The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 93: The Sage Rejoices in Good News

We started our patrol, or rather, our walk, in the castle.

We sauntered through the corridors while greeting any subordinates we passed by.

Every time we did so, their gazes would be drawn toward Yuura, who was sitting on Grom’s shoulder.

They were curious as expected, but they didn’t go out of their way to point it out.

Grom had a humorous attitude toward me, but he took a more arrogant attitude toward others.

His overall atmosphere and tone felt more Demon Lord-like than me.

Therefore, he somehow felt hard to approach.

He wasn’t disliked because he knew how to care for others, but others still hesitated to speak casually with him.

Come to think of it, Grom’s position within the Demon Lord army was second only to mine.

One could practically call him my right arm.

He was considered an existence that was well above the clouds for most subordinates.

Even if one excluded his temperament, I thought he would still be difficult to get close to.

“By the way, did you hear about it, Demon Lord-sama?”

As we walked near the cafeteria, Grom began to talk as if he had just remembered something.

I asked back since I had no idea what he meant.

“What is it?”

“It seems that the Empire has been robbed of its entire territory and destroyed.”

“I see.”

I responded calmly.

Although it was the first time I heard such information, it wasn’t too surprising.

After all, they had been left at a state where they would be destroyed sooner or later.

The Empire lost its imperial capital due to the Great Spirit’s fury.

The damage it suffered was immeasurable.

Among the victims were the Emperor as well as other leading figures of the nation.

Because of that, they were not in a state to even function properly.

And geographically, they were surrounded by other nations.

None of the nations that bordered the Empire wanted to reach out to help them because of all the things that the Empire had done up until that point.

The Empire had been quickly overrun without being given any time to rebuild.

Since I considered that as an inevitability, I wasn’t interested in the Empire’s destruction itself.

However, it created problems regarding conflicts over the Empire’s territory.

Currently, the surrounding nations took their respective neighboring territories, but I wondered if a possible conflict would arise due to territorial disputes.

That was the development I was concerned about.

I would tolerate minor skirmishes.

However, I would have to interfere if it were to develop into a war.

I would strike both involved nations and remind them that now wasn’t the time for their petty squabbles.

As I was thinking about what actions I should take for each nation, Luciana appeared in front of me.

She stared us as if she was witnessing a rare moment.

“Well, what are you doing walking around together?”

“Answering the individual named Luciana — we are patrolling the castle and looking for possible dangers and problems.”

“Fuhn… patrol, huh.”

Luciana looked at me with a meaningful smile.

She had a good understanding of the situation.

She must have noticed it was actually just a walk.

I gave a small nod of affirmation.

Luciana praised Yuura with a gentle smile.

“You sure are amazing to find a job for yourself. You work harder than the Bone Minister.”

“You seem to be good at rattling my bones…”

Grom trembled.

Miasma oozed out of his body.

That would be enough intimidation to overwhelm common people, but Luciana deliberately added in.

“Oh, have you gotten impatient since I told the truth? I’m sorry about that.”

“This little girl…!”

Grom was in a rage.

He was about to jump toward Luciana.

Yuura placed her hand on the enraged Grom’s head.

Yuura spoke in a flat tone.

“Detecting killing intent and increased magic power — warning to the individual named Grom. Commencing battles inside the castle is troublesome.”


Grom received the warning and begrudgingly stopped his movement.

It seemed he was unable to argue since Yuura’s claim was correct.

Luciana seemed smug at that, but then she suddenly called out toward Yuura.

“Ah, right. I’ll give this to Yuura-chan.”

Luciana took a vial from her pocket.

There was a blue liquid inside of it.

Luciana stretched out her hand and gave it to Yuura.

Yuura received the vial and stared at its content.

“Analyzing the components of the liquid — it seems to be a magic power recovery potion.”

“Yes, that’s right. I made it taste sweet as an experiment. If you like, try drinking it.”

“Accepting the instruction of the individual named Luciana — commencing potion intake.”

Yuura uncorked the vial and carried it to her face.

She had no visible mouth to eat or drink.

However, as the vial tilted, its content gradually decreased.

She might use a different method than an ordinary person.

As the vial emptied, Luciana asked Yuura.

“How is it? Does it taste delicious?”

“Confirming the ingested taste — it is sweet and delicious. I appreciate the potion provision.”

“I see. I’m glad you like it.”

Luciana happily collected the empty vial.

Did she make that potion for Yuura?

She seemed to care for Yuura in her own way.

Perhaps I was the one who was most indifferent toward Yuura.

Despite my doubt and ruefulness, Luciana waved her hand and moved on.

“Well then, I have another job to do. Do your best on your patrol, Demon Lord-sama. As for the Bone Minister, take care of Yuura-chan properly.”

“I know that! I’ll do it perfectly without you telling me to!”

Grom replied vigorously.

When Luciana disappeared at the corner, he behaved as if he was sighing.

“…Really, that succubus is always rude.”

“It’s nice to see that you both got along well.”

“What are you talking about?! There’s no way that I and that person can get along…”

Grom hurriedly moved both of his hands as he yelled out.

It seemed he wanted to deny it that much.

Yuura put her hand on the panicking Grom’s head.

“Warning the individual named Grom — it is annoying to make noises in the hallway. It is recommended for you to reduce your volume.”

“So, sorry…”

Upon receiving another warning, Grom drooped and apologized.

Perhaps this exchange happened often?

I had a thought that it probably happened on a daily basis.

I could easily imagine such a figure.

We resumed our walk after we separated with Luciana.

Along the way, Grom brought up a new topic.

“It’s about something else, but it seems that the Holy Scepter Kingdom and Magic Kingdom have made peace. The official announcement will be made at a later date, but it seems they will be allying to subdue the Demon Lord.”

“Well, that’s interesting.”

I was interested in this new report.

When I asked Grom for details, it seemed that the Holy Scepter Kingdom and Magic Kingdom signed a peace treaty after a ceasefire.

They seemed intent on cooperating until the current generation of the Demon Lord was destroyed.

The two nations had been in a fierce battle until recently.

It seemed both nations were exhausted by that and decided the battle shouldn’t be prolonged.

Therefore, they raised a common goal of subjugating a common enemy, the Demon Lord, and successfully brought the war to the end.

It wasn’t a bad development.

No, on the contrary, it was the ideal outcome.

The shape of the world I envisioned at the beginning has been realized, albeit in a limited scope.

I was glad I didn’t carelessly destroy those two nations.

If I destroyed them to the point that they were unable to recover, the day I would hear this report wouldn’t have come.

“I hope the world keeps moving according to Demon Lord-sama’s wish.”

“I really hope so.”

It was great to have a precedent of peace.

In the future, if there were different nations that ended up in similar situations, this would surely pass through my mind.

Regardless of whether it would be adopted or not, it would at least remain as one of the possible options.

It was a welcome change.

We must also help both the Holy Scepter Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom maintain their good relationship.

It would be a problem if the peace suddenly broke due to disagreement.

I would maneuver behind their backs so that they wouldn’t notice it was the deed of the Demon Lord.

If the cooperation of the two nations went smoothly, the possibility of other nations imitating it would increase.

I would talk about it with Luciana later.

This would be different from a simple war of aggression.

We needed to progress delicately.

The Demon Lord Army would be actively working behind the scenes of the progressing world.

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11 months ago

Yuura become little sister of them, with Grom become worrywart Oni-chan and Luciana become sweet giving Onee-chan, meanwhile Henry is hot blooded Oni-san teaching martial art for his new Imouto