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Chapter 13: Ideal and Reality

The reality went beyond the ideal.

Supple Ment was a Saint’s worshipper who had enthusiastic love towards that idol called the Saint.

When he was young, he viewed the world as a hell.

Demons had swarmed everywhere, many people died, and humans lost their conscience and became thugs.

He feared the thugs’ ugliness more so than the demons.

A human who had lost their reason was reduced to less than an animal. A devil that was beneath a beast.

Even when a beast attacked a human, it wasn’t out of malice.

They attacked to eat, to protect their own children, to fight against their own fear. They attacked because they felt hostility from the other side.

Those were their reasons.

However, humans who had lost their reason were different. They hurt others without reason, and took enjoyment out of it.

A human without reason is a beast with malice, and such beasts are devils.

Those devils had assaulted Supple’s house.

Supple’s house was a poor Barony who ruled in the countryside, but they were powerless against a mob of citizens who had turned into thugs.

His home was wrecked, and his house servants escaped. Also, his father and brothers were killed, while his mother and sister were raped in front of Supple, who was a young child then.

Beasts … yes, they must’ve been beasts. Those bastards couldn’t have been considered as humans.

They were just beasts who wore human skins.

As for Supple, who barely managed to survive alone, his heart became twisted.

Even if it was poor, his house was still a noble house and for Supple, who had never seen such ugliness before, such an event was enough to corrupt his heart.

Justice, love, mercy, moderation, kindness, affection, responsibility, courage… such virtues became cheap lies before the truth he had witnessed.

Humans turned into beasts so easily. Devils that were even lower than a beast.

They had easily thrown away their virtue, and exposed their true nature.

Even if they smiled now, it was but a mask to hide their ugly natures beneath.

It was the Saint of that generation who brought such a world back to normal.

When the Saint defeated the Witch, the World regained its light.

Surprisingly, those devils quickly disguised themselves with a mask of reason and pretended to become human once more.

When Supple witnessed such a thing, he felt gratitude towards the Saint that he never met.

Ah, I see! Light will illuminate the world as long the Saint is there!

The Saint is Light, Love, Justice, Mercy, Affection, Regulation, kindness, Responsibility, and courage!

The Saint is human virtue itself!

In that corrupted young boy’s heart, he came to a twisted conclusion.

Towards a Saint he had never met or seen, he projected his own ideals.

She must be more beautiful than anything else. No, definitely, more exalted than anything else.

She would definitely be cleaner and more wonderful than everything in existence, both in her appearance and her inner-self.

It was such a selfish thought. It was just him forcing his ideals around.

But there was no one to correct his mistaken beliefs.

Nay, no one even noticed.

Because he knew, very well, how to put on a mask of reason.

That was the one thing Supple had managed to learn from those devils.

To make himself  look better to others. To make people think he was a peaceful person. He had worn such a mask.

Now, a few years later… just as it’s happened throughout history, the Witch has reappeared.

It has always been that way since the past.

No one understood the logic of it, but a Witch and a Saint will appear once every generation.

And when the Saint defeats the Witch, the Witch’s corpse will vanish without a trace, and a few years later a new Witch will appear.

They didn’t arrive at the same time. It was always the Witch who would emerge first, and then Saint would come after.

The time it took for the next Witch to appear after the previous one was roughly 5 years.

Peace will collapse in a mere 5 years.

At its shortest, the Witch’s reign of terror would continue for at least 15 years, and only then would a new Saint appear to defeat the Witch and bring the world to a brief period of peace..

This was because the Saint was only born at roughly the same time as the Witch’s return.

For some reason, the Witch was always an adult, while the Saint born has to go through rebirth as a baby.

No one would be capable of stopping the Witch during the period Saint grows up, and so the time until Saint matures is considered the Witch’s reign and this could  last for more than 15 years.

The mere 5 year period of peace after the Witch’s death, followed by the Witch’s rebirth and reign lasting at least 15 years until another 5 years of peace was achieved, was a cycle of events that this world always repeated. 

But there was an exception. That was if the Saint died without accomplishing her duty to defeat the Witch.

The Saint was immune to most damage except for own power and the Witch’s, but it also meant it was possible for them to be slain using those powers.

It’s not like there hasn’t been any Saints who committed suicide in the past, and there were also Saints who were slain by Demons bearing the Witch’s  power. There had also been Saints who were killed during their battle against the Witch.

If that happens, then the dark era of Witch rule will be prolonged, and humans would become corrupted.

The previous…… Saint two generations ago from Elrise’s time was exactly such a case. She had failed to accomplish her duty in defeating the Witch and was killed by Demons.

Because of such circumstances, the people treat the Saint preciously, more than anything else.

But in this next generation, an unexpected development has occurred.

The new Saint… Elrise, was the greatest Saint of all time.

She had become aware of what being a Saint meant when she was 5, and started actively doing her duty as a Saint when she was 10.

She hunted the Demons, helped people, and repelled the darkness of the world with unprecedented momentum.

The Witch had hidden herself somewhere, while her forces decreased  at a noticeable rate.

Rumor says that the symbol of terror, the Witch herself, feared Elrise and had gone into hiding instead.

In this generation, the Witch’s dark era lasted for only 10 years, and peace began from the period Elrise became active, which has already been 7 years since.

Supple wished to witness such a Saint and went to the place where Demons had gathered. There he witnessed her fight.

— Such perfection.

A reality beyond the ideal born from his lowly imagination had unfolded before him.

The selfish “ideal” within Supple was shattered, and he began to truly see the reality before him for the first time.

The world he had thought of as ugly looked beautiful and was filled with light.

He had seen humans as Devils, but that was not the case at all. He realized that the fact that he could only see them as Devils was due to the darkness inside his own “heart”.

His eyes, which had been filled with a dark passion and blatant escapism, were now filled with a strong light, and it felt as if the darkness in his heart was gently blown away.

This was no longer a man who only looked towards his own ideals.

On a path that was illuminated with light, was a man who could now see the world as it should be.

”My name is Elrise. Because of certain circumstances, I shall be studying along with everyone in this academy. In the short time we are together, please take care of me.”

It was as if lightning had struck on a clear day.

Within this fog called everyday life, thunder echoed unexpectedly, and suddenly it was as if the sky had cleared.

Unexpectedly, the Saint had enrolled as a student… Supple was filled with ecstasy for such a happy surprise.

I could stay in the same space as her!

And the real person seen up close was, as expected, beyond his own ideal.

“That person over there… I can see that you seem to be unwell… alright this should do it… eh? Gratitude? Your thanks is plenty. I merely did what I wished to do”

She had completely cured the sickness of a green haired girl who had merely passed by her in the corridor.

Supple recognized the student.

Lina Thomas… while her grade in the theoretical class was one thing, her grade in practical class was terrible.

It seemed like she had a kind of heart disease that would cause her to faint if she exercised too hard

Even with such a handicap, the fact she had managed to enter the academy is proof of how capable she was.

… That’s why it was regrettable.

Common healing magic would never be able to cure a heart disease.

Furthermore, to completely cure it, precious medicine was necessary.

Mandragora, Dragon wing’s scale, and Gryphon Feather.

It was such a precious medicine that needed such rare materials. And rather than cost, the main reason this medicine was so hard to obtain was that it was difficult to make in the first place.

There’s no way to make it if the materials were not available.

Supple suspected that she had been attempting to grow stronger to collect the materials herself.

Clinging on a single hope to survive, she tried to become stronger… But unfortunately, she wouldn’t have been able to make it, considering time she might have had left.

No, in first place, even full-fledged knights would have a hard time gathering those materials.

And now, such a disease… was simply and completely cured as if it had just been a common illness. 

As the girl trembled and cried in excitement, the Saint kindly embraced her.

Although the green-haired girl was taller than the Saint, the scene looked like a parent gently soothing a child.

Such preciousness — with that last word, Supple’s spirit turned to dust.


When he got his consciousness back, the Saint was no longer there.

While Supple felt a deep regret, he was also moved beyond words.

Ah… ah! The world was more beautiful and shone brighter than he thought.

The reality has surpassed the ideal!

It was unknown why she transferred to this academy.

But there was definitely a deep reason behind it.

If so, he thought, let’s help her with everything in my power.

Supple Ment silently and ecstatically swore that as he looked toward the sky.

His figure while doing so looked disgusting though, and he was avoided by the students who witnessed it.

Lina-chan seems like the type that looked slender in clothes. That’s nice.

I could still feel the warmth and shape of her body as I walked along the corridor.

With this, the first problem was solved.

I found the sickly girl Lina-san while I was roaming nearby, so I approached her and then healed her.

Why did this world’s doctors even need precious materials to cure that level of illness?

Well, thanks to that I got some nice memories though.

Using my handsome healing power, I cured Lina-chan’s illness. She ended up crying and I used that chance to happily embrace her.

Then I was able to enjoy the feeling while rubbing her head and pretending to comfort her. Ihihihi.

“Ah, Elrise-sama”

Ah, now, now. Isn’t it the protagonist Vernell-kun with main heroine Eterna-san?

You guys look good walking around together today as well.

Don’t worry, I won’t say go explode or anything like that.

Because Vernell was the alter ego of the player, which meant he was also my own alter ego.

So if Vernell was flirting with Eterna, it was equal to me flirting with Eterna.

Absurd you say? Galge is such a thing you know?

Isn’t it about projecting your own self into the protagonist’s situation, and enjoying simulated romance through them?

That’s why I wasn’t jealous of Vernell, rather I would like to help him with all my power.

Reach the happy END and get everlasting happiness already. Let me die satisfied.

By the way Eterna-chan, you look awful, are you worried about something?

If anything has happened, you could talk to me.

“…ngh, I, I’m okay…” 

Hm~? You seriously look bad. Are you really okay?

Vernell-kun, did you abandon her to do something else again?

Don’t just do muscle training, you need to care for the  girl you like too.

“Self-training… I’m still continuing it, but it’s no longer all I do now. And the person I like is… ah, no. By the way I got curious, why did Elrise-sama enter the academy?”

Ah, as expected it made you curious?

Hm-, what should I do. Should I tell you?

Okay. I might as well tell you. Don’t tell anyone else, okay.

With that, I told them that the Witch might be within the Academy.

Well regarding the Witch, these two weren’t just bystanders, more like they were people directly related to the situation.

Knowing this fact early, you might become more vigilant.

“The Witch…! Is within the academy!?”

Obviously you must be surprised, huh.

But it might not be good to tell them the location, since I didn’t know what they might end up doing. So I told them that I didn’t know her location at the moment.

I actually already knew exactly where she was though.

I shall teach the Witch the terror of being hunted down slowly. Guhehe.

Show me your fearful face.

Seeing a normally arrogant last boss cum villainess’ crying face is enough for me to eat 3 portions.

“…the Witch”

But for some reason, Eterna looked frightened and stepped back.

Oohn? Why do you look scared there?

Ah, no, I see. You’re scared after hearing the Witch is within the academy I guess.

But don’t worry. I shall protect your peace.

Yes, I came here to defeat the Witch and protect you guys (game face)

Don’t worry, the Witch will probably be easily defeated by me.


As I said that, for some reason Eterna’s face went pale and she ran off.

Huh? Did I do something wrong?

As I glanced toward Vernell and Leila for help, both of them tilted their heads in confusion.


… I don’t get it.

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