The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 82: The Sage is Accused by the Inventor

I observed John as he emerged.

He wore a golem suit that was glowing with magical light.

It seemed it had already begun to function.

I could feel the mystic stone’s reaction from the box on his back.

He sure is tough. He prepared different types of insurance for various situations.

I was impressed with John’s meticulousness, but I was sure this would be his last option.

This reinforced armor should be the last card he had.

And it wasn’t even proper equipment either.

It was more like a futile effort.

I descended to the ground.

As I landed, I quietly held the keepsake’s sword.

I wouldn’t initiate.

There was no need for me to hurry.

“Demon Lord!”

Driven by impetuous emotions, John rushed towards me.

He drove magic power into both of his hands to produce a wide blade made of holy attribute magic.

He raised his hand as he jumped in.


With a two-handed grip, he tried to thrust the blade towards me.

I swung my sword horizontally to meet it.

The blade made from magic power shattered easily as it was slashed apart.

His movements are too simple. He also swung too wide in his attack.

It was clear he was aiming to settle this in one attack.

John must have realized that he wouldn’t be able to win in a battle which relied on skill.

Even so, it was a bad move to keep making such broad attacks, but I wasn’t kind enough to point that out to him.

He was too impatient, and this has driven him to the road of self-destruction.

I focused my magic power into one hand and struck at John’s torso in the form of a shockwave.

“Gah, aa….”

John’s eyes opened wide as he was blown away.

He used his arm to somehow break his fall and managed to stand up.

Afterwards, he spat out some blood.

The reinforced armor was damaged in both the chest and abdomen area.

Those parts turned brittle, as if they might come off at any moment.

The gaps exposed the clothes within it, which were wet with sweat and blood.

“Give up. You have no way of defeating me.”

“Shut the fu** up!”

John furiously pulled out a gun and tried to point it towards me.

“It’s useless.”

I appeared directly in front of John using short range transfer.

I cut through the gun before he could shoot it, causing it to explode directly on his hand and face.

John was forcefully flung back.

The impact shattered the helmet and it broke away.

The reason why his neck wasn’t broken by the impact was probably due to protection of the reinforced armor.


John screamed as he tried to do a roundhouse kick.

I stopped it with one arm.

I disregarded my miasma-formed arm, which broke down, and slashed at John.


John backed away as he prodded at his own body.

His torso was torn diagonally.

The wound caused broken ribs and damage to his internal organs.

Blood immediately started spurting out.

“Da, damn it…”

John desperately grabbed the box on his back.   

Then the reinforced armor glowed and covered his wounds.

As the light went out, his bleeding subsided and his wound closed.

It was recovery magic.

Perhaps he made use of the mystic stone’s magic power.

It was practically suicide to use power of the spirit as is, but in John’s current state, he couldn’t afford to hesitate.

If he did, he would die from blood loss anyway.

He must have had no choice but to do so.

I reconstructed my broken arm using miasma, and pointed at John, who was breathing raggedly.

“You must be the main personality, right?”


John didn’t answer; instead, he just glared at me.

His gaze still held the will to fight.

It was burning with the desire for justice.

Immediately after, John rushed to attack me.

I caught his fist and pulled him toward me.

Then I elbowed him as he stumbled forward.


Even as his nose started spurting blood, John pressed forward and did a head-butt.

His face collided with my skull.

I heard the cracking sound of broken bone.

He has amazing tenacity.

I grabbed John’s face and used my momentum to slam him to the ground.

John moaned as he was covered in the blood and vomit.

“Guku…uh, uuuu…”

John clung to my leg.

His muddy face was weeping.

However, his fighting spirit still didn’t disappear.

John held a knife with his other hand and thrust it toward me.

The trembling blade age managed to cut into my bone albeit only slightly.

This burning sound was probably caused by the holy attribute enchanted into it.

I kicked John away.

He couldn’t resist and fell on his back.

It appeared that he no longer had strength to stand up, and just writhed on the ground in vain.


As I looked down on him in his current situation, I used my magic.

The soil behind John rose up and became a cross about as tall as him.

Then magic chains appeared and tied him there.

Restrained, John struggled desperately.

However, there was no sign of either the cross or the chains breaking.

All he did was waste his strength.

“SHIT. This ain’t how it ends — it wasn’t supposed to be like this… YEA, right! I shoulda be the one who cornered him! If only the robot was tweaked a little more — no good. Really, what should I do…1

John’s expression kept changing as he screamed loudly.

He looked completely confused.

His expression never stayed the same for long.

The contents of his remarks were also incoherent and I couldn’t understand very much.

Are the two personalities inside of him currently in conflict…?

The danger of his life might have upset the balance within him.

I could only think that was the case.

“I, I have to go back … the TV, the show I watched every week will — I don’t, know — it’s an interesting one. I forgot, to record it… to, night…”

John turned in a certain direction and kept muttering.”

His eyes seemed to be looking at something that didn’t exist here.

The anguish that filled his bleeding face was fading.

“John Doe.”

As I walked closer and called out to him, he lost this expression.

His eyes became focused again as he looked at me.

It seemed he returned to reality.

“What is it … you — wanted to kill me, right?! I f***ing dare you! The tech we made is revolutionary! Are you trying to destroy such potential?!”

John shouted with bloodshot eyes.

Even as he was bound to the cross, he was still trying to declare his own worth.

His claim was not wrong either.

The inventor known as John Doe was likely to become a turning point in this world’s history.

I asked him as I pointed around.

“Do you feel nothing as you see this city? Everything was destroyed. It was the result of the advancement of your technology.” 

“All of this happened caused by your invasion! We didn’t wanna wreck the city! All of it was caused by the Demon Lord’s Army, while we—“

I swung my sword to cut off his words.

Immediately, John stiffened.

A red line emerged on his neck, and fresh blood spilled from it.

John’s eyes lost their light.

He gently hung his neck and stopped moving.

I swung the sword down and flung the blood off.

I glanced at the cross stained with fresh blood and told John.

“Indeed. All of the responsibility lies with me. You’re welcome to condemn me. However, I just killed you now.”

Regardless of how noble their thoughts and claims were, humans needed the power to back it up.

There was no point in just spewing beautiful words with your mouth.

Indeed, I was the worst and the most evil Demon Lord, but I made use of violence to achieve my goal.

I didn’t give in to anyone, and made use of my power to overturn fate.

That was the difference between me and all humans who I’ve slaughtered so far.

Just then, I noticed a growing brightness from the corner of my eye.

From what I could tell, it seemed the sun was beginning to reveal itself.

Dawn has come.

I threw a glance at the crucified corpse as the sun began to shine down on it, before sheathing the keepsake sword back in its scabbard.

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2 years ago

So he was an isekai or reincarnator? How does that make this less sense? I swear the will go the world is just someone throwing darts at a board and like 9/10 of the board is “advance the world to absolute destruction.”

1 year ago

He born as part of someone instead of complete takeover like most fiction. His half assed knowledge only work because the buff given by the WIll of the world

2 years ago

wait? an isekaied soul!? wtf??? woah… that was unexpected…

2 years ago
Reply to  HentMas

Sad waste, having him die.

1 year ago
Reply to  Alan

considering his personality, though, i didn’t feel it’s waste.

1 year ago
Reply to  HentMas

Well, it just author way to make reader less bored.

2 years ago

Sasuga ainz sama!

1 year ago
Reply to  Daria

More of sasuga author.