Picking Up the Exiled Prince

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Editor: Geli

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Trigger Warning! This Chapter contains mentions of RAPE and ABUSE! Proceed at your own Risk!

Chapter: 3 Humiliation

A few days had passed since he had been jailed, and all Alan had been able to do was lament in his mind about his lack of power. The title of “prince” meant nothing in the situation he was in, nor did anyone try to help him.

 If he thought about it, he was the first in line for the throne; beside him, there was nobody else. His mother had passed away early on, his stepmother’s son was not eligible to be a prince, and his most trusted steward had returned to his grandfather’s city for his first vacation in a long time.

 The soldiers of the army were also under the command of Prime Minister Gabriel.

As he pondered his circumstances despairingly, a soldier’s voice called out the other side of his prison’s door.

“Prince Alan, please come out. I’ve been ordered to take you to Prime Minister Gabriel.”

 What the heck did he want now? Alan had already lost any and all hope and will to live that he had held in his heart. 

 The soldier took him to the room where Prime Minister Gabriel was staying. In the middle of the large room was a desk; Gabriel was seated on a chair behind it.

 The soldier directed Alan to move and stand across from Gabriel, and Alan stood there and faced the Prime Minister. Then the soldier who had brought Alan to the room left. Alan glanced around from where he was standing and noticed that there were 2 soldiers who seemed to be Gabriel’s entourage and had remained in the corner of the room.

“What do you want now?”

Alan suspiciously looked at Gabriel and, in response, Gabriel smiled unpleasantly at him. 

“What, don’t be so on guard. I’m just trying to have a nice, mutually beneficial conversation.”

  Alan felt uncomfortable with Gabriel’s words. What did he want from the guilty prince now…?

“…I don’t think I have any interest in working with you.”

 Gabrielle’s mouth curved.

“Well, it’s simple. If the king dies, and the prince tells the people of the nation that he is a criminal, it would cause anxiety and unrest throughout the land. The peace and tranquillity of the country may be shattered. So I had a thought.

“What …?”

“Let’s let bygones be bygones, right? In exchange, I would like you to entrust me with full political authority.”

 Alan froze for a moment.

At Gabriel’s proposal, Alan quickly realized what his motive was. There was no evidence. But his words said it all.

This country was a country that had been founded by the royal lineage. Even if this man suddenly became king, riots and civil war would still occur. If that was the case, then he could set up a king that suited his purposes. That way, he could easily control the politics of the country without facing any consequences.

In other words, Gabriel, towards Adele is …

“… You want me to be a puppet king, just there for decoration?”

 As soon as he said that, Gabriel’s expression changed.

 The Prime Minister, who had been consumed by his greed and desire for power, smiled despicably.

“Whether you die, persecuted as a criminal or live the rest of your life comfortably as a puppet… even a child can point out which is obviously better, right?”

 Gabriel’s words had convinced Alan. He was the one who had the king killed …or he was the one who had also plotted behind the crime.

 His shoulders shook with anger and, at the same time, laughter. And at the end, Alan had fully burst out laughing.

 Gabriel looked at him strangely, wondering if he had finally lost his mind.

 When Alan finally stopped laughing, he glared at Gabriel with his big blue eyes through his pale blonde hair.

“Don’t be stupid! I’m the son of the king. I’d rather choose death than go through the humiliating  experience of being such a puppet!”

As Alan defiantly spat out these words, Gabriel sighed in amazed exasperation.

“He’s a stupid prince… Apparently, he doesn’t understand his position.”

 Gabriel snapped his fingers. At that gesture, the two soldiers that had been standing at the corner of the room and were part of Gabriel’s entourage approached Alan. 

His head was quickly grabbed from behind. His face was then forcefully pressed against the floor. Alan groaned weakly from the pain of this treatment. However, Alan continued to glare up at Gabriel, despite having his arm pulled back and restrained behind him to keep him from struggling.

“Boys, discipline this fool of a prince. Just don’t hurt him too much, okay?”

Gabriel looked down at him as if he were an insect and then left the room.

“Hng… Let me go!!”

 Alan tried to shake the men off, but his opponents were soldiers. Alan was completely powerless.

 The soldier who had forced Alan’s head down pulled his hair roughly and forced the struggling Alan to face him.

“Prince? It’d be better for you to give in quickly?”

 The soldier laughed in a very vulgar manner and as Alan saw his expression, a chill ran down his spine.

“I was told not to hurt you too much. Well, let’s see how long you can hold up and keep saying no!”

 As the soldier spoke, he violently tore at the clothes that Alan was wearing.

 From there, it was truly a hopeless situation.

 Yes, Alan didn’t want to remember it.

 That kind of thing. That utter humiliation. 


“Run, Alan!”

 Upon remembering his father’s last words, Alan came back to his senses with a huff.

 Danis, who should have been outside, filled Alan’s field of vision. Alan’s body was sweaty and shivering, even though it wasn’t cold. His lips were tightly clamped and his teeth were chattering against each other, as if he couldn’t clench them.

 At that moment, Danis gently tried to put his hand on Alan’s forehead. Alan’s mind seemed to overlap this image with something else and he reflexively slapped it away quite forcefully. Once he realized what he’d done, Alan was surprised at this unconscious action and looked down at his hand.


 Alan was clearly in a completely frightened state. At this, Danis, who had always given the impression of being calm and collected, showed a surprised expression. 

 Alan laid his body back down to sleep and turned his back to Danis.

“Well, … I’m sorry.”

 With a shudder, Alan shrank back, and wrapped his arms tightly around himself.

 After a few moments of silence passed, Danis’s hand brushed Alan’s head once more, and then Alan was relieved to feel the presence behind him fade away.

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