The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 89: The Sage Realizes the Development of the Capital

A few days later, I went to the outskirts of the capital.

There was a construction site, where workers were busily laboring.

Temporary huts were lined up, and there was even something that looked like a tavern.

It wasn’t a place I would usually visit, but I could feel its unique atmosphere.

This place was a street market.

It had all started when a merchant first came to the capital and asked for a business permit.

Since then, people who sensed business opportunities began to gather there, and the scale of available businesses naturally expanded.

It started only recently, but its development was remarkable.

It had become like a little village or town.

The people who frequented this place were mostly mercenaries and war refugees.

They had heard rumors about the Demon Lord’s Territory and then came all the way here.

Because of the continuously increasing number of inhabitants, the capital gradually began to feel smaller and smaller.

We could probably free up some space if we organized the uninhabited areas, but the other tasks and situations currently demanded more of our time, leaving us unable of taking care of other matters like this.

We also needed to consider the food distribution and the proper allocation of areas for different species.

Considering the capital’s current state, we couldn’t easily increase the number of residents.

However, these street stalls had reduced that burden.

The merchants stocked daily necessities which made it easier for people to live in the capital.

From what I’ve heard so far, the security in this place wasn’t bad.

Apparently, the mercenaries were patrolling the area as a vigilante group.

Seeing such a scene allowed one to sense the resilience of human beings.

This place will likely become a part of the capital eventually…

As I thought that, I walked the streets alone.

Since people would make a big fuss if they noticed me, I used concealment magic to hide my presence.

Most of the people here were humans who weren’t really acquainted with me.

If they spotted me, they would probably be alarmed and that would be troublesome for me.

It was better to act covertly like this.

We were able to move around the area without any incidents for a while.

I stopped in front of a facility that was currently under construction.

There was a covered waiting area and elongated iron rods were laid along the road next to it.

The two rods were parallel to each other and seemed to extend endlessly to the other side.

Wooden planks was installed at equal intervals in between the iron rods.

Looking at it as a whole, it seemed to form something that looked like a ladder set on the ground.

These things were called railroad tracks.

It was a path where a box shaped vehicle — a train, ran.

The train used magic power to move at high speeds, allowing it to easily carry people and goods.

This thing as a whole was called a railroad.

Then blueprint for the railroad was amongst documents I had procured at the Magic Kingdom.

The inventor was, as expected, John Doe.

As expected, his inspiration was endless.

This groundbreaking transportation method would be useful in various situations.

Currently, the railroad was still under construction.

The railroad track would continue all the way to the World Tree’s forest, with the intention of connecting it to its entrance.

Undead were placed around the railroad tracks as guards to prevent unauthorized tampering or theft of the iron components.

As for why we decided to build the railroad towards that destination, it was because Logan and some of the elves were having a difficult time.

It took quite a bit of time and effort to go back and forth from the forest to the capital.

I thought it would be inconvenient if things stayed as they were, so I decided to construct the railroad on a trial basis.

I wanted to make it easier for elves in the capital to return to their home.

Once the railroad was completed, it would be possible for the journey to just be a day trip instead. 

This fact made me realize the development of civilization.

While the golem had been my main reason for visiting the laboratory the other day, I also questioned them on the development of various things.

There were developments in several fields of research, not just in weaponry.

All of them were either John Doe’s or his fellow associates’ ideas.

A wide variety of inventions would be developed in the future.

I had my own reservations regarding technological development.

Especially because of what had occurred in the Magic Kingdom.

But despite that, I doubted that severely halting it was the correct option either.

I was the Demon King, but I would never destroy the world.

My goal was to reign as the pinnacle of evil and deter human conflicts.

However, it also needed to have a certain form.

If I merely wanted go to the extremes to pursue pure peace, I could simply brainwash the  whole of humanity to prevent them from ever fighting each other.

However, that wasn’t the future I wanted.

Would it really be a true kind of peace if the people who lived in it were lower than livestock?

I affirmed what the shape of the world would be.

And I decided to reign as the Demon Lord on top of that.

I thought that it would be a good thing for technology to advance naturally.

That was how people had built up their civilizations.

Therefore, the Demon Lord’s territory would only introduce new technology moderately.

I wanted the people living in this world to lead a rich life.

Technology itself wasn’t a bad thing.

It only depended on the people who were using it.

Of course, there were exceptions.

A situation like the one that had happened with the Magic Kingdom couldn’t be overlooked.

That was an event that had greatly disturbed the world.

I had to squash such things promptly.

If similar problems occurred in the future, I would show the fierceness of the Demon Lord to the world.

I hoped for world peace despite causing repeated destruction through war of aggression.

I accepted technological development, yet also purged them.

It was kind of half-hearted and self-righteous.

However, I became the Demon Lord exactly because I wanted to realize such things.

If ordinary people said such a thing, it would be nothing but empty words, but a Demon Lord could make it come true.

Despite knowing such change was undesirable to others, I would overturn such destiny.

I once died an undeserved death.

I would never make the same mistake.

When that person is revived someday, I hope I can show her the peaceful world…

There still wasn’t any clue on how to bring her back, but I would definitely do so.

That would be the atonement and obligation I was allowed to do.

“Demon Lord-sama.”

As I was reaffirming my resolve, Luciana descended from the sky

She then landed beside me.

As a result, the residents of the stalls noticed me and started making a fuss, but there was no stopping it.

It would be best to quickly leave this place.

Looking at the backs of people who were hurrying away, I responded to Luciana.

“What is it?”

“It’s about time for a meeting, so I came to call you. What are you doing in a place like this?”

“I’m watching the railroad.”

“Fu~n, that’s a strange hobby.”

Luciana said so with her finger on her chin.

Meanwhile, her bat-like wings continued to move.

She didn’t seem to be very interested.

After taking her eyes off the railroad tracks, she lightly struck her fist on her palm, as if she had just remembered something.

“Ah, right. It seems some humans of unknown affiliation who have been in contact with the demonkin in the previous Demon Lord’s Territory.”

“Humans and demonkin…?”

I got suspicious.

The previous demon lord’s territory is located south of the current Demon Lord’s Territory, and was inhabited by a few tribes of demonkin.

Apparently, there were some villages as well.

The people who currently lived there were the remnants of the Old Demon Lord’s Army.

They had escaped from being subjugated all while hiding there.

The previous demon lord’s territory consisted of deserts and wastelands; it was a dangerous zone where the high concentrations of magic power and miasma were widespread.

It wasn’t an environment where humans could live.

It was surprising to hear that some human would bother visiting such a place.

It was also very suspicious of them to get in contact with local devils.

This would need to be investigated.

“Luciana, do you have any idea what they could possibly be there for?”

“It’s been more than a decade since I last went there, you know? As expected, I have no idea.”

Luciana shrugged.

Once upon a time, she led the remnants of Demon Lord’s Army as the leader of the  “moderate” faction.

Apparently she had hid in the border area until I had become the Demon Lord, so it was natural for her to have no idea about this.

After a little thought, I put together my thoughts and declared it to Luciana.

“While the invasion of the Slave Autonomous Region is important, this issue can’t be left unattended. We’ll investigate the Old Devil’s Territory tonight.”

“Okaay, I’ll come along as well.”

“Ah, please do.”

I had a feeling that it would lead to a new problem.

This time too, I should act immediately without delay.

It would be too late once the situation becomes irreversible.

While thinking about the necessary arrangements to be done, I transferred away with Luciana.

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2 years ago

Hmm… I wonder if with his magical power he couldn’t build “transfer gates” but I also understand the benefit of having a transportation method that you can cut if necessary

like if someone occupies a gate in a far away territory they could send troops straight into the capital, whereas with a “train” they would still need to travel via it…

Idunno, I’m just speculating, I find the whole world the author is building fascinating.

1 year ago
Reply to  HentMas

transportation more for normal use. for emergencies, he could just transfer them at will, so building gate isn’t necessary.

Glad you find it fascinating.

2 years ago

Once the railroad was completed, it owuld be possible for the journey to just be a day trip instead.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bbg55

fixed thanks for catching!

1 year ago
Reply to  Bbg55

thx for typo report!