Picking Up the Exiled Prince

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Ch 15 Ate and Predicament

Chris Levsky… Alan remembered the name, as Tim, who was in perfect disguise, acted as Danis.

If he was not mistaken, it was the Levsky family who were the knights that contributed to the establishment of this country, and I heard that his predecessor died in battle several years ago. Above all, it was a family that Alan’s father, the king, trusted. Due to the death of that predecessor, he stopped hearing the name of the family for a while, but he thought he heard about two years ago that the successor to the family became the second captain.

That person has now come here by himself to confront Danis (Tim).

It’s not that they are acquainted with each other, but rather, they are staring at each other with hostile eyes.

“…The story doesn’t go on even if we stare at each other. What kind of business do you have with me for you to come to see me alone? If you just bring the prince back to the castle, wouldn’t it be such a mess?”

Chris stopped glaring at him without losing his stern expression.

“I don’t know how you can say that after giving out such obvious bait information. Well, the reason I’m here is certainly not to bring Prince Alan to the castle.”

Chris put his sword on the floor, something which was very important for a knight to have at his waist.

He probably did it to prove that he had no hostile intentions. However, the act of a knight putting down his sword has a meaning similar to surrender. There was no reason for the captain of a noble and prestigious knight order not to have pride. But Chris, this knight, put his sword on the floor without any hesitation.

“Does this make you trust me a little? I’d like to get the prince out of your filthy hands if possible.”

Danis (Tim) muttered an amused reaction like Tim would, with a voice that could only be heard by Alan at his side. After thinking for a while with his hand on his chin, he turned towards the entrance door.


“That’s right. What are you going to do?”

Chris was a little startled by Tim’s voice coming out of Danis, and then turned toward the door. When the door opened, the real Danis appeared this time.

Danis sighed as soon as he entered, probably annoyed with Tim for revealing his disguised doppelgänger status so quickly.

“Don’t let go of the prince without moving from there.”

“You are a knight, aren’t you? I’m afraid of your glare.”

Tim took off whatever he was wearing on his face, and revealed his normal, easy-going face.

Chris looked at Danis with a suspicious face.

“I didn’t think you would normally speak one-on-one, but I see.”

“It’s natural. Meeting you here is a risk. I’m sorry, but the prince will have to stay where he is, because handing him over in this situation will do neither me nor this country any good.”

“I’m surprised you were thinking about the country.”

After Chris said those sarcastic words, Danis and Chris glared at each other again, or more accurately, this time at each other.

The air froze and became tense.

After a while, Chris let out a breath, picked up the sword he had put down, and hung it back on his hip.

“I never thought I’d be asking such a person for a favor.” 

Chris said stinging words, but stopped being hostile and sighed. With that, Danis returned to his usual cold-eyed expression, and sat down on a chair that was nearby.

“…So what do you want to ask me to do?”

“I’m sure you’re aware of what’s going on, right?”

Danis nodded. Chris has a rugged look.

“I would like Alan to be sent to the Vander family in Aqua City.”

“The Vander family? Is that where… Jack’s hometown?”

Chris nodded yes to Alan’s words.

Hearing that name made Alan realize how much he had lost faith in the people around him in his current situation.

The Vander family was the family of butlers, the royal entourage of kings, princes and other royal families. Jack was Alan’s butler, and before the king was murdered, he had given him the longest vacation he had since forever ago, and he had returned home to Aqua City, where the Vander family was currently located.

I also heard that Jack’s grandfather, Ys Vander, who served the king, was a member of the king’s entourage, but since his leg got worse, he has retired and is now living in Aqua City.

Yes, if Jack hadn’t returned home, there was no way he would have found the bloody knife in Alan’s room. Even though Jack was a butler, he also has the power to speak out because of his family history.

The timing of the murder was premeditated, and the number of soldiers still searching for him has not been reduced, so the reason the Prime Minister wants to bring Alan back to the castle as soon as possible is because he wants to get things done before the end of Jack’s trip home.

“I’m sure you’re right. It’s true that with the Vander family’s backing, the situation in the castle will be split between the royal family and the Prime Minister.”

Danis listened with interest to Chris’s presentation.

Then we heard a knocking sound from the wall behind the sofa where Tim and Alan were sitting, just like before Chris came in.

Tim’s usual light-hearted expression instantly turned into a drawn face. This time the knocking sounded long and tentative, with occasional pauses.

Tim seemed to sense something and shouted to Danis and the others.

“Danis, come over here!! Soldiers are coming!!”


Chris and Danis looked at Tim in surprise.

At that moment, several soldiers fluttered in from the door.

“Capture Danis Harvard, Chris Levsky and protect Prince Alan !!”

The soldier who had been leading the troops shouted.

In a flash, they were surrounded by soldiers except in the direction of the sofa that was against the wall. Alan broke out in a cold sweat at the situation, wondering if there was any way to escape.

Danis clucked his tongue, then turned to the soldiers and shouted to Tim in an unusually loud voice.

“Tim! You take Alan and run. And make sure you grab the case you’re chasing!”

Before Tim could say anything, Danis slammed some books on the bookshelf behind him with great force.

When a certain book was pushed in, the sofa which Tim and Alan were sitting on began to spin around as the wall flipped.


I called out to the back of Danis, but the wall was controlled by the spinning mechanism, and the figure of Danis disappeared. As I was puzzled by the suddenness of the situation, Tim grabbed my arm.

“We’ll get away!”

“But the two of them!”

Tim pulled me along and I started running.

It seemed that behind the wall was the house on the other side. There were several of Danis’s men around, and they called out to me to come faster this way.

“Mr. Danis asked me to do something! I will not let you get away with anything! Don’t worry. He’s not that easy to catch!”

Tim was running while pulling Alan’s arm without turning around while speaking, but somehow he still looked impatient.

It should be difficult to escape if you are surrounded by anything. However, if Alan were caught here, what he had kept secret until now would be useless.

Alan was worried about the two of them, but he went with Tim.

“Damn it! Go after the prince!”

The soldier who was leading the troops gave orders to the others, thinning out the number of soldiers. But it didn’t make any difference to the situation where they were still surrounded.

“Is that door still open?”

Chris called out to Danis with a calm face.

“No, it’s only supposed to be used once.”

Danis replied without seeming to be in any hurry, and Chris slowly drew the sword on his hip.

And the soldiers hesitated. It was a natural reaction against the person who served the castle and was in the position of captain that was now pointing a sword at the same national guard.

Danis also pulled his gun out of his coat pocket.

“Are you sure? If you had caught me, it would have cleared your suspicions, wouldn’t it?”

“Don’t make me laugh. I was prepared for this when I came here. Besides, I am a knight of the Levsky family, loyal only to the royal family. And if anyone harms Prince Alan, it is my duty to destroy them, no matter who they are!”

After saying so, Chris swung his sword down at the surrounding soldiers. The soldiers who couldn’t hide their turmoil crossed their swords, but when they were blown away and hit a wall, they lost consciousness or didn’t get up.

The soldiers around him shrugged off the intimidating sword of Chris.


“It’s a very detrimental role.”

Danis didn’t miss the soldier’s regretful look and fired his gun. The bullet hit his leg, and the two soldiers in front of him collapsed and moaned.

“I don’t need you to understand me!”

Danis and Chris argued with each other as they killed the soldiers in front of them. The soldier who was in command showed a hint of frustration.

“How are you failing against two people? Get them!”

“If you want to catch me, come with the intention of killing me!”

After he had defeated most of the soldiers in the vicinity, Chris closed in on the commanding soldier and put his sword to his neck with a sharp stop.

“Hee!” The soldier shouted at Chris’s intimidating gaze. 

“Have the soldiers you sent to Prince Alan pull back right now!”

“I can’t do that. It’s the Prime Minister who is in charge of the whole thing. I was told to keep an eye on you, but fortunately Prince Alan will be protected soon. It’s not just the soldiers who are in charge.”

As soon as Danis heard this, he hit the soldier in the back of the head with the handle of his gun, knocking him out. Chris got mad at him. Chris was furious, but Danis remained calm.

“…I see. It looks like I’ve been underestimating the Prime Minister. Let’s hurry up.”

“Ahh and you should use the honorific title of Prince Alan!”

Danis and the others ran in the direction Alan had fled while also running away from the soldiers chasing them in the vicinity.

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