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Chapter 31: Dance Party

Recently, the academy was getting livelier.

It’s because the headmaster was actually hated, so the students rejoiced when he got arrested! … Well, not exactly.

Right after that event happened, the Headmaster’s seat was taken over by another representative.

If that person was also a knight of the previous Saint, the same problem might happen again, so this time, they were picked from the group of active knights.

And one who was chosen for it was the 2nd seat of Guard Knights, Viscount Fox.

He’s an old dude in his mid-thirties, and an expert who was the Prime Knight until he was defeated by Leila.

He was also one of my instructors, and he knew me before I became self-aware… in other words, he knew the “Elrise when she was still selfish.”

Because of such circumstances, I had to act carefully towards this old man.

He was also getting weaker as he aged, and he himself said that it’s already hard to continue his active duty as a knight.

In that sense, succeeding as the academy’s headmaster was a good retirement job for him.

And with this, there were now 2 Guard Knights within the academy.

Going back to the topic.

The academy still functioned normally even after the headmaster was replaced, and it was getting livelier recently.

The reason for that is the event that is being held today.

It was an event that was being held in the big hall of the 1st floor called the “Dance Party.”

As I said before, the majority of the students here are aristocratic children, and such skills are taught here as it’s necessary for their futures.

Also, it’s expected that knights should be capable of socializing at least to some extent, so dancing is treated as necessary knowledge.

Since the Saint was often invited as a guest in parties held by the nations of this world; if her guards knew nothing about etiquette, they would shame their master.

Needless to say, I was still regarded as the Saint even if I was a fake, so I was at least taught how to dance.

Even without that though, dancing is one of the very few entertainments in this world, so despite not being a Noble, it was an obvious thing to learn.

There were even social halls made for the sole reason of dancing in town, and they operated at full capacity everyday.

Before dancing became a mainstream source of entertainment, the main entertainment sources then were just duels between people, killing shows that used captured demons, and public executions of criminals. As such, it was understandable why dancing became so popular. Hieh…

For the game’s main story, there was nothing of major importance in this dance party.

But there were unique events for each heroine in this event, and you would gain a great amount of favorability for the heroine you invited to dance.

If you wished to enter a certain route but lacked favorability of that heroine, or you wished to switch routes between heroines in the middle of the game, then this event is important.

Well, it’s just a little solution for adjusting favorability.

Also as usual, during this event Pizzarise attempted to appeal several times toward Vernell and it was annoying. However, I had absolutely no intention of doing such things, so you can forget about it.

“Elrise-sama, it’s about time.”

As Leila said that, I got myself up from the bed I was sitting on.

What I was wearing right now was a white colored dress, considered the formal uniform of Saint.

Ever since I came to academy, I always wore school uniform; as such,  it felt like it’s been a while since I wore this.

Rather, while it’s my outfit for the Saint’s role play, I actually didn’t like it that much since it kept fluttering about.

In the first place, I’m a man inside, you see? You think a guy would feel happy wearing a fluttery dress?

…there are people who like that? Shut it. Those people are called perverts.

So I much preferred the school uniform compared to this dress.

When we arrived at the big hall, several students had already gathered.

As I arrived, everyone stopped interacting and then looked toward me.

Ah, don’t worry about me and continue what you have been doing.

I continued my steps and moved toward where the new headmaster was located.

Hey, Old man Fox. Hello, hello~

Congrats on becoming the new headmaster.

“Oh, I see you are here, Elrise-sama. As I expected, you look best in such a pure white dress.”

That’s just your imagination.

Because I regularly wore this outfit all the time then, you just feel weird when I wear anything else.

As I said things like that, I continued to chat with the old man.

Honestly, I merely came here to show my face out of duty since I was staying in the Academy, but I didn’t really like this kind of dance party that much.

It wasn’t like I hated anything about it in particular. I just didn’t think I was suited for it.

Whether Leila understood this sentiment of mine or not, she pointed a heavy gaze at the people who were about to invite me to dance, intimidating them away.

Ah, by the way, Leila was wearing a purple dress. It totally suited her.

“For all of my daughter’s foolish actions… for the trouble she had caused you, I give you my deepest apology.”

Ah, it’s about Aina.

It’s okay, it’s okay. That kind of thing is still cute in my standards.

I wouldn’t forgive it if they were a dude though.

As I said that, I noticed old man Fox was looking at me with a somewhat gentle expression.

What is it?

“Talking like this reminded me of the times I once took care of Elrise-sama.”

Ah, the old times.

Fuh, I was also quite “childish” back then.

…or so I said as I pretended to reminisce with him. But actually, I remembered nothing about how I acted before the age of 5.

This was because  I only possessed Elrise (?) when I turned 5 years old.

But based on the game’s setting and the people’s reaction to me then, there was  no doubt that I was a good for nothing child during that period.

If I was not mistaken, the Elrise in the game… had harassed servants she didn’t like, told other servants to bully another servant, and falsified a report about “being bullied” by people she found annoying.

Uheeh… it was a miracle I never got dismissed.

“Elrise-sama from the past, was it? I’m curious. What kind of child was she?”

 “She has grown into a respectable person now, but back then she was a child who was somewhat difficult to please.”

Ah, Old man Fox, stop right there…

“Anyway, she was free-spirited and quite unrestrained… she didn’t thank people, flipped the female servants’ skirts around, and ran about… yet once she stopped moving, she really didn’t move. She used to surround her bed with various things and would say, “this is the best position so I can reach the things I need without having to move much.” When a male servant was assigned to her, she said the man was scary and forcefully changed the servant to another one. And when asked to study then, she used to fill her notebook with random scribbles instead…”

…hm? Huh?

That’s different compared to the childhood of the Elrise that I knew…

Did Elrise really do any of that?

“She was also very selfish. Whatever food was served to her, she would always say it tasted horrible or bland. She complained to the chef quite a lot, saying she wanted cow’s milk instead of sheep’s milk, and that  the bread was so hard and she disliked it… even when she bathed, she requested the water be heated beforehand… when asked why she kept saying,“I don’t know why. But if it’s not done, I can’t stand it…”

Huh. That’s weird.

She didn’t do as much evil as I thought she did.

While her demands were pretty selfish… it was very normal compared to what Elrise supposedly did…

How do I explain it… Her type of selfishness was different.

The original Elrise’s selfishness was kind of damp and sticky. She mainly tormented people around her. She was quite capable in a negative way.

In comparison, the child version of Elrise I heard about from Old man Fox seemed to just be a plain idiot.

She was just a person who rampaged around, commanded by her desire and instinct; just a childish and bratty figure.

While I was confused by this information, Old man Fox pulled out a handkerchief and started wiping his eyes.

“On top of that, her manner of speaking, it was always quite rough, no matter how much we tried to correct it… I don’t know whether to say it was boyish or unique…”

 “Th, that’s… hard to imagine, looking at the current Elrise-sama…”

 “Yes. That’s why, now that we see she’s grown splendidly as Saint, this is something we are all very proud of and happy for.”

Huh? Huhh?

This seemed off somehow; it was weird.

It was, indeed, a description of a bad child, and it also described one who was certainly very selfish.

Yet, it was nothing compared to what I remembered of the original Elrise.

How do I say it… it was, yes, it was a description that was very close to myself.

If I was to be reincarnated into the game without any of my knowledge about it, and if I didn’t role play and just acted normally… it would’ve turned out like that.

Doesn’t that mean…

In this world, I merely didn’t have any knowledge of the game before I turned 5 years old…

—from the very beginning, this world’s Elrise was me?

When Elrise appeared in the Hall, the Dance Party’s atmosphere immediately changed.

The moment she appeared, time seemed to stop because everyone was busy admiring her, and then they immediately began restraining each other.

For the people who aimed to become a Knight, inviting the Saint for a dance and escorting her would be considered the greatest honor.

Every man in this place suddenly became rivals. Everyone was an enemy.

They all watched each other to prevent one another from running ahead, and at the same time each of them seeked for their own chance to get ahead.

The first one who made an attempt was the well-known pervert of the academy, Supple Ment.

As he took the first step, the other students and teachers drop-kicked him from  all directions, preventing his uncouth attempt.

While he didn’t do anything yet, it was this pervert. There was nothing good that could come from his attempt anyway.

With this, one evil got driven out.

The next one who moved was the former soldier from the 1st years, John. He was 20 years old, despite being a 1st year.

But he was brought down by the pressure of Leila’s gaze, and reluctantly returned to his seat.

Next, these 3 persons, Tadano, Kazua, and Wase, all stood up at the same time1.

Then the 3 of them glared at each other, and then planted their respective fists at each other’s faces.

The trio was retired for the day.

Afterwards, several men also made attempts; some were removed by the other men, while the rest were defeated by the icy pressure of Leila’s Gaze.

Yet among them, there was one man who walked on top of these fallen bodies.

He steadily avoided the obstacle made of those who had fallen before him, stepping over them like flowing water, and repelled the other people who tried to obstruct him with his mighty body.

He ignored the pressure emitted by Leila’s gaze and moved closer. This man — Vernell, reached the Saint and said,

“Elrise-sama, may I have the pleasure of this dance?”

 —it was at this moment that Vernell became both a hero who was respected by the academy’s men and, at the same time, an enemy hated by all of them.


Illustration from nonoji様
This is the depiction of a NEET.

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Huh. So the original (fake) Saint really was our current Elrise? I suppose it makes sense why she was so overpowered now: she was an op-cheat reincarnated person to begin with!

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She never regressed. The game gives her real-time information on the future. It’s closest to a reincarnation story with game knowledge cheat.

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Who Knows?
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K lmnop
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