Picking Up the Exiled Prince

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Ch 16 Because I’m a Prince

 Alan and Tim were running away from the soldiers, following the lead of their men. As they desperately ran away, they were never caught up to by the soldiers. It felt like they were in control of the city, which could only be expected from the people behind the city.

 I never thought I could rely on people I don’t usually get involved with like this.

“Strange …”

 Tim, who was running away with Alan, made a suspicious expression and muttered.

 What’s wrong? Even though Danis said he would be able to escape successfully. Tim ran forward and looked around. His expression was somewhat alert.

“I’m going to get out of the way.”


 While I was surprised, Tim pulled me along and we turned into an alleyway that was different from the surrounding directions. At the end of the narrow alley, several men were waiting for us.

 I had no choice but to stop when the exit of the alley was surrounded.

“Oops, I’m in trouble if you go there.”

“If you think there aren’t many pursuers, you’re deliberately leading them to another place, aren’t you? What are you doing?”

 Tim’s face became even more grim, and his words lost their usual lightness.

 What do you mean, you’re leading them somewhere else? No, before that, these men said they needed to make Alan and Danis’ men stop and turn towards the direction they were leading.

 One of the men surrounding them grinned.

“What do you mean? It’s simple, we’re not happy with our current boss, and we just happen to have a good story to tell!”

“Are you going to betray Mr. Danis?”

 Tim replied with a low voice that resonated with anger, and Alan’s expression turned frigid. Tim, who always has a light tone and is easy to talk to, quietly expressed his anger like any other person, and this outraged voice came from the “kind” face of the dark society.

 However, the man didn’t do anything about it, but rather laughed in return.

“Betrayal?? In the first place, that’s the norm in this world? The guy who overthrows the leader is the new head. That’s the rule here!”

“If you think you’ve beaten Danis-san with this, congratulations.”

 Tim snickered back, and the man said, “What?” and grabbed Tim by the collar in anger. 

Tim narrowed his eyes and laughed, “I’m sure you got a cheap deal anyway, but I hope it works out for you?”

 ”Shut up!”  The man raised his voice and then punched Tim in the face. Tim fell to the floor, knocked down by the punch. Alan rushed to Tim and blocked the gap between Tim and the man.

“Stop it! I’m the one who you need! I’ll follow you, so stop.”

 The man’s anger had not yet subsided. He was still upset, but Alan managed to restrain him, thus, to prevent Alan from running away, the man’s group that surrounded him caught his arms.

 He was forced to stand, and Tim looked at him.

“You don’t have to worry about me…”

“If you’re surrounded like this, you’ll be caught before you can escape. I’m not going to let Tim get hurt for nothing.”

 Alan smiled wryly at Tim.

For Alan, who wasn’t expecting that this might happen someday, it was better to listen quietly than let Tim, who hid and ran away with him, be mercilessly beaten in front of him. There might still be a chance to escape.

  And I was also curious about what Danis had said to me and Tim when he let us go. What Danis said about how the matter he was pursuing should be prioritized above all else. And it probably can’t be completed unless it’s Tim. 

“It’s a very sweet thing to do…but it helps me.”

“Follow me quietly, release Tim.”

 The man signaled to the others with his eyes, and the men surrounding him opened the way.

“Don’t be a fool, you can’t show your face in front of Mr. Danis like this!”

 Tim was angry that Alan was trying to protect him. That was what he was trying to say, that Alan’s going to ruin everything that’s happened because of Tim. It was also a big reason why Danis asked him to do this task.

 But Alan shook his head.

“The worst that can happen to me is that I won’t get killed. But I don’t know if Tim will get the same treatment. Remember what Danis told you.”

 Then Tim stopped talking. He stared at Alan in silence, but Alan nodded lightly.

 Tim made a bitter face, and with a click of his tongue, he got up and ran away from the open road.

“‘Now, shall I ask you to come?”

“I know.”

 Alan shook off the man’s tug on his hand. The man disdainfully sniffed at him. He was led around the perimeter.

 If someone is guiding you, it will definitely be the Prime Minister Gabriel. If that’s the case, I feel that it would be even more unfavorable for Tim’s presence to be noticed. So, it’s okay, Alan told himself. He was very determined, but when he remembered what had happened at the castle, he lost his footing. Still, this was the only thing he could think of doing now.

 He followed the men to a sparsely populated area by the border of the castle town in the downtown area, where the national guard lined the perimeter, and at the end of the line stood Gabriel, the fat, stocky vizier I’ll never forget.

“It looks like it worked. After all, it seemed to be the correct answer to keep an eye on that Levsky family.”

 Alan glared at Gabriel with a sneer.

 It seems that from the beginning, this Prime Minister Gabriel did not trust Chris, the knight. He’s such a person, yet he’s in the position of Prime Minister. He would have been a good prime minister if he hadn’t used his wisdom in the wrong way.

 The man who had been holding Alan pushed him back toward Gabriel.

“I caught it as promised. Let’s get the reward.”

 Alan staggered forward because of the push, and one of the national guardsmen urged him to come closer to the prime minister.

 Gabriel smiled slyly and said that the game of tag was now over. Alan turned his face away antagonistically, his brow wrinkled. He turned to the men who had betrayed Danis and brought Alan here.

“You’ve done well. This is your reward.”

Gabriel quickly raised his hand to the national guard.

 Alan had a bad feeling about this. If they looked around themselves, they would see that there were more National Guardsmen than them. If Gabriel just wanted me to be handed over, he didn’t need that many people. It was not so much the number of people, but because they were untrustworthy. 

  Gabriel lowered his hand.

“Come on, get the guys who kidnapped the prince!”

 At once, the National Guard surrounded the men who had betrayed Danis with their weapons.

“What!? … I was deceived !?”

“Deceived? You’ve got a good head on your shoulders. I don’t remember making a deal with someone like you.”

 Gabriel smiles cunningly.

“What the hell?”

 The surrounded men pulled out knives and weapons that they had hidden on them.

 Alan was so taken aback by Gabriel’s selfishness that he tried to jump out to help, shouting, “Stop!” But he was grabbed and held back by the National Guard.

“I don’t mind killing anyone other than the leader man.”

“I’m right here! Why do you have to do this?”

 Alan turned to Gabriel, who snickered and laughed.

“You can’t have the Prime Minister of this country being rumored to be in league with a ragtag group.”

 It’s an aristocratic society, and they are sensitive to rumors because they care about appearances. But there was no need to kill them for that.

 Alan turned his face away from the scene as the brawl with the national guard started in front of him, and people were falling down cruelly under the overwhelming disadvantage of being surrounded and having no way to escape.

“It’s a waste of time and money to run away and get people involved. You should have learned your lesson, given up, and become my puppet…”

 Alan shuddered.

It was plausible. It was true that if Alan hadn’t run away, this situation might not have happened. In that sense, it would be a lie if he said he didn’t feel guilty.

But Alan knew that because he was the prince, there were certain things that he could not give up.

“If I had thought it was safe to leave the … Prime Minister in charge, I could have played any role as a puppet if you hadn’t killed my father. If I let them do that, then it was you who created this situation.”

 When I replied strongly, Gabriel held his tongue and cursed him as a really unadorable kid.

“Oh shit! Don’t let him get away!”

 While they were talking, one of the guys ran away. It was the man who had been the leader.

 Gabriel stood up immediately.

“Chase him! What are you doing !!”

 The ordered soldiers chased the man.

 Gabriel glanced at this and muttered.

“You can afford to say that now.”

 Alan was accompanied by the rest of the soldiers as they headed for the castle.

He turned away from the downtown area, slightly worried about Danis and Tim.

 It’s none of your business, just mind your own business. He felt a chill run through his body as he gazed at the towering castle from afar, wondering what was waiting for him this time.

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