The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression



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Chapter 97 – The Sage Detects the Dark Maneuver of a Nation

After that, I went around with Yuura and dealt with those remaining demon beasts.

Even though I say we dealt with them, only the other parties were restrained.

There were no unforeseen situations.

I either released the restraints of the demon beasts which were used for Yuura’s training, or transferred some living ones to the capital.

Demon beasts weren’t something I could find whenever I wanted to search for them, after all.

I would use them effectively as much as possible.

As we repeated this several times, Yuura’s behavior started to gradually improve.

She no longer threw the injured people away or destroyed buildings like she did in the beginning.

She properly moved in to rescue people and only defeated the demon beasts once she had thoroughly assured that the environment was safe for battle.

By only attacking at their vital spots, she managed to slain them quickly.

As she was focused on delicately crushing them, her fighting ability improved.

It had turned into a good experience for Yuura.

As Yuura conquered the last demon beast, she flew over with satisfaction.

She then stood upright in front of me.

“Master, reporting the end of combat. There are no more hostile reactions around now.”

“Well done.”

As I complimented her, I walked towards the recently defeated demon beast.

The corpse of the demon beast had its head crushed in.

It had taken a direct hit from the custom-made golem’s strike, which had made its head fly away.

It was in terrible shape.


I examined the corpse from a magical perspective.

As expected, there were no signs of inscribed spells.

I had thought that it was the most likely among all possibilities, but it seemed I had guessed wrong.

Then, I continued to dismantle the body.

After that, I caught on to a strange reaction.

This is… some kind of drug?

I wasn’t familiar with demon beast anatomy, but the reaction I had felt just before was similar to what I had felt when I had drank an illegal potion during my time as a human.

The magic power within the body flowed weirdly due to mutation of some sort.

It felt as if impurities were mixed in.

Since it had just died recently, I could clearly feel it.

As far as I could remember, the demon beasts I had fought with during my time as a human didn’t give off such reactions.

However, I couldn’t figure everything out here.

It would be necessary to send it to the laboratory for a proper dismantle and analysis.

Where did these flock of demon beasts even come from?

I questioned the premise of the situation as I observed the corpse.

This demon beast outbreak was unnatural.

There might have been some not-so-developed regions in the vicinity, but it was unlikely to imagine that these numbers of demon beasts lived there.

Something I wasn’t aware of was definitely happening.

I could consider this as a clear offensive action towards the Demon Lord’s territory.

I had to find out the cause.

The damage had been suppressed this time since we had immediately dealt with it, but there might have been some locations with more serious casualties.

It wouldn’t be strange if an unprecedented massacre would occur.

Despite the disturbing premonition, I returned to the capital with Yuura.

I immediately provided the thirty five demon beasts to the laboratory.

I had to find out about the drug contained within the demon beasts’ bodies.

Sure enough, the director was very excited.

She had gotten so excited that she was seemingly on the verge of collapsing.

According to her, it was her first time seeing demon beasts directly.

It was also one of her dreams.

Seeing her dream objects delivered right in front of her in such an amount made her feel pleased beyond imagination.

If that was the case, the result would be apparent without having to wait for long.

I was worried that the director would overexert herself, but since the situation was quite urgent, I needed her to do her best.

She was even enthusiastically drinking her stamina recovery potions.

Her motive might have been due to her thirst for knowledge, but her result would be beneficial for me.

By the way, when I had asked her whether she was interested in turning into an undead, she had enthusiastically welcomed the idea.

Rather than the fact that it would make her fatigue disappear, she was more curious about how it would feel if she were turned into an undead.

Her researcher’s temperament was a hardcore one.

I was told to handle the details myself, so I would decide it all on my own.

First of all, what race should I consider turning her into?

I needed to prepare accordingly depending on what it would be.

To turn someone into a high-ranked undead, certain procedures were necessary.

It would all come to waste if her ego was lost during the process.

I had to get it all ready before she eventually succumbed to death due to overwork.

The day the director would turn into an undead was near.

As I parted with Yuura and went to the audience hall, Luciana was present there, working hard on her office work.

She raised her face from the report she was reading and fluttered it to show it.

“It’s additional information from the spies.”

“What is it about?”

I sat on the chair in front of Luciana.

Looking at her bitter expression, it didn’t seem to be good news.

Luciana began to speak with the report in her hand.

According to the report, the demonkin in the Previous Demon Lord’s Territory were showing suspicious movements.

It seemed they had started to go through settlement-scale relocation.

It was also said that there had been another group of demonkin that had appeared, which had happened during their relocation as well.

While there wasn’t any definitive information to confirm it, they were thought to be the remnants of the Previous Demon Lord’s Army.

There were also people who had managed to quietly survive the last decade, just like Luciana.

Those people who had lived in hiding until now, had suddenly begun appearing.

Following the tracks of the demonkin, they had come across a nation known as the Republic.

That nation was located in the southwest of the Demon Lord’s Territory.

This nation was located beyond a destroyed small nation and took a stance of toleration towards the Demon Lord.

It was reported that demonkin from all over the place had gathered in said nation.

The greatest peculiarity of the Republic was the fact that it wasn’t led by a king or an emperor.

They elected representatives who would run the nation among people.

It was a rare form of government that could be found in the continent.

However, its political structure didn’t matter.

The problem was the geographical location of the Republic.

The eastern part of the Republic was adjacent to the Previous Demon Lord’s Territory.

According to the series of reports, the Republic was also connected with the demonkin who lived there.

The humans who had come in contact with the Previous Demon Lord’s Territory were all people from the Republic.

Once the truth was known, it became a really simple story.

The nation nearest to the demonkin was the one that had contacted them.

At present, the Republic was doing something in the dark.

As a sure-fire solution, it would be best to just destroy its capital and paralyze its state operation, but it wasn’t an appropriate measure to take.

Because it might lead to continental turmoil and it might prolong the conflicts.

Due to the destruction of the empire, nations had begun to actively rob each other’s territories. 

Even now, skirmishes would still take place constantly.

If the Republic were to be destroyed right now, the situation would turn even more severe.

The struggle for interest among nations would be accelerated.

There was a limit to how much of a threat the Demon Lord could function as detriment.

Once that happened, I would be forced to use violent measures.

Given the experience of the war of aggression so far, I mustn’t inadvertently destroy a nation.

To begin with, the purpose of the Republic was unknown.

I didn’t mind if all they did was merely gather all demonkin together and add them to their ranks.

I would welcome it if they gathered that power to strike me.

Nothing was wrong with focusing their hatred towards the Demon Lord and working to subjugate it.

I would guide them to do so.

However, it would be another matter if it would lead to further chaos through conflicts among humans.

I would crush them with all my strength.

The existence of a great evil which would be detrimental to humankind was enough with me filling the position alone.

I would thoroughly eliminate any other harmful things. 

After thinking from various perspectives, I decided to take a look at the Republic.

Even as spies kept sending the latest information, I would pay attention to its movement.

It was a rare situation for humans and demonkin to join hands.

I was curious about how it would end up becoming.

Hopefully, I wished to see how the disagreement between the humans and demonkin would be resolved.

It was something I had failed to achieve during my time as a human, and I was still struggling to achieve even now.

I wished to witness such peace, even if it was only because of a common interest.

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