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Chapter 30: Anxiety

The members of the Headmaster’s faction were all arrested and brought away by the soldiers that arrived after the incident.

People who were deceived into it, including Aina, were also taken with them. However, it seemed that they were released after their statements of the incident were recorded.

This should have been the end of the incident, yet the legs of Vernell’s group felt heavy as they walked back to the student dorm.

It was because of the terrible truth that they discovered during this incident.

The identity of the Witch is that of the Saint… and if the Saint were to defeat the Witch, they will inevitably be forced to become the next Witch.

While this information was shocking enough for Vernell’s group, the shock was even greater for adults like Leila and Supple. 

Leila was born 20 years ago, within the period of peace won by Alexia.

And three years after… 17 years before today, the Witch was born… no, Alexia turned into the Witch and the peace was broken but, even so, Leila had experienced 3 years of peace, where she managed to live and nurture a kind heart.

Supple was born 25 years ago, which meant he had suffered the period of the Witch before Alexia’s. This was the period when the Saint before Alexia was slain by demons; a hellish dark age that lasted over 40 years.

It was exactly because Supple had lived through that hell that he truly appreciated the five short years of peace the Saint had managed to recover. It was also why he has admired and was enthralled by such an existence.

While his heart now only served Elrise, the one who started his faith toward the Saint was Alexia.

The fact that such a Saint had turned into the Witch… was definitely a heavy blow to him.

Meanwhile, Elrise was already active as the Saint when she was 10 years old. She managed to make the world peaceful enough; it could even be comparable to the period without the Witch’s presence. That happened 7 years ago.

In the past, regardless of which Saint it was, all they ever managed to earn was 5 years of peace.

Thinking about it now with the information they had obtained, that was the period those Saints managed to suppress the curse and avoid turning into the Witch.

Yet Elrise already has maintained 7 years of peace because of her exceptional power. On top of that, unlike the other Saints, she has still managed to live on.

These facts alone were enough to make her known as the Greatest Saint of all time.

But this greatest Saint of all time may end up becoming the worst calamity of all time.

With all the power Elrise possessed, were she to turn into the Witch… it would all be as Diaz had claimed. No one would be able to win.

Even if the next Saint was born, they won’t be able to end the age of darkness.

It would be a dark age that continued until humanity was brought to extinction.

That’s why it was strange to Vernell.

Even though Diaz stubbornly proclaimed that Elrise must never be allowed to defeat Alexia, why did his attitude suddenly change during the last moment? 

The reason was that Elrise had whispered something to him and then showed him her palm.

After that moment, he laughed and said something like “the cycle of the Witch and Saint may finally come to an end,” then he collapsed and his head landed right on top of Elrise’s lap.

Supple was greatly envious of that, and even Vernell also felt envi… no, that’s wrong. That’s not what he should be thinking right now.

What was it? What did Diaz see? What did he hear?

The Saint will end up becoming the Witch. Were Elrise to become the Witch, she would be an invincible Witch that nobody would be able to stop.

That was the very reason Diaz tried to put a stop to her, but then he suddenly changed his mind?

…He didn’t understand.

Even when he asked Elrise directly, all she said was, “it’s a secret.”

But at the very least, Elrise had shown and told “something” that managed to convince Diaz.

That alone was certain.

With the Headmaster’s faction arrested, the Witch no longer had eyes within the Academy.

She might still be hidden somewhere, but with Supple controlling the Styil communication, he could impersonate the headmaster and stay in contact with the Witch, all while passing the information to Elrise.

All that was left was to find out where the Witch was located.

That alone was enough for Elrise to seize victory.

But… were Elrise to win, it would mean that despair will come after.

Is this really alright?

Is it alright for Elrise to defeat the Witch?

Isn’t it better to keep the status quo like it is now?

These forbidden thoughts filled everyone’s minds.

The Headmaster’s faction was safely arrested, and with this, no one would leak the information to Witch now.

I won, time to go to a meal. Ah, I got it wrong, time to eat my meal1.

While I was feeling slightly high now, I still couldn’t go underground.

There was still no guarantee that we were able to capture all the spies, so it was better to be cautious for a while.

And even without her spies, if the Witch spotted me the moment I go underground, she would immediately teleport away.

In the end, nothing had really changed as long as there was no countermeasure for her teleport.

And so, I continued to think of various methods to prevent it, but I still couldn’t come up with a good idea.

In the first place, was there even any kind of cheat skill that was capable of stopping the disintegration of small particles in this world?

Using my knowledge of fantasy fiction, I might be able to find a thing or two, but maybe because the base of this world was a Galge, none of these specific things seemed to work.

Well, that’s also the very reason that I, despite not necessarily knowing these specific details, managed to become undefeated though.

Since I have nothing to do right now, I was currently making cakes and puddings for each nation’s royalty as a bribe.

This world’s civilization is your typical European middle ages sort, but it’s a convenient civilization where the cities were not filled with filth.

Also, things like snacks were not too developed as well.

They managed to produce only 10 percent of the potential sugar production until the recent year, and they only started using sugar in large amounts in the last decade.

Having an oven is monopolized by high-ranked groups like the Nobles, the Royalty, and the Saint’s Church; eating sweet snacks was like their special right.

That was the reason why snacks were not too developed. The sweet snacks here were basically just on the level of bread dipped in honey or sugar.

It’s literally unbearable for me, who was from the modern age, so I made a pudding that could be created from simple ingredients and sponge cake with cream for my own eating pleasure. However, I also gifted it to others through the Guard Knights as a bribe; it unexpectedly got a good response and it became popular amongst the royalty.

I desperately tried to hold back my laughter the time one of the kings who first tried it said, “It’s so fluffy, it feels like I ate a cloud! It’s the first time I ate a cloud!” Cloud… cloud, you say. If you want to eat cloud then just chew on ice2.

In addition, because of said king, the cake I made is not named cake, but now has an absurd name like “cloud,” and this got spread instead.

It’s such a terrible name. It’s like the name of a certain someone who swung around a big sword and kept saying he was not interested in many things 3.

Meanwhile, the pudding was arbitrarily named “Mount” since it looked like a mountain.

It was a series of idiotic names, but it made the Royalty and Nobles happily say, “Let us eat mountain and cloud!” Were they idiots?

Well, thanks to that, the snacks I made become something that could only be tasted by especially high-ranked people and were popularly known as the “Saint’s snack.”

Obviously, I kept the cooking method a secret. It was my own monopoly, misters.

I’m not a good guy like most protagonists who transferred to other worlds like in the stories, so I will hoard this secret till the day I die.

Well, there was a reason for this bribe.

The royalty in this world basically already knew the fate of the Saint.

Moreover, the Saint’s castle was designed to imprison the Saint who came back after defeating the Witch.

It’s usually a luxurious castle but, with a single switch, it could instantly turn into a prison.

In addition, there were secretly bred demons hidden below the castle.

The reason? To kill the Saint, of course.

It was already proven that demons could kill the Saint.

In other words, while the royalty of the different countries were currently amicable, the moment the Witch was gone, they would instantly turn into an enemy.

Since I knew that, I tried to grasp their stomachs through bribes.

If I were to defeat the Witch and exit the stage by dying, I wouldn’t have to do this, but this was insurance in case I was revealed as a fake Saint and exiled.

If I show my worth besides being the Saint, perhaps some people out there might try to welcome me after my exile for my snacks instead.

While only a little of my lifespan remained, I didn’t want to spend that short time living as a fugitive.

It was an obvious wish for people to live in luxury until the end.

As I made the bribes, someone knocked on the door, so I said, “Come in.” Leila then entered my room.

It was unusual for her to say nothing after she entered.

What is it? Are you lured by smell, you pleasure seeker~

Just wait a bit. You also have a share.

Ah, no good, there isn’t enough. I guess I will give her my portion instead.

“Elrise-sama… I have something to ask you.”

Ou, what? My three sizes?

Sorry, I never measured it, so I don’t know.

Eh… it’s not that?

“Elrise-sama, do you intend to defeat the Witch?”


Why are you asking about such an obvious thing?

If the Witch is not defeated, how could you achieve the Happy END?

…no, actually there was a way to achieve a happy end without killing the Witch. 

As I said before, the Witch Alexia was also a romance target in this game, so the Alexia route exists.

That route was all about saving her from the fate of the Witch and leading her to happiness.

Obviously, the last boss in this route was Eterna, and she would end up dying. Such a pitiful girl.

But it’s a high difficulty route, so I didn’t add it to my chart4.

Headmaster Diaz just irresponsibly asked me to also save Alexia, but I honestly didn’t feel like doing it.

“The Saint who defeats the Witch will become the next Witch, according to the Headmaster… and Elrise-sama already knew about it from the beginning. But I don’t think you plan to become the Witch at all. Please… tell me…! Are… are you… are you planning to commit suicide after defeating Alexia-sama!?”

At Leila’s words, my smile deepened.

You almost got it! It’s very close, but it’s slightly wrong.

To be exact, it’s not suicide, since the dark power from the Witch would kill me instead.

Then I will spend my afterlife living a happy NEET-style life.

You might think I have too little attachment to my own life, but I was well aware of how my thoughts differed from normal people.

But as long as my sense of self remained, whether I was actually alive or dead was a trivial thing.

 “Disappearing” and “death” are different things… what I was more scared about was losing myself, so if my sense of self remained, it was not a big deal to me if I died.

I spent my past life (on Earth) decently, all that is left was for me to spend life lazily surfing the net, playing games, and reading light novels until the moment I die.

I am such a person. Perhaps I have a few screws loose somewhere in my head.

“Please, tell me… am I… no, are the Guard Knights… were these people who served the Saint the very ones to force them to the land of death..?”

As I looked at slowly crying Leila, I thought about it.

How much I could tell her?

First of all, it’s too early to tell her everything.

If I tell her I was a fake Saint here, it would be leaked somewhere and the situation could escalate into something like a “You are actually a fake! Banish her!” development; it would be troublesome.

While I was sure Leila would keep her lips sealed, it has been said that people can’t put a lid on someone’s mouth.

I wouldn’t really mind if I was found out as a fake and the title returned to Eterna.

Rather, that’s how it should be; that’s the last thing I have to do after all this.

Leila is from a family who served the Saint and took pride in it.

For her, it would be hard to take if the person she was protecting ended up dying.

She has currently lost her Knight’s raison d’ȇtre.

That’s why I wiped her tears with my finger and reassured her.

“You don’t have to worry about that, Leila. Even amongst knights, only very few are aware of that, even with those people who directly served the royalty as well. I, too, didn’t come to know about it immediately. It’s just a coincidence that I came to know about it.”

Mainly, from meta knowledge outside the game!

But this meta-knowledge was, in a way, foul play beyond any kind of cheat.

Well, I will still exploit it though.

“The Saint’s and the Witch’s fate… is it possible to change it…? Is there no way… for the Saint to be saved?”

 “No, it is possible to change it. That’s why I am here.”

Well actually, I didn’t really understand why I was here in the first place.

Even so, it was better for my emotions and motivation to think of it like this.

Yes, I came to make this game to achieve the Happy END.

“It is okay, Leila. Your Saint will definitely not die. I will definitely put an end to that sad fate within this generation.”

 “Is– is it true..? Is there really a way for them to avoid dying, to avoid becoming a Witch!?”

 “Yes, there is. I can’t tell you in detail right now, but… please believe and follow me.”

Leila’s expression grew brighter and she hurriedly wiped her tears.

Well, I didn’t speak any lies.

The Saint indeed won’t die or become a Witch.

Well, Leila cares quite a lot for me, so if I were to die, she might cry a bit; but she would surely get back on her feet soon after.

Because unlike me, who only looked perfect on the outside, the real Saint was truly a nice girl.

Or rather, I was feeling slightly guilty for deceiving her all this time.

Because Leila was the person who was truly supposed to serve Eterna, and she has worked hard for that reason since her childhood. 

Yet the thing she served is a fake who was really a man inside. It’s totally bullying.

For this capable girl to keep serving a fake like me, it made my sesame seed-sized conscience hurt.

That’s why I wanted to let her serve her rightful master instead.

“It’s okay. I will make the future a HAPPY END, where everyone will be joyful once they reach it.”

There was no error in my plan!

I shall be Depression Breaker Elrise.

Wаnt tо gеt еаrlу ассеѕѕ tо сhарtеrѕ fоr thіѕ ѕtоrу? Wе’ll bе роѕtіng аdvаnсеd сhарtеrѕ thrоugh Ко-fі!

Wаtаѕhі wа Ѕugоі Dеѕu іѕ сеlеbrаtіng іtѕ 4th уеаr аnnіvеrѕаrу wіth а lоgо аnd fаnаrt соntеѕt! Wаnt tо раrtісіраtе? Сhесk оut thе dеtаіlѕ hеrе!

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Who Knows?
Who Knows?
2 months ago

Breaker…? If she really does what she’s planning, she gonna be the bringer instead xD Lol, playing with words like that… It’ll be so cruel for Leila when she finds out…

4 months ago

Is it just me or does it feel like Elrise reasoning that she is an arsehole starting to feel a lot more like self deprication or impostor symptom.

Sure, he is a bit of a perv, but if he was as much of an arsehole as he claims himself to be, he would have done a lot of horrible things in secret rather than purely do good things.

Being a bit selfish isn’t the same as being evil or malicious. At this point I suspect he is just straight out lying to himself for why he does what he does.

2 months ago
Reply to  Spirit

maybe we could see it that way. she just more aware of her flaw than her good side, and insisted that way. in a sense, that could be considered a saint attitude

8 months ago

One thing to keep in mind as she says this is that she is still under the impression that everyone is supposed to hate her.

2 months ago
Reply to  Wolverum

she didn’t consider other perspective on her opinion

10 months ago

We’ll get a happy end… right?


2 months ago
Reply to  Kzalca

it took roundabout way, and it’s not exactly mean all named characters survived, but it could be considered happy end

1 year ago

— Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

depression bringer she’ll be! XD

2 months ago
Reply to  exqalph03

yeah, gotta spread the despair!

1 year ago

I am almost certain the cloud comment was spoken by someone in a sengoku jidai cooking manga.

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Reply to  Gitami

is it? can you tell me which manga exactly since i never saw it before?

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Can someone tell me how many more chapter until ending?

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Reply to  Irushia

About 60 to 70 chapters.

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the story end at chap 88

3rd Citizen
3rd Citizen
1 year ago

Depression breaker….

Heartbreaker saint why not? Or you know, when you finally get invested and the story has a tragic end- that soul rending feeling if emptiness…

Elrise is better dubbed the soul-rending saint

1 year ago
Reply to  3rd Citizen

imagine breaker!

2 months ago
Reply to  mavg

happiness breaker!

2 months ago
Reply to  3rd Citizen

yeah, that’s the result she only saw herself without considering the consequence of her action, as in, how it affected other.

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Considering her current popularity, won’t she cause even more depression when she dies? As expected of this game though. The girl whose route you select always dies. This is the Elrise route.

1 year ago
Reply to  DurandDurand

she has quite… few screw loose in her head since her past life and she aware of it. it just… since she split in half with Niito, her intelligence took a hit, which caused many misunderstanding

1 year ago
Reply to  tsukii

she’s not stupid. just really LAZY.

she has been proven to be capable at problem solving skills. she can come up with good excuse ON THE SPOT when her original plan go haywire.

she herself doesn’t value her life much. galge plot too. her lifespan also near its end. why not stop thinking about it. let’s it be future elrise-sama’s problem.

1 year ago
Reply to  mavg

while i won’t exactly say she stupid(though i do say the split took hit on her intelligence), it more because the difference of perspective and value that she could do what she does. she see everything, including herself, objectively, and did things for sole reason reaching Eterna’s happiness

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Reply to  tsukii

It’s not that he is stupid or he has a screw loose.
He already died. I think She already accepted that.
For him, now her, this world is like the afterlife.
It’s just a game, just a chance to make his favorite story have a happy ending ( tough she is kind of failing on that)

The feeling that this life is just a game is reinforced by how OP she is.

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