Fake Saint of the Year

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Editor: Kiro

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Chapter 15: Confusion

Praise me! Praise me! I am a genius!

The magic for healing you guys is this!

… hm? Something feels wrong here?

Having high tension inside while casting healing magic around, I was immersed in a sense of accomplishment for having successfully overcome the event safely.

The Demon Rampage event was quickly suppressed. While there are wounded people, the event closed its curtain with no death.

I could heal anyone as long as they’re not dead. Wow, I’m scared of my own talent.

There are things that I came to understand after I became Elrise, one of which is that she is seriously a bugged character.1

Well, speaking in meta terms, because she is a character you’re supposed to fight later in the story originally, there’s no choice but to crank up her stats. However with her personality, there’s no way the character would have put in any effort to polish her talent, it has often been said that she is written as “an idiotic scum who wasted her God-given talent by leaving it to rot” for the sake of balance.

Well, thanks to that I am now enjoying musou play2, so I’m not complaining about that.

After Rain Comes Fair Weather

Super move, using a random foreign proverb as my skill name because it sounds cool! Part 3!

As I activated my magic, particles of light turned into something like rain, healing the students’ wounds.

It’s too much of a bother to heal them one by one. So here goes an area heal. BOOM!

What if this doesn’t affect those within the buildings? No worries. This is rain-like healing magic, not actually rain itself. It passes through solid objects.

The weakness is that this spell affects everyone within the area. The wounded are healed, while those who are uninjured will become energetic for the rest of the day.

Those who were uninjured will be hyperactive for the rest of the day, but let’s ignore that part.

Ok, it’s over, Perverted Glasses Bastard. There shouldn’t be any wounded left but, do the check yourself.

It’s too troublesome, so I won’t do it. This is part of the teacher’s job. Okay?

“Yes! Leave it to me, oh Saint! Even so… ah, how amazing… it’s truly a work of miracle…”

Miracle, huh. Too bad, it’s not a miracle, just the work of overwhelming magic.

Well, there’s no need to destroy such a dream, so I won’t say anything.

Alright, now back to the classroom and do the usual task of watching Eterna-chan.

But recently, Eterna seems to feel something bad from my actions, she seems to be sensitive toward my gaze.

Maybe it’s because I looked at her butt too much…

Maybe she feels disgusted by that. I can understand.

Because I often experience such a gaze myself.

Especially from the Perverted Glasses Bastard.

I will apologize for looking too much later.

…and, where is that Eterna now?

Somehow she is not anywhere within the classroom?

Did she get so disgusted by my gaze that she ran away?

Oi, Verboy! Do you know where your future waifu is?

“Eterna…? Now that you mention it, I don’t see her anywhere…”


Oops, I said it wrong. VERNELLLLL!

Why didn’t you look at her?! She’s the sole heroine who is related to you currently!

Why are you ignoring the main Heroine and looking elsewhere?!

What you mean by “Now that you mention it”…

Even though you have no other conquerable heroine, what are you doing!

“Ah, Elrise-sama. I saw that Eterna-san went out earlier.”

There’s a witness. Nice!

I remember this cute girl.

This girl with semi-long pale blond hair is Fiora.

I healed her face in the past, and she was also in the hostage incident earlier.

“I also saw her. For some reason she had a dark expression on her face, and went toward that direction…”

Ahn? Who are you?

I don’t commit dudes to my memory, fool.

That is what I’d like to say, but for now, let’s smile appropriately and appreciate the information he gave.

Thanks, Mob A.

“John, is that true?”

 “Yeah… she had a pondering face.”

The Mob A’s name seems to be John.

Somehow he seems to be getting along with Vernell.

Now that I look closely, he seems to also have been involved with the hostage incident earlier… I think. Maybe.

So they got closer due being fellow hostages huh.

“Let’s go after her. I’m worried.”

As Fiora said that, Vernell, Fiora, and Mob A stood up.

I should come along as well, I guess.

So it’s Egypt3 after all… when will you leave? I will accompany you too.

“If Elrise-sama is going, then I will come along too.”

Oh, Leila. You’re so reliable.

She’s usually a capable person so I am actually grateful she will come along.

“If Saint-sama is going there’s no way that I won’t come along… Students, it’s a self-study period.”

And Perverted Glasses Bastard also decided to come. I don’t need his help.

… But this is seriously a bad party.

It’s okay for the Protagonist (Vernell) and one of the heroines (Leila) to come, but the others are bad.

There is Fiora and Mob A who were not included as game characters, there is also the Mid Boss Perverted Glasses Bastard.

And lastly, the hated character who deserves to be punished (Elrise), AKA me.

It’s a lineup of a gag party.

And such gag six people chase after Eterna, but maybe we moved too late so we didn’t find her.

“This way. There is a faint trail of her magic reaction.”

Then there’s Perverted Glasses Bastard who said such a thing full of confidence.

Oh, he’s capable despite being a pervert!

As expected of a stalker, his ability is so specialized!

There’s a way for anyone to be useful regardless of who they are, I guess.

I’m basically just randomly throwing magic around so I’ve never done magic tracking.

Uhm… is he unexpectedly a capable person?

Perverted Glasses Bastard led us toward the cliff outside of the Academy.

There’s a sea raging underneath, even if I am being kind, I could only say that those who built the Academy here have a screw loose.

Nah, to be exact they didn’t build the Academy right above a cliff, they just built it on high ground, which happened to have a cliff nearby.

And on the edge of a cliff that was about to fall… Eterna stood beyond the fall prevention fence.4

Seriously, what is this girl doing?

Seeing Eterna clearly standing at a dangerous spot, Vernell panicked and shouted.

“Eterna! What are you doing there!”


“Don’t come!”

Eterna shouted, and she stepped closer to the edge of the cliff.

That’s dangerous. Just a little more and she will jump off.

Well, Eterna won’t be dead even if she jumped off though.

So let’s calm down and ask why Eterna is doing this kind of thing.

“I have to disappear!”

 “What are you talking about?!”

As I listened to Eterna and Vernell quarrel, I started to think.

Where was the flag raised?

I have played all routes, I also read over the walkthrough page, yet I never saw this kind of event.

But this game… It had various mini events hidden everywhere, there was even a case of a new route being found after 4 years after all.

Even if there is a walkthrough, it’s not good enough.

Why did this happen? Is it because of how all Vernell does is muscle training and abandoned Eterna?

“It’s… it’s all, my fault! Fara-sensei turning weird… this kind of uproar… it’s because I am here…!”


She’s saying something weird.

Fara-san became weird because of her?

Sorry, I don’t get what you’re saying. I don’t know what made you think of that.

Fara-san was manipulated by the Witch, I definitely said that.

The Demon Rampage was also because of the Witch. It has nothing to do with Eterna.

For now, let’s make her calm down first.

It’s pretty apparent that she is currently Con☆fu☆sed.

“Calm down. You are confused right now. Come over here, then…”

 “Don’t come!”

I tried to calm her, yet she got even more agitated instead.

This reaction… is it all my fault?

Is my gaze that disgusting?! I guess it’s that bad to look at her butt.

“You don’t have to hide it, Elrise-sama… I know everything…”


No, no good… did I get revealed as being a fake Saint?!

Did she find out that I had so much scum inside me that it was enough to break a world record?!

Well, it’s possible. Because she is the real Saint, even if I didn’t get hurt back then, she might notice “I’m the real one! She’s a fake!”

Or is it due to me looking at her butt?

Yo, yo yo yo yo you’re mistaken!

It’s just… the work of instinct…

It’s just that, you have a nice butt… like thinking…

A, awa, awawawawa…

No wait.

Why is that connected to her attempt to commit suicide?

Even if I fell here, I won’t die because I am the real Saint and she’s a fake! Is she trying to prove that?

Fuh… fool.

Stop that Eterna. That’s super effective against me.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. For now, stay calm…”

 “Yes, that’s right… there’s no way you get how I feel…”

Hm… I maybe really don’t understand.

For her, she herself is the Saint, while there’s an imposter who named herself as one…

It’s a so-called identity theft victim, with me as the suspect.

But it’s not my fault it happened. There’s an idiot called the Prophet that mixed us up during our baby period, all of it is his fault.

That’s why I’m not wrong. I’m not wrong!

… Or so I thought, because in the next moment, she said a bomb-like statement.

“—a Saint like you, there’s no way you would understand the feeling of a Witch like me!”

Hhm I see, so you’re a Witch…

Now that’s surprising. But it’s not like I wanted to be a Fake Saint…


Huh? Witch? Not a Saint?

She right now, said she is a Witch?


I’m sorry, what did you say again?

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