The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 79: The Sage Snuffs Out the Inventor’s Hope

The big black tree creaked as it kept growing.

The giant golem’s magic power became its nourishment.

The overwhelming absorption power obstructed the circulation of magic power, and as a result, the golem’s movement was impaired.

“You’re looking down on me…!”

The ray of light shot out from golem’s finger and struck the big tree.

It merely scraped the surface of the trunk; it was not powerful enough to cut it.

Since most of the magic power flowed into the big tree instead, its power was weakened.

Even so, as it aimed carefully, it somehow managed to cut it off.

The big tree which had lost its support began to lean, and it fell off from the golem due to gravity.

However, the parts that remained on the golem began to regrow.

Since it was already deeply rooted in the golem’s head, there wasn’t much point in cutting it off.

It was also hard to pull out all of its roots.

“Shit! What’s going on?!”

As John cursed, he purged the destroyed head part off of the golem.

As soon it got ejected and fell to the ground, it became affected by the miasma and rusted over.

Due to the loss of the magic power supply, the miasma that had grown up until that point also dried up and disappeared.

A metal plate emerged from the spot where the golem head was.

It automatically assembled itself and reformed its head.

It seemed that there were spare parts built inside the golem.

The reason for its odd shape was probably out of consideration for the compatibility with the other parts.

It was designed so that, regardless of which part broke, it could be repaired using the same parts.

Although it was more like first aid rather than complete repair.

Even so, it was a still revolutionary feat to be capable of repairing itself during battle.

Blue lights illuminated on the box-shaped head.

It was clear that it was staring at me.

Without the miasma tree’s magic power absorption, the golem was revived.

“You damned Demon Lord… I’m definitely gonna obliterate you!”

As John’s furious voice resounded, the golem’s rays and shells activated once more.

All the weapons mounted on the golem were aimed toward me.

He lacks calmness. His attacks lacks variation. 

I stayed on the air without taking any evasive action.

If I avoided it too much, the city would be damaged even more.

At present, I had no intention of destroying this capital.

Above all, there was no need to bother to avoid it.

I used miasma imbued fire to offset the incoming rays of lights.

The repulsive nature of magic worked.

Since I had confidence in my amount of magic power, I didn’t have to worry about being pushed off in an instant.

In addition, I already analyzed the magic power contained within the golem.

It was easy to adjust the power needed to offset it.

Dozens of shells came toward me in succession.

I deployed protection magic in front of me.

It was the equivalent of about a thousand specially made barriers.

The shells rushed vigorously toward me, but they slowed themselves as they pierced the barrier.

The spell’s destruction inscriptions were worn out from having to destroy a large amount of magic at once.

I had arranged the barriers specifically for this purpose.

After all the barriers were breached, I deployed a magic net.

It firmly caught all the shells and repelled them back using the net’s elasticity.


John was astonished and raised the golem’s arms.

The shells pierced the protection magic and exploded.

The golem’s steel arms wavered because of the explosion and the impact made the golem lose its stance.

It staggered back on the sea of rubble.


I checked the damage of the golem.

Both of its arms which received the shells were releasing flames.

Its fingers moved about strangely.

Perhaps the operating mechanism broke due to impact.

If we were to compare it to humans, it would be its nerves.

It wasn’t something that could easily be fixed by replacing parts.

“Now you’ve gone and done it… that hurt like hell.”

“I see.”

I noticed the change in the golem as we talked.

The magic cannons on the golem ceased firing.

They probably ran out of shells.

Unlike the tank’s cannon which fire rays of light out of magic power, the magic cannon required physical ammunition to fire.

He probably ran out already.

From then on, the golem’s long-range weaponry was limited to the ray of light.

It didn’t seem like he had prepared any other weapons.

As expected, he lacked the luxury to develop backup weapons.

In the first place, one could say it wasn’t necessary.

Considering the golem’s performance, most things could be handled properly with both of the magic cannons and a tank cannon.

It could simply fire at an enemy from outside their range and most enemies would be unable to resist.

Even if the enemy managed to somehow get close, the steel giant could just crush them.

He had never expected to be used in a long drawn out battle.

This weapon must have been made for short-term decisive battles.

These weaknesses could be overcome as the development for it progressed, but I wouldn’t allow that to happen.

I was glad I discovered it now.

If it were to be developed any further, I would struggle even more than I currently was.

Its danger level might have increased several times over.

“Hey you, how much magic power do you have…? Normally you’d be bone dry by now, though?”

“That’s my line.”

“Hah, I think you don’t want to respond seriously…!”

The golem bent its posture and began to run.

It grabbed nearby rubble and threw it towards me.

I see. So you chose that way to fight.

The rubble thrown by that massive arm wasn’t much different from a large mass of weapon with considerable destructive power.

It could even exceed some great magic in terms of sheer power.

However, it was, after all, still an attack born from desperation.

It wasn’t difficult to deal with it.

I blew them away using wind magic.

The rain of rubble passed beside me. 

None of it hit its target.


John said so with a triumphant voice.

Immediately after, a thick ray of light was emitted from the golem’s torso. 

The attack with rubble was meant to distract me; the real attack was apparently this one.

“How naïve.”

I created a mirror-like barrier and received the ray of light.

Then the ray flowed back to where it came and returned to the golem’s torso.


The golem turned its body to evade.

The reflected light broke the cannon on its torso, and its right shoulder also came loose and was nearlytorn off.

Although it was a major amount of damage, it was still kept to a minimum because of its quick movements.

If the ray of light had hit it directly, there would be a big hole in its torso.

The operator, John, would’ve been vaporized, leaving only the mystic stone which somehow still withstood the power of the ray.

The golem knelt down and held onto its damaged right shoulder.

A metal plate appeared from the damaged sector and it began to weld it.

After a short while, the damage on its shoulder disappeared.

It looked a bit unnatural, but it didn’t appear to hinder its movement.

The blue light on its head glared at me.

“Bastard… what did yah do?!”

“I just used a forbidden magic art to reflect it. I managed to use it after I analyzed the magic power on the golem.”

I answered honestly since it wasn’t information I deemed important enough to keep as secret.

I thought to use that magic to reflect an all-out attack of the golem, but somehow it worked as I imagined.

It would be great if the reflection from earlier managed to end the battle, but I shouldn’t be too greedy.

There was no change to the fact I managed to crush one of John’s options.

This would prevent him from using the ray of light wildly.

This would be a great psychological burden on him.

The situation where his options blocked were one after another would shave off his hope.

If one saw that ray of light being used over and over, they would come up with a solution, even if they didn’t specifically plan for it.

Even if I was currently an immortal abomination, I had once been known as the sage.

I could easily come up with such a method.

I had fought with people stronger than myself during my past life as a human.

There were only a few instances where I was in a favorable situation throughout that time.

I always planned battles as if I was in an inferior position, as if I was fighting someone superior to me.

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2 years ago

The descriptions here are kinda… flat. Actually they barely feel like real time descriptions. They seem like a list of things the MC wrote down doing 10 days after the fact. “I used a forbidden magic art” (what art? What did it look like? What effect did it have?); “I always planned ahead like I was in an inferior situation” (When? Why? What plan? All we’ve seen of the demon lord MC is being OP and dominating his enemie).

This is just the opposite of show don’t tell.

1 year ago

Perhaps author just find explanation is unnecessary. and i agree it feels flat.

2 years ago

yeah yeah mr sage you can stop stroking your own ego hahaha “I always planned” you didn’t plan sh**, you came up with it in the middle of battle because you lacked knowledge, it’s interesting enough without you hinting at your humongous brain hahaha

1 year ago
Reply to  HentMas

he had no brain being skeleton, not to mention the body isn’t necessarily his since he could body jack any undead.