The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 95 – The Sage Notices the Changes in his subordinates

Three days have passed since the Demon Lord’s Army sortied towards the Slave Autonomous Region.

They were quite successful.

As they attacked without warning, they overwhelmed the Autonomous Region.

The fact that Grom was able to turn hostile soldiers into undead was also a major factor.

His control over miasma comparably comes only second to mine, however. 

By the way, we included a magic cannon as a trial.

They weren’t the stationary type, but one which could be moved by combining the cannon part with a carriage.

Through the effort of the laboratory, they managed to make it smaller.

It was reported that the magicians preloaded the cannon with magic power, and the cannon would be fired as several ogres held down its main body.

According to the report I received from Grom, it seemed very powerful, although some improvements were still necessary.

When I relayed that information to the director, she was so delighted that she shed tears.

It seemed she was impressed that her invention was proven useful in actual combat.

She said she would start improving it as soon as the Demon Lord’s Army returned and brought the detailed report.

Meanwhile, I was ruminating about the documents that were brought in.

If I weren’t careful, the documents would be stacked enough to form a mountain.

There were always various inherent challenges within the Demon Lord’s Territory.

Among them, the number of cases I had to judge was enormous.

This was the amount that remained after I excluded those which could be taken care of by my subordinate.

If I wasn’t an immortal, I would have died from overwork ages ago.

Violence alone isn’t enough to govern, after all…

As I thought about the difficulties of being a king, the door of the room opened vigorously.

The two who jumped in were familiar people.

“Warning to the individual named Doldar— cease the pursuit immediately.”

Yuura spoke with a tense voice.

She moved as if she was sliding on the floor.

The one who chased her was Doldar, with both of his hands sticking out in front.

He approached her slowly while leaking a ferocious voice from the wolf’s head.

“Neck… Its neck…”

“Requesting arbitration from master— please stop the individual named Doldar from going berserk.”

Yuura didn’t hold back and evacuated behind me.

Doldar stopped in front of me and tilted his head.

His eyes were looking toward Yuura mysteriously.

There wasn’t any hostility there, but rather a gentle look instead.

I see…

I understood the situation somehow.

Doldar was teasing Yuura by chasing her around.

However, Yuura was scared by his terrifying appearance.

Both were surprising behaviors.

It was the first time seeing Yuura feel scared and Doldar teasing someone.

It seemed they got closer without me knowing about it.

As I was impressed by that fact, I warned Doldar.

“Yuura is scared. Your actions have gone overboard.”

“Correcting the master’s statement— I’m not afraid.”

Yuura, who pulled my sleeve, immediately denied it.

Her appearance was that of a doll of light so she had no expression, but it was clear that she was scared.

I wasn’t dull enough to be deceived by that.

“Neck, give…”

Doldar, who dropped his shoulders, returned to where he came from dejected.

Then he left the room quietly as it was.

It seemed to be his way of reflecting.

I then told Yuura.

“Although he was sloppy, Doldar doesn’t want to hurt you, please tolerate it.”

“Accepting Master’s wish— I will strive to be more tolerant toward the individual named Doldar.”

Yuura nodded and suddenly became silent.

She looked alternatively at my face and the room’s door.

It seemed she thought of something.

As I wondered what happened, Yuura suddenly declared.

“Reporting to Master— I will begin to pursue in the direction of the individual named Doldar.”

“I don’t mind, but what’s wrong?”

“I will carry out behavioral guidance. I judged it was necessary for him.”

The reason that Yuura said was probably just a façade.

Perhaps she was worried about Doldar since he looked a little depressed.

She also didn’t intend to treat him badly without reason.

The fact she expressed it as behavioral guidance was very Yuura-like.

The exchange between Yuura and Doldar was closely similar to a childish quarrel.

This might be just a misunderstanding.

If the people involved could solve it themselves, that would be the best.

I shouldn’t forcefully involve myself and mediate them too much.

As I thought so, I nodded quietly.

“That’s a good decision. Be careful out there.”

“Well then, I will depart.”

Yuura quickly left the room.

This time, Luciana entered the room as if replacing her.

She smiled happily.

“I heard the story. Yuura-chan seems to be having it tough.”

“It’ll be a good experience for her. There should be something she can learn from this.”

“You sound like a dad. Maybe you’re better as a parent?”

Lucaiana jokingly said so.

I stiffened for a bit before I replied to her words.

“… It sounds like a joke, having an immortal Demon Lord as a father.”

“I wonder? I think Dwight-kun can do it well.”


I never thought of that even during my past as a human.

I couldn’t imagine myself forming a family.

It was something that couldn’t be achieved anymore.

Even without that, it still felt too unrealistic.

I doubt my personality would be suitable for child rearing.

I have no confidence that I could do it well.

It seemed much easier to just develop new magic.

After that, Luciana and I silently did paperwork.

This was also an everyday scene.

Regardless of how many times it was repeated, a new job would come.

I couldn’t afford to stop my hands.

Along the way, subordinates brought the report to Luciana.

As she read that, her expression became slightly cloudy.

It seems to be bad news.

“Hey, Demon Lord-sama.”

“What is it?”

“It looks like a group of demon beasts are rampaging in the southern region of our territory. Some of the cities there are being attacked.”

“Demon beast, you say?

I asked with a suspicious tone.

Demon beast was a variant of a demon that was a monster who have lost their reason.

It would be very difficult for a human to fight against one, and when it came to powerful individuals, some of them could even surpass the demonkin.

Their nature was closer to a natural disaster.

However, demon beasts were rare.

Even I had fought them only several times in my lifetime.

It was unlikely for such existence to form a horde.

It was clearly an abnormal situation.

I don’t understand. Did someone send them?

Even as I was curious about the reason for this situation, I would first need to hurry to deal with the demon beasts.

It wasn’t a problem that humans could solve.

If left alone, the attacked city would collapse.

As expected, I couldn’t just abandon them.

“What are you going to do? I think it’ll be taken care of soon if I go.”

“No, I’ll go. I’ll capture the demon beast and investigate the cause.”

“Will you take someone with you?”

I thought as I heard Luciana question.

Soon after, I said my answer.

“I’ll have Yuura accompany me. There shouldn’t be a problem with me there.”

It was human cities that suffered damage.

It wasn’t just a matter of wielding power, but it also wasn’t complicated enough to make one confused.

It should be a good opportunity to teach her what she lacked.

Even if something does happen, I can easily handle it.

As I answered her by including various calculations, Luciana gave me a meaningful smile.

She put her finger on her cheek and looked at me.

“I see, so it is also to teach that girl… as expected, should I just call you Dwight otou-san?”

“… I don’t remember ever becoming a father.”

I replied bitterly at her and went toward Yuura within the castle.

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