

However, I almost didn’t use any magic power, but constructed most of the magic using miasma instead.

A jet-black tube which was about as thin as a needle extended from my fingertips.

As it pierced through the protection magic, it drilled into golem’s head.

In addition to the fact it was almost purely miasma, the jet-black tube was also concentrated to the limit.

By concentrating the spell to a single point, it managed to penetrate the golem’s robust defenses.

I absorbed a slight amount of magic power through the tube.

Immediately after that, parts of my body broke down.

The bones from my right shoulder to my lumbar region collapsed.

It seemed they repelled itself due to the difference of magic power’s nature.

Apparently, the power of the Great Spirit was ill suited to the Demon Lord’s miasma.

I disregarded my damaged body and analyzed the ingested magic power.

I would try to focus on parts I couldn’t judge through naked eye.

It was important to grasp its nature.

One could say it was the basics of learning magic.

In the battle, both offense and defense were making use of magic power.

Once I understood the nature of the magic power, I could manipulate its inscription accordingly.

The more elaborate of an analysis I made, the easier it would be to pierce my opponent’s defense, and my own deployed protection would become stronger.

“What are you doing?! Piss off!”

The golem’s hand tried to grab me, but I instantly transferred away.

However, I left the tube of miasma as is.

I looked at the walking golem from a distance.

The spell is already activated. All that is left to do is to wait.

Soon, a strange thing started to happened to the golem.

Its movement suddenly became sluggish and it stopped as it fell to its knees.

“Oi… why won’t it move?! Demon Lord, what have you done?!”

John’s angry voice echoed.

This time it wasn’t caused by an unstable personality.

It just failed to operate properly due to the spell I’d mixed in.

I detected a large amount of magic reaction on top of the still golem.

It was there that I laid the miasma tube.

It swelled by absorbing the golem’s magic power like a nutrient. 

It found itself breaking down due to its bad compatibility, but it swelled up faster than it fell apart.

Eventually the tube grew branches and spread.

It shook, along with the sounds of explosions and flames.

A big black tree grew and, at the same time, it broke through the golem’s head.

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2 years ago

what an interesting attack, a kind of “lightning rod” to attract the power before it reaches its destination, some sort of “cancerous growth” that consumes magic…

1 year ago
Reply to  HentMas

i think i heard some similar magic somewhere…