Fake Saint of the Year

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Chapter 17 Small Trick

Oops. Someone saw my wound.

Honestly, I let my guard down back there.

Perhaps it happened when I grabbed Vernell and fell, but it was bad for him to have witnessed it.

It happened sometimes, right? Haven’t you been cut somewhere without noticing it since there was no pain?

It was that kind of situation, so I hadn’t noticed I was wounded until Vernell pointed it out.

Luckily, there was only Vernell to witness it.1

I could simply deceive a single person.

I was an excuse expert. I immediately healed my arm, then at the same time created a red thread-like thingy using magic. Then, I claimed, “It’s not a wound. It’s a red thread,” and successfully tricked Vernell.

By the way, I used light magic. Colour was basically a reflection of the light, or so I’d heard.

Thus, if you mastered light magic, you could easily manipulate color, or so I thought. 2

At that time, I use red light in the shape of a thread to make it appear as if there was a thread there.

Well, a small trick was necessary to keep pretending to be the Saint.

Humans were easily deceived by what they saw.

That was why, as I was capable of manipulating colours using light magic, I could easily make it look like a divine “miracle” had happened.

Rainbows and auroras were easily made. To make things look divine was a simple task and making it look like it had been sent from heaven by lighting it up myself was also possible.

Even I thought it was a cheap miracle, but without such effects, it would have looked plain boring.

Anyway, Eterna went berserk back then, but now she sat upright without making a sound.

Her face turned red, and she was shivering in shame.

“You don’t understand the Witch’s feelings.”


As Fiora imitated Eterna’s words back then, Mob A burst into a laugh.

Eterna’s face turned even redder. Her expression was like laughing and crying at the same time while she trembled.

She looked like she wanted to crawl into a hole and hide.

But you reap what you sow, so endure it. And let me see that expression again.

Oh, it was a face that was enough to be a side dish for four meals.

In the end, everything was just Eterna’s misunderstanding.

As we returned to the group, Vernell and I explained. We then made Vernell hold knife-like Eterna had, to show there were “exceptions.”

Obviously, Vernell wasn’t suspected of being the Witch. It was because he was a man.

Eterna was also an exception like Vernell. She just happened to have such power. Eterna finally calmed down after that… but then she remembered her own words, misunderstanding, and her panic earlier. She became embarrassed and thus became what we now saw.

“But this is interesting… even though they are neither the Witch nor the Saint, yet they bear such similar power. I wonder what this is.…”

Perverted Glasses Bastard looked at Vernell with deep interest.

It wasn’t like I didn’t understand his curiosity.

Because this meant the premise that the Witch could only be defeated by the Saint could possibly be overturned by Vernell.

But Vernell’s power was unable to live up to such expectations.

Because the source of his power was the soul of the Witch… or a part of it, to be exact.

When the current generation of Witch was still sane, she cut off a small portion of her power along with her soul and conscience. It was attached to another soul before that soul was born, resulting in a male who wielded the Witch’s power. That male was Vernell.

Just like the First Witch’s resentment was reborn in every generation of Saints, the current Witch using the same power to separate that bit of power from herself.

Then it found Vernell, who was capable of being a vessel of power, and possessed him.

It was a truth that was only revealed in the Witch route, as this power’s origin was not even mentioned in any other route.

But if I said that, Vernell here might be in danger, so I claimed that it was an “unknown power similar to Witch’s” for now.

Somehow, it managed to end peacefully…

I seriously panicked when Eterna claimed that she was the Witch, but came to a peaceful conclusion thanks to Vernell.

If it hadn’t been for him saying “…perhaps Eterna is the same as me?” I would still have been confused about how to cover this up.

“Elrise-sama… this, this time truly… I troubled you because I misunderstood…”

Eterna bowed her head so low it almost became dogeza and apologized, so I answered her, saying that it was okay.

As we looked into the reason for the confusion, I seemed to be the cause after all.

But from now on, I wanted her to take good care of herself.

And with that the case was closed!

Now it would be peaceful for some time. I had won; now it was time to eat a bath.

Nay, it was time to eat a meal. 3

You thought it was a flag earlier?

Too bad; nothing happened.

There was nothing special to be mentioned after that; I just enjoyed my school life.

Vernell, who had been about to become a loner back then, now was going along with Eterna, Fiora, and Mob A, often acting together.

But as usual, he still spent his free time self-training. I seriously wondered what he was aiming for.

And I, as usual praised every day by everyone, was enjoying feeling like a king.

Ah^~, The look of respect and worship from the mobs feels great.^~

I seemed to be filled with a desire for approval, and I loved having  those around me say I was “AMAZING!”

If you like it so much, then watch all you want. Be drunk to my beauty.

But Perverted Glasses Bastard, you are no good. 4

Your gaze feels sticky like slime and it’s disgusting.

So to fix my mood, I went bishoujo-watching: there were many beauties like Eterna.

You say I had a double standard? Shut up.

Also… fufu.

I felt that it was the correct decision to come to the Academy.

I had a uselessly large private room, along with a private bath.

But, you know, right? Regardless of how I was inside, my body was a girl’s.

And that meant… I could enter it. Blatantly! To the women’s bath!

I made up random excuses like that I need to understand a knight’s feelings, or that I wished to communicate closer with others. I was able to enter the women’s bath at a frequency that wouldn’t raise suspicions, around once a week.

And I looked around blatantly. This was my recent fun.

It was too much for one’s lust.

Wow, this was heaven on earth.

There was a skin-colored paradise regardless of where I looked. The view I saw was definitely rated adults only.

In addition, whenever I entered the women’s bath, the number of girls who had entered with me also somehow increased. It made me happy.

My spring had come!

“Hey, you over there! Don’t look at Elrise-sama with such insolent eyes! You too! Don’t look over here with such an evil gaze or I will cut you down! …Damn it… Why must I let Elrise-sama’s skin be exposed to people ranked below squire —”

If there was anything to complain about, it was the fact that Stocco came along every single time, repelling any approaching girls.

Thanks to her, I had to limit myself to looking. I was unable to touch directly.

If only Stocco was not there, I could have had a common bathtime conversation in the women’s bath, like “Oh, you’re so big,” and I could feel those busts, butts, and thighs all I wanted.

And due to Stocco’s request, I had to wear a towel whenever I entered the bath.

But, just as was often mentioned in anime, it was rude to do so. Entering the bath while still wearing a towel was not advised.

Even as I told her so, Stocco-san was still not convinced. So, I had no choice but to hide the important parts using Light magic so they were not visible.

Light magic ultimate defense: its name was “the mysterious light.” Once used, regardless of the angle when you looked at me, my important parts were always covered.

…I didn’t think there was a need to use it in the women’s bath though. But if I didn’t use it Stocco-san wouldn’t give her permission so there wasn’t a choice.

As I enjoyed the school life, the 1st mid-term period came in no time.

By the way, I was exempted.

Obviously, having the (fake) Saint herself take the test meant to raise knights to protect the Saint herself was like putting the cart before the horse.

Well, I hated taking the test myself, so I had no complaints.

After that was the summer vacation. In other words, it was summer break.

Other students were given piles of summer homework, but I wasn’t.

Vernell might use the period to flirt with the heroine.

So… I now had free time.

How to spend my time?

Recently, even training had become semi-automatic, so I had nothing to do.

As I trained my sword, it made me think.

Wasn’t it better to make my body reproduce effective movements until I did it automatically?

It was a lucky day when I decided to act upon that thought. It would have been fine even if it didn’t work, so I tried it using thunder magic and making one spell for it.

It was named “skill stealer thunder.”

Human movement is basically triggered through nerve signals.

So if I copied the nerve signal information of experts when they used their skills, wouldn’t it be possible to reproduce their moves? That was what I thought. And I succeeded.

I managed to “memorize” the moves they “remembered through effort.”

I don’t know if it made logical sense. Or rather, I thought it was wrong.

But it was “important that you think it works.” Was it a placebo effect?

Anyway, I thought it was possible, and it happened. That’s what was important.

So even if I keep lazing around, my sword prowess was still improving.

Of course, I had trained hard back then so I had a respectable level of prowess. And I still kept a minimum level of training so my skills wouldn’t get rusty.

It was important to have a solid foundation if you wanted to make a skyscraper or it would collapse easily. Even fools like me knew that.

That’s why for me, the common weakness of using stolen skills and getting told that “depending on stolen skills, not your own effort” was bad, was not valid for me. Well, maybe a little.

Next was magic, but increasing magic power was about the cycle of circulating the amount of magic power you took in to the limit and then letting it out.

Well, this was similar to increasing vital organ capacity, I guessed? Like increasing lung capacity by breathing practice. Maybe it was something like that.

And I made magic to make such an automatic cycle possible.

Think of the image of a hospital ventilator.

This magic covered my whole body while staying invisible, then automatically started the magic absorption-expelling cycle.

So I used this whenever I wanted to train my magic and canceled it when I wanted to stop training.

And so I could power up easily; I thought it was akin to a cheat.

As expected, it was bad for humans to put in an effort. It was an age to make things more efficient and for lazing around.

Uhm, I was such a bad person.

Anyway, I had a lot of free time now.

So to keep myself from getting bored I sneaked out of the Academy and bullied the demon swarm that was moving towards the Academy.

Ok: light magic: BOOM! The enemy died.

It seemed that the Witch had tried to sneakily call over demons, but she was naïve.

I, who had played all the game routes, had known it a long time ago.

If this demon army was left alone, they would strike the Academy near the end of the game. But before it happened, they would destroy any nation that happened to be in the way of their march.

Then, as they arrived at the Academy, every student would come to resist them, resulting in a large number of deaths. It also triggered the event of Eterna awakening the Saint’s power and she would trample the rest of the demons.

But I was here now.

Obviously, I would l crush such troublesome events before they happened.

So here is light magic: BOOM! And another one: BOOM!

In addition, there was also fire magic and water magic, and thunder magic; anyway, they were all various types of BOOM!

I needed to exercise every so often so I made a sword of light with magic and begin musou play.


Fuhahahaha! Fear! Give up hope! Die without being capable of resisting!

Hey, hey, try to beg for mercy or something! Perhaps this kind of person will change my mind.

…hou? You want to surrender and beg for mercy? You have a good attitude.

Now, what should I do? what, should, I, do… I wonder~?

…as I expected, nope. The demons can just obediently perish.

“you… PreTEnded… to BE FoOLeD…”

The enemy seemed to have said something.

Idiot. It was the one who got fooled who was at fault, you fool.

How is it, feeling bad?

Ihihihihihi, it’s all about winning, you know.

Because you don’t know that you are a loser! Gyahahaha —

And finally, I guessed that was the last of them.

Yep, there were no more enemies.

Ah, I felt refreshed. The entertainment of this world was limited to bullying demons, I guessed.

And so, to the people of the nations on the demons’ rout, I left the aftermath to them.

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