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Chapter 26: Investigation

Since I had nothing to do, I decided to keep training for the time being.

It was common sense for a gamer to spend their free time for self-training when there was no event, but to think I even ended up doing it in reality.

I used automated mana training magic to cycle my mana and made a ball of magic which I flung around the room like a beanbag.

Fire, water, earth, wind, thunder, ice, light… ok. Those were all the elements I could use.

I then formed their shape into something like a fairy or a spirit, and let it play around.

Using this method, one could polish their magic concentration, control, and simultaneous casting at the same time.

The magic I could use at the same time right now was limited to 10. However, according to the historical books I’d read on the past Witches and Saints, there were only a few of them who could use more than 2 types of magic at the same time. So I guess I was quite capable, in a way.

But really, I didn’t know what I should do.

If I investigated the underground, the Witch would escape.

I also didn’t know who would be watching over my actions, so it was highly possible I could still get caught even if I sneaked in there alone.

For example, there might be a familiar of the Witch standing by the underground entrance, and if they warned, “the Saint is coming!” then the Witch might immediately escape.

In other words, I needed to do something about the Witch’s ability to teleport.

What if I made a barrier to cover the whole academy?

The Witch’s teleport basically disintegrated her body into particles, which then move at high speeds in that state. This was something that would only be possible with dark power since it would instantly kill anyone else who tried it. So maybe if I made a barrier to prevent those particles from escaping, the Witch would be trapped.

But if I blocked it that thoroughly, even air would be blocked… considering the number of people within the academy, that wouldn’t be good.

Even if I aimed for a short battle, she wouldn’t go down with just a single hit. Plus, if she responded with fire magic then the situation could become even worse.

Even if the Witch was trapped, if all the oxygen burned out, what should be a sure win would turn into a loss.

How about evacuating everyone prior to deploying a barrier?

I could enclose the empty academy with a barrier, and then gradually shrink the barrier to crush everything inside. It could be called operation “Die along with the academy.”

But then everyone would know about the evacuation time, including the headmaster and other spies. They could just inform the Witch about this and she could escape.

How about beating down the headmaster first?

Although, I had no justification to do so.

If I suddenly beat down the apparently innocent headmaster without reason, my public image would be damaged even though I had the Saint’s significant authority…

I could ignore those opinions and force my way. But if I did, they might think I had become crazy and could use that as a reason to forcefully send me back home. So that plan should be a last resort.

 How about an ambush?

Like, I could dig a hole somewhere outside the academy and hide within it. Then I could cast a super thick beam that would destroy everything in its path, along with the school underground.

This would definitely damage the Witch but… since I couldn’t guarantee it would kill her in one hit, she could still end up escaping.

The Witch only took damage from the Saint’s and the Witch’s power, so obviously I would have to imbue my magic with dark power. However, I only had a minimal amount of dark power from Vernell. So even if my beam had high destructive power, it would still be hard to defeat her in one shot.

Also, if I did this, the ground below the academy would collapse which would be disastrous.



No good, I can’t think of a good idea.

I might have an idea that could “possibly” defeat Witch, but I didn’t have one that could “definitely” defeat Witch.

As expected, I needed to take care of the headmaster and other spies first.

I needed to find definite proof somehow and to catch all of them together.

But how to collect that proof was the problem.

Interrogate everyone?

Seeing as the Game’s Elrise did whatever she wanted, I think it was possible for me to do so but… it could make my image into an evil one.

“Elrise-sama, may I have a moment please?”

I heard a knock on the door as Leila called out.

What is it?

Well, I’m free right now anyway, and I have no reason to refuse.

And so, go ahead and enter.

As I said that, the door opened and Leila entered… along with Vernell and his merry group.

It was the six people who had fought the loser dog. Ah… they were seriously using those members for the story party in this route?

Is it okay to think of it as a joke party?

By the way, entering the 5th floor was usually a crime that led to instant arrest. But ever since that summer event1, I told Leila I would at least talk with Vernell if he were to come.


I thought she had something to talk about, but for some reason, Leila and the others looked surprised as they looked around the room.

What is it? Didn’t you guys come here because you had something to talk about?

…ah, it’s about these guys who are wandering about? Are you so concerned about them that you can’t talk?

I guess I will remove them. Ok… it’s done.

All right, now talk.

“Leila. I can’t understand if you stay silent”

 “Ah… ye, yes. These people have come and reported something strange. I think you should listen to what they have to say”

Hohn. Something weird?

With these members, it would be weirder if they had something decent to talk about.

Ok then. I’ll listen for a bit.

Go ahead, explain it in 50 words or less

“Please tell me”

 “All right… actually, earlier…”

Then Vernell began to explain that earlier on within Training Grounds, Aina and the Headmaster seemed to have a suspicious conversation. 

The Headmaster approached Aina and told her sweet lies like “Mary is cheating somehow” and “you ought to be recognized.” Then he suddenly changed the topic and said “there are spies in this academy!” and “I could only believe you and me,” and instructed her to watch Elrise’s movements.

Uwah, that was totally proof of his guilt.

So that was the case? That was how the Witch managed to detect me as I approached in Eterna’s route, it was all Aina’s fault.

Thinking about it, in the original game, she had tried to assassinate me out of a grudge. But in this world, she got deceived into being a spy for the enemy instead.

Somehow, that girl was always fated to be my enemy.

And perhaps sometime later the headmaster might tell her “that Saint is a fake so kill her” and she wouldn’t doubt it and could actually try to kill me.

Well, I WAS a fake though.

“How foolish … for the daughter of Knight Fox to be easily deceived by such a simple lie. No matter how you look at it, Miss Mary fought fair and square. Aina simply lost because she was not good enough. Denying her own inexperience, claiming the other as a cheater… Knight Fox would be sad to hear it.”

While Leila said she was disappointed in her, that was actually not the case.

Swindlers unexpectedly fool those who think there’d be no way they could be deceived.

It’s a fact that even in modern Japan, where information could be easily accessed, there was still a high number of swindled victims.

Compared to that, this world was not as developed, and if you add in a sheltered noble girl who had only ever lived in her mansion?

Plus, this time her heart was currently vulnerable and she was filled with impatience.

So obviously she would get deceived.

Actually, I had a feeling the headmaster approached Aina exactly because he thought “I could deceive her.”

And so, it’s time to give her some follow-up.

I’m kind to cute girls. I don’t give a damn about dudes though.

“Leila. That is not the case here. Those who get deceived usually don’t notice it when they’re in the moment. Also, I heard Aina-san grew up in her Noble mansion without ever having experienced any problems with society… In addition, her heart is vulnerable right now and she is filled with impatience. She can’t help but believe… especially since the one who said so is the headmaster.”

And it was true that there was a spy in this academy. The headmaster himself, for example.

I remembered that someone said that the best lies were always mixed with the truth.

Well considering what her physiological state was at the moment, it was my opinion that there was no way she could escape from the sweet words of the principal.

Anyway, this confirmed the headmaster as a follower of the Witch.

“Considering Aina-san’s psychological state during that moment, she likely had no way to resist his sweet words. In addition, the follower of the Witch is most likely the headmaster himself. Because the one who would be happiest to know my movements would be the Witch.”

 “I, I see… as expected of Elrise-sama. Such insight… this Leila is impressed”

Oou Stocco, you may praise me more.

Also Vernell and Eterna, Fiora and Mary, and also the other two, you did well.

With this, I had gained the justification to catch the principal.

Once the headmaster was caught, it would be time to harvest. I would root out all the spies.

“Even so, to think that the principal… the Prime Knight of the previous Saint Alexia, who worked together to beat the previous Witch, became a follower of the Witch.”

More like, that was exactly the reason.

Because the current Witch, was that previous Saint, Alexia herself.

Yes, the Witch’s name was Alexia. This will be on the test, so remember it well.

In other words, the headmaster technically didn’t betray anyone.

From the beginning to the end, he stayed as a knight for that person ONLY, Alexia.

Because the Saint had a job change into the Witch, he also got a job change from the Saint’s Knight to the Witch’s Knight, that’s all there was to it.

Even so, he was still an enemy.

He was still just a target for me to beat down along with the Witch.

Alright then, I guess I should go out and catch the headmaster now.

The Headmaster was a former Prime Knight, his ability was around a similar level with Leila, who was also an expert, but he was no real enemy to me.

Ok, with Barrier and Magic Reinforcement, all his attacks would only make impact sounds without any real damage.

And after I caught him, it would be easier to root out other spies.

“Please wait a moment, oh Saint.”

But someone stopped me. It was the Perverted Glasses Bastard.

As usual, he has the aura of a traitor around him.

“Even if you did capture him, I don’t think he will reveal every one of these spies. There will definitely be some that he will conceal for sure.”

Hmu… I see, that might be the case.

Even though he was just a Perverted Glasses Bastard, he said something decent.

“Regarding that, could you entrust this to me? I will explore the Headmaster’s surroundings, and use him to root out everyone hidden.”

Honestly, I was doubtful. Could he really do it?

He was a small fry in the game after all. He had never been portrayed as a capable person.

Perhaps he might be quickly found, and then he would become their source of info instead?

But I guess it was worth a try. In case he actually succeeded, or even if he failed and was done in by the enemy, it could still be considered as a gain.

His gaze was disgusting after all.

You may think I didn’t notice, but I saw that you stole the spoon I used to eat with from the academy’s old cafeteria lady.

Actually, it was so disgusting that I didn’t want to call you out. My evaluation for you already went beyond a zero into negative numbers, you bastard.

“Very well. I shall leave this case to you. I shall expect your success, Supple Ment-sensei.”

Oh well, I didn’t really care how he ended up.

Go ahead. As for your bones… I wouldn’t even bother picking them up and would just throw them into the ocean.

“Oooh… to think that from Saint’s lovely mouth, the words ‘expect your success’ would be directed to me…! Oo, ooooo…! With these words alone, I could fight for another 10 years, nay, 100 years! Leave this to me, oh my Saint! This Supple Ment will definitely answer your expectation!”

Uwah, disgusting…

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Am I the only one who thinks he’s kinda cute? No?

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Eternal perspective
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Elrise, you fool! You are underestimating the power of the person who managed to stalk and capture every possible Heroine! If it’s information work, Supple will give you everything you need!

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3rd Citizen
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One of those hopeless, disgusting, pathetic, but… absolutely competent characters difficult to fault in how capable they are.

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