Picking Up the Exiled Prince

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Ch 14 Disguise and Face to Face

A few days later, Danis told me that if I continued to stay in the same place, it would be easy for people to identify my whereabouts, so I moved to one of Danis’ places that he has in order to be scattered in various places around the royal capital.

In doing so, we didn’t go through the hidden passageway, because suddenly arriving at an unlit place would make the neighbors feel uncomfortable, so we decided to walk along the street where normal soldiers go.

Both Danis and Alan were wearing disguises, so even though it was hard for them to be noticed, they went through the streets with a lot of anxiety. But more than that, Alan was very dissatisfied with his current disguise.

“Well, why do I have to dress like a woman?”

When they arrived safely at the room, Alan was furious with Danis.

Danis also wore a wig because of his dark hair and conspicuous appearance in this country, but when he arrived at the room, he took it off and sat down on the sofa that had already been placed there without reacting particularly subtle to Alan’s words.

“Because you don’t look like a man in any way, do you?”

Danis started to smoke a cigarette and smiled mockingly.

Alan glared at Danis with a puffy face.

When he woke up, first thing in the morning, he was half forced to wear women’s clothes for no apparent reason.

The long brown wig was untied and went down to his waist, and the dress was a blouse with a lace collar, cinched at the waist and lightly decorated with ribbons on the back. The skirt was ankle-length but a bit fluffy, which was breezy for Alan, who was not used to wearing such skirts, and made his legs feel exposed.

He was also short enough to look up at Danis, which was even more frustrating because from a distance you would certainly not think he was a man because of the contrast.

The moment he walked out, some of Danis’ men saw him and admired him with red cheeks and said, “You look good!” But as a man, Alan was in a delicate state of mind.

“Well, don’t stare at me like that.”

Danis put his cigarette out in the ashtray, grabbed Alan’s arm and pulled him toward the couch, sitting on his lap, facing him.

“Wh-, ar…!?”

Alan’s heartbeat jumped as he suddenly found himself in close proximity to Danis.

Danis had a hand on Alan’s chin and was staring at him, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the dark eyes, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

“Not bad, as I see it.”

Danis removed his hand from his chin and wrapped it around Alan’s waist, while his other hand drew up his skirt and stroked from his knees to his thighs. Alan’s back trembled as he felt the slightly unpleasant touch.

“Hey? Hey…”

He looked at Danis, who was smiling somewhat happily and seemed to be in a very good mood today, or not.

The hand around his waist slowly lowered to stroke along his body line, and Alan felt somewhat frustrated when his body reacted to it.


He had only been embraced by Danis once, but since then, he felt a tingling sensation in his body whenever he was touched.

However, lately Danis seemed to be keeping his distance from Alan, except when he used him as a pillow. I guess I’m the type of person who keeps a certain distance from people by nature, but somehow, I felt like he was keeping a little distance from me.

Alan was a little puzzled by the sudden change in Danis’ behavior today. Whether he was feeling good or making fun of him, what was going on? He can’t seem to escape his touch, and shakes his back.

Suddenly, Danis turned his face down and started to stifle a laugh. Eventually, his shoulders were shaking.

Alan blushed, thinking he was being ridiculed, but even so, he felt uncomfortable with Danis’ reaction.

Removing his hand from Alan’s thigh and grabbing Alan’s chin, Danis looked up and smiled at him.

“You shouldn’t have such a face in front of anyone other than yourself.”

Alan was taken aback, his mouth hanging open.

It wasn’t just that Alan felt unnaturally uncomfortable. It’s not just that Danis smiled like that, it’s that he used different words and his tone of voice was higher than before. No, I had heard that voice somewhere before. This tone of voice sounded light, and Alan thought of the name of a person he knew.

“You can’t be… Tim, can you?”

This face, which could only be Danis’, nodded with a smirk.

“That’s right. You don’t know my disguise, right?”

Because it was Tim’s airy mouth that looked like Danis’, it was unpleasant.

“How long have you been…?”

“Since I came into your room this morning.”

Tim, in his Danis disguise, laughed happily.

So that was already the case from the beginning. Alan’s face flushed with embarrassment and anger remembering how he’d shown his disgusting behavior earlier without realizing it was Tim, and he found himself elbowing Tim in the stomach while he was disguised as Danis.

“I’m sorry. Haha… I just did it.”

Alan quickly got off his knees and stared at Tim, who was disguised as Danis.

“I’m sure you’ll be able to tell me what this is all about.”

“Actually, I’m here today for another reason. I’m meeting someone. Mr. Danis was planning to go as it is, but I didn’t want anything to happen to him, so I took his place.”

Tim winked as he said this, but doing so when he was Danis, it was so weird that it gave me chills.

“The fact that you brought me too… is it something to do with me?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, but I can’t negotiate without you, and I’ll ask you to stay nearby for my safety.”

Alan was dissatisfied with not being told anything, but he knew that if he was needed, he would be a little helpful. He replied affirmatively.

If it’s for his safety, maybe Tim’ll use him as a hostage, which means that… will be the person looking for him.

“You’re more easily convinced than I thought.”

Although Alan was dissatisfied, Tim was curiously watching his appearance, perhaps because it was surprising to Tim that he immediately agreed.

Certainly, there is a possibility that he will be sold to the other party. But the words that Danis promised to help Alan didn’t seem to be a lie, at least to him.

“If I didn’t believe in… I would have run away long ago.”

When I answered that, he seemed to agree that it was true. I’d like to think it was my optimism that made Tim smile.

He didn’t specify a specific time, but he was expecting me to come at night. In other words, he didn’t seem to have taken an appointment, exactly.

As proof that Danis was hiding Prince Alan, Alan was relieved to hear that he didn’t have to wear women’s clothes or wigs so that he could be identified at a glance. It’s unheard of for a prince to dress up as a woman, Alan thought to himself, as if he were someone else. This was because his pride in being a member of the royal family had already become meaningless.

It was a few hours later when the evening sky turned to night.

Tim, disguised as… Danis, had heard a small knock on the wall near the sofa where he was sitting. Tim beckoned Alan over to him, apparently signaling that someone was on the way. I walked over to Tim’s side as instructed and he grabbed my arm and pulled me close.

He also got on his lap, but this time lying sideways.

“…Is this necessary?”

“‘It’s for your safety… and I need you to stay here.”

Alan didn’t know what his intentions were, but he nodded since he had no choice.

“From this point on, I’ll ask you not to expose that I’m Tim. It seems that Danis was right about the person who came to see him, and if I’m not careful for even a moment, he might find out.”

Tim’s face tightened and his expression changed in an instant. The tension that had been loosening in Alan’s face suddenly became tense.

It seemed that the person who was about to arrive was a very serious person. Tim, who always had the luxury of making fun of his opponents, looked like a different person.

A few seconds later, Tim closed his eyes. Alan gulped. The moment he slowly opened his eyes, his expression, his mood seemed to overlap with Danis. He was surprised not only by his disguise skills, but also by the fact that he could see such an overlap.

I guess this is his special skill.

There were three knocks at the door of the room.

“The door is unlocked.”

I wondered if there was anyone who could recognize him, since even his voice was similar. Tim, playing Danis perfectly, answered and the door opened.

“… I didn’t expect you to come alone.”

The person who appeared from the door was a knight of this country. For a knight, his green eyes peeking out from the brown of his short haircut, which still had a young look to it, looked at me, and he entered the room with a grim expression on his face.

Apparently, the other soldiers were not there.

“That’s my line. I didn’t think that you, a cautious man, would be waiting for me alone, but… I knew you were involved.”

I’m not sure I understand what’s going on, but I think it’s better if I don’t interfere.

“You knew that, so you let them find out. Chris Levski.”

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