Picking Up the Exiled Prince

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Chapter 4: Something’s Wrong

Alan was lying in bed, thinking that if he left it alone, the shivering would go away. For a moment, Danis’ hand lifted Alan’s neck, forcing him to get up. He fit snugly in Danis’ arms, giving him the sensation of being hugged from his back.


 All of a sudden, Alan’s mind grew panicked. 

However, when his trembling body reflexively tried to thrash around, it was held down by one arm.

“Sorry, but this is my bed and the only one I have. If you’re shaking too much, I am gonna have to push you down.”

  Alan was speechless, words failing to reach his mind.

 I’m not sure if this man knows how to act around someone who he knows is a prince.

 When I looked closely at Danis, I found that he had taken off his coat and suit with only light clothing left on his body. What was that hand that had just stroked my head earlier? Was it a misunderstanding to think it was kindness?

 Alan’s body, still trembling and refusing to listen to him, was held down by one arm. 

“Don’t tremble.”


 Danis took a bottle of something and put its contents onto his hand. As Alan leaned over, curious about what was going on, Danis’ hand lifted up a large shirt that did not quite fit Alan and slid his liquid wet fingers into a crack in Alan’s buttocks.

 Suddenly, Alan’s face turned pale as he grabbed Danis’ arm.

“What … are you doing?”

“I didn’t dare confirm it, but … “

 What does he mean by confirm?

 Alan tried to stop Danis with his own hands, yet Danis’ finger reached the bud within the crack of Alan’s buttocks, disregarding Alan’s protests.

 At that moment, Alan’s face distorted, his body trembling as he endured the pain.

“Stop! Why … “

 When Alan’s body began to shake uncontrollably, Danis told him to calm down while gently tapping him on his shoulder several times, attempting to move Alan into a more comfortable position.

 During that time, Danis’s fingers sank deeper into Alan’s bud as he groped around the area, seemingly trying to confirm something. And although Alan felt pain from Danis’ touch, he let out a yelp as he began to feel something other than discomfort from Danis’ teasing fingers.

“Huh … !! … mmm … “

 Though Alan tried to move his body to escape from Danis’ fingers, Alan could not, his arm being restrained by Danis. Tears accumulated under his eyelids from the pain. Alan, who could now only accept his fate, clenched his jaw as he suffered through.

Then, Alan heard Danis mutter something into his ear, saying that Alan’s condition was worse than he thought. The movement inside Alan stopped as Danis slowly pulled out his fingers.

 After enduring so much pain, Alan exhaled and at the same time, unconsciously held his breath once more.

“I think this will be a relief,” Danis muttered.

 Alan looked at Danis and asked if he was still going to do something. He struggled to breathe while his words seemed to come out by themselves. He stopped and began watching Danis’ actions.

 Danis opened the bedside drawer and took out a small candle, placed it on the table, and took out a box as well. Within it, the contents included bandages and poultices that appeared to be for treatment, along with cream-like medicine.

 I don’t have a bad feeling about him at all. 

 Danis lit the small candle with a match, releasing some sort of aroma. The sweet scent began to rise around him. The scent, something that Alan had never smelled before, made his head dizzy.

 He began to realize that this was no ordinary aroma and quickly used his hands to cover his nose and mouth; however, it was already too late and his thoughts began to drift into a haze.

“What … is this … ?”

“You have to endure a little more. I will ease you from your fears, if only by a little.”

 Alan was about to ask Danis what he was doing when Danis began moving without hesitation. Danis’ hand slowly lifted Alan’s shirt, his fingers gently moving from Alan’s exposed belly to his ribs.

 And although it was but a simple stroke, Alan’s body quivered, the sensation moving from his spine to his head.

” … “

 With a hazy mind, Alan couldn’t even move his body in protest. Is it this scent that’s making my body feel like it’s burning?

 Danis’ breathing brushed against Alan’s ears, sending a shiver down his spine while making his body even more sensitive.

“Focus on the pleasure that you’re feeling.”

 Danis felt Alan’s resistance lessening and slowly released his grip on Alan. He smiled and stroked Alan’s head. When he was done, he grabbed Alan’s ear and gently outlined it with his tongue.

“Mmm … “

 Alan was confused by the sensation crawling up from inside of him.

He didn’t know this feeling. Before this, he only knew pain and disgust, yet the hot sensation growing inside of him felt foreign to his body. Every time Danis touched it, his body reacted with embarrassment.

Alan felt relieved. The hand that stroked him felt so familiar, as if he knew it from long ago. This was especially true when Danis patted Alan’s head, his hands giving Alan a sense of intimacy. Alan wondered if this was also because of the scent he had smelled earlier.

 Danis’s tongue ran down from the back of Alan’s ears to his neck, as if to ignore Alan’s thoughts.

“Hmm … mmm … “

 Alan’s body began to shake with excitement as he struggled to push and suppress the sounds coming from his mouth. The sweetness of his sighs both surprised and ashamed him.

 While he was intoxicated by this sensation, Alan didn’t notice that Danis had one hand reaching for the cream-like medicine. Danis’ finger reached for Alan’s anus, snuggled between the crack of his ass.


 It hurt, though the pain felt more like a tingling sensation.

 ”It’s okay … just focus on me,” Danis said.

 He sucked on the back of my neck and then ran his tongue down to the base. His finger fondled my anus, teasing it in order to easily slip back inside and caress the interior.

“Ah … “

 Alan’s mind became clouded, confused about whether his body was shaking from pain or Danis’s touch. Alan’s head was empty of thoughts, save for the sensations he felt.

 Heat sprung up from inside him, gathering in his lower abdomen. His body was far too honest, the hot feeling causing something between Alan’s legs to stiffen.

 Because Alan’s shirt was already rolled up, there was no hiding as Danis looked straight at it.

“What … what …”

 Danis noticed his surprise and assured Alan that there was nothing strange about it.

“Is this really normal?” Alan asked, his neck tilted.

Danis responded with a faint smile and applied some more cream onto Alan’s ears.

“There are other things too.”

 With those words, Danis’ free hand began stroking the stiffness between Alan’s legs.

“You’re surprised yet your body is so sensitive at the same time.”

As Danis uttered those words, Alan’s body trembled for a moment, shaking when Danis touched his sensitive part. Without listening to Danis’ words of restraint, Alan touched the tip with his own finger, then curled them around his shaft while moving his hand up and down.

 Alan reflexively began to sway his body to the sudden waves of strong pleasure, his exposed mouth making sounds and noises even he did not recognize. 

“Uh … ah … ?”

 This new sensation was so intense that Alan’s mind went blank. His hips moved naturally following the rhythm of his hands while his face flushed hot with embarrassment; though Alan felt a sense of shame, he wanted more.

 He noticed that the finger inside his anal cavity shifted and sank further in, moving around as if it was probing for something. Within seconds, Alan’s body jerked back when the finger rubbed against a specific area inside.

“Ahh … !!!”

 It was here that Danis’s fingers began to touch relentlessly. And with each stroke, Alan’s voice let out a small cry, his head turning white while his vision blurred.

“Huh … hmm … there … weird … “

Danis’ fingers moved relentlessly and without stopping; Alan’s consciousness jumped for a moment.

 Alan’s body reached climax without mercy.

 His body recoiled as his hips thrust forward. Pushed to the brink, Alan couldn’t stand it any longer and spurt out the heat concentrating in his lower body.

 Danis caught it with his hand.

 Alan’s head still hadn’t caught up with him and he let his weight fall into Danis’s arms while gasping for air, his body relaxing.

 Maybe I am feeling a little disoriented? Danis patted Alan on the head.

 Alan had never felt anything like this before. He thought about how all these new sensations felt strange, perhaps even good. The humiliation he had received from Gabriel’s men had left Alan with nothing but a sickening and painful image.

 However, being made to pant like a woman at the hands of a man was not only hard to swallow but also embarrassing. Somehow, Alan couldn’t look directly at Danis and averted his gaze.

 After that, Danis wiped his hands lightly without changing his demeanour. He then extinguished the candles and wiped the sweat off of his body.

 To be honest, I was expecting he’d leave me alone, Alan pondered with surprise.

“We’ll be out before dawn, so get some sleep while you can,” Danis said.

 Alan was about to leave Danis’ arms, feeling embarrassed, but was quickly stopped when Danis wrapped his arms around Alan once again. Then, Danis pressed his full weight on top of Alan, causing the both of them to fall together.

“Erm … what… “

“I can’t sleep without feeling the warmth of another body” Danis replied.

“Huh? What?”

 Alan turned bright red.

‘I don’t want to fall asleep while being hugged by the person who had played with my body just a while ago.’

 Danis may not have been aware of it, but Alan was, whether knowingly or not.

“Don’t do that!”

 Alan flailed, but Danis’s arm was too strong, preventing Alan from leaving his grasp.

After some time, Alan asked Danis what he was doing, but was met with a still silence. Alan let out a small sigh.

“He’s really sleeping.”

 Alan was so weak that he had no choice but to lie down, his aching body stiff.

 When Alan woke up the next day, he remembered that Danis had slept right beside him. He was shocked to see that Danis used his body as a pillow, though only after treating Alan’s wounds.

 Alan thought it was stupid, so he closed his eyes while concentrating on the warmth of Danis’ body, pretending to go back to sleep.

  Then he finally realized something. There was a slight scent of lavender that he hadn’t noticed before, the odour of cigarettes still masking it. When he opened his eyes, Alan could make out the chain of a pendant through the gap in Danis’s shirt, perhaps the source of the lavender scent.

 He closed his eyes once again, concentrating on the nostalgic scent as he slowly fell back into sleep.

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2 years ago

Am I allowed to express my anger on Gabriel and Gabriel’s men via essay? Okay, here goes nothing;

“F*ck you f*ck off f*cking die in a f*cking ditch f*cking piece of sh*t why are you even alive you’re
a f*cking waste of oxygen you c*nt I hope you die a slow, painful, miserable f*cking death and may your souls suffer the same sh*t you did to Alan you f*cking f*ckfaces.”

Also, I have a speculation that both Alan and Danis have a past or smthn