The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 96 – The Sage Makes Use of the Demon Beasts for Teaching 

I brought Yuura along and transferred to a city in the southern region of the Demon Lord’s territory.

A chorus of screams and shouts were woven in the city.

People were running about, with fire rising from houses throughout.

There was a bloated ogre and a lizardman who were rampaging around there.

They had high concentrations of magic power which discolored their bodies.

They gave their all to destroy without reason.

Those were the demon beasts.

During my time as a human, I had a hard time dealing with them.

The magic power which covered their body’s surface made magic less effective.

They also possessed extraordinary vitality to the point where they wouldn’t stop their rampage even if they were fatally wounded.

There were countless wounds on the demon beasts’ bodies.

Perhaps that was the result of mercenaries and soldiers attempting to retaliate.

However, none of them seemed to have landed effective hits.

Their difference in ability was too great after all.

With a demon beast as an opponent, ordinary strength wouldn’t even earn much time.

I used perception magic.

There were four demon beasts in this city, and neighboring villages and cities had been attacked in a similar manner.

Including the individuals who were wandering around in empty areas, there were 35 of them in total.

It was clearly strange when I thought about it. 

Even if the number here was merely a tenth, it was evidently abnormal.

What the hell is going on?

Even after a little exploration, I couldn’t find any particular spells on the demon beasts.

That could only mean that they weren’t being manipulated by anyone.

In the first place, if there were any magicians who were powerful enough to the point that they would be capable of manipulating demon beasts, my perception magic definitely wouldn’t miss them.

Even so, it was unlikely that they had spawned naturally.

Even if several coincidences occured at the same time, I doubt this would happen.

That was the abnormality of the situation which made me feel uncomfortable.

I lined up several possibilities in my head, but I lacked conclusive evidence to determine any.

I couldn’t ascertain the truth just by guessing here.

First of all, my top priority would be to deal with the demon beasts.

As long as enough material was collected, I would naturally be able to see the whole picture.

“Hostile entities confirmed— shifting stance to alert mode.”

Yuura stared at the demon beasts.

She had brought her custom-made golem this time.

I had taken a detour to the laboratory and borrowed it.

The damage inflicted during the simulated combat had already been repaired, and some improvements had been made.

The director had also asked me to try it on during actual combat.

“Master, please give me the order.”

“Wait a moment. Let me take appropriate actions first.”

I replied to Yuura.

I focused my consciousness on preparing.

I wanted to leisurely spend time for Yuura’s education, but the damage would spread to the other cities if I took too long.

As expected, I wanted to avoid such a situation.

What I did right now was preparation to solve that very problem.

By reusing perception magic, I accurately captured the location of the thirty five demon beasts.

Every other demon beast except for the two in front of us was restrained by my forbidden spell.

It was a thorn which became more durable the more it absorbed its target’s magic power.

It wasn’t something they could tear apart using sheer force.

Even if there was a vast distance between us, I could still use this magic.

Fumu, there seems to be no problem.

With this, the demon beasts couldn’t move.

Unless I voluntarily dispelled the magic, the demon beasts would be left in their vulnerable states.

They were now safe enough for even a baby to approach.

Originally, this kind of quick disabling would be close to impossible.

Nevertheless, the reason I was still capable to do so despite that was because I had exerted my power as the Demon Lord.

Actually, the demon beasts’ powers might exceed even the demonkins’.

But to put it in another way, one could make out that it was all the demon beasts had.

On top of that, demon beasts lacked intelligence and didn’t possess the ability to resist spells if they landed a hit.1

There was no reason for me to be unable to handle them easily.

Rather, I could even consider them as good prey.

With this, the two demon beasts in front of us were the only remaining threats.

There wouldn’t be other obstacles to disturb us in the middle.

With this, Yuura finally had an opportunity to learn a lot.

As I judged that, I gave her instructions.

“First of all, put the evacuation and rescue of the people as the highest priority. Construct the optimal space for battle.”

“Accepting master’s order— Commencing operation.”

Yuura possessed the custom-made golem and ran fast.

She grabbed the injured and fallen people and threw them away.

She repeated these series of actions many times.

“…You must be kidding me.”

I did order her to help evacuate and rescue the people, but I didn’t think that this would be the method she would opt for.

Even though I was stunned for a moment, I immediately used wind magic.

The soft breeze caught the injured people and brought them to a safe place.

I also provided them first aid with magic.

There were many people that had been seriously injured because of the demon beasts, but they had healed enough to not die for the time being.

Meanwhile, Yuura’s forceful method of clearing people was over and done with.

As she confronted the two demon beasts, she approached the ogre demon beast first.

The demon beast sensed Yuura and launched a strike.

On the other hand, she grabbed its arm and performed a shoulder throw.

The demon beast was launched in the air and he struck a house, producing a roaring sound as he sank there.

Obviously, the house which it fell over collapsed.

Yuura jumped above the demon beast and struck her fists at a speed that was beyond what eyes could perceive.

The demon beast was unable to resist as its body was being beaten down.

I could hear constant explosive sounds even from a reasonable distance.

Her movements are getting sharper… Did she accumulate it during her training?

Eventually, Yuura smashed the demon beast’s head. 

The demon beast’s limbs shivered once; then it lost power and no longer moved.

Even if it had extraordinary vitality, there were still limits.

If they were to be killed with their head crushed like that, they would die instantly.

Yuura continued, as she headed towards the lizardman demon beast.

This time, it was the demon beast who charged towards her.

It also roared which shook the air with its echoes.

Yuura was calm as she received it head on.

She shot rays from both of her hands, melting the body surface of the demon beast.

It only scraped off its scales at first, but eventually, it started to also scrape off blood and flesh.

Those rays originated from the power of the Great Spirit. They could easily pierce through the half-assed magic power protection of the demon beast’s.

The demon beast still charged forwards even as it suffered great damage.

Even as a hole opened at its abdomen, it still opened its mouth and jumped towards Yuura.

Before its teeth could reach her, Yuura performed a somersault.

She flew as she adjusted her posture, and smashed the demon beast’s face with a ray of light.

The demon beast, which had its eyes burned just now, screamed and messily rampaged.

Meanwhile, Yuura took a position above the demon beast, accelerated down and performed a heel drop.

The head of the demon beast sank as it produced a strange sound.

Fresh blood intermittently poured out.

The demon beast shakily walked about, and silently fell.

It would never get up anymore.

Just like the ogre demon beast, it had also died due to significant destruction to its head.

Yuura, who had just defeated the two demon beasts, returned to me with a dash.

She stood upright and reported to me.

“The combat has ended— the hostile entities have been subjugated. Requesting for evaluation of my actions.”

“You fought brilliantly. However, humans are not to be thrown about carelessly. Don’t destroy buildings unnecessarily. You will do better if you can do so.”

Yuura had displayed an amazing fight against the demon beasts, but as expected, there were still parts where she lacked.

Instead of just ignoring them and complimenting her on what she had achieved, it would be better to communicate about the issue.

Yuura had the power to reflect on it and make use of such knowledge next time.

“Understanding master’s evaluation— the improvement will be incorporated in the future.”

After thinking for a bit, Yuura nodded using the body of the custom-made golem.

There were still demon beasts in various places.

I’d like to see her improvement by using them.

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