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Chapter 32: A Conversation amongst Themselves

Seriously? He came over without hesitation.

Even though there were Eterna, the main heroine; Mary, the most popular heroine in online polls; domineering tsundere twin-tail Aina; and stubborn older person Leila to choose from, you ignored everyone and came to me… Do you have knot holes for eyes?

According to information from “that dream,” this world was currently on the Elrise route that was not supposed to exist in game

But… you see? Wasn’t this considered a joke route?

No, I understood. Regardless of how I actually was, when viewed from outside, the me who kept continuing in my role as the Saint was a bishoujo with super as a prefix.

Rather, exactly because the man inside was scum, I cheated my appearance perfectly using magic.

So the fact that people looked at such an outward appearance could only mean that all my trouble creating it was appreciated.

But my Saint Role Play was, after all, just an act. Still far from the true Saint, who was real inside and outside.

Speaking about the protagonist… you know, it was that kind of a thing. They usually had the ability or insight to see through to how people were on the inside, how people really were, you know?

Even in fiction, there were many who looked good on the outside, had good publicity, and were trusted by anyone, while only the protagonist would have doubts about that person. It happened quite commonly.

Buying a cigar using paper money… something seems fishy? A likely development. 1

Vernell, you invited me for a dance now, but were you aware that was the biggest landmine?

This was your last chance to change your route.

This dance party, in-game-wise, was considered a remedy for favorability adjustment.

For you, it’s your last chance to avoid the landmine.

Are you really sure? You will regret this!

Because I know you will regret it, I think it’s okay to have second thoughts!

“Elrise-sama, you were invited to dance,” old man Fox said cheerfully. 

The fact that Vernell had managed to come here and invite me despite the atmosphere made him highly regarded, it seemed.

Guh… it was no good to keep ignoring him publicly… huh.

Should I just reject him?

While it was considered good manners for an invited girl to dance for at least one song, it’s not like rejection was not allowed.

Like when you want to go to the toilet, when your feet were in pain, when your body was not feeling well, — or when the other party was drunk, or you had the feeling that your body might be in danger, you could reject the other party scot-free.

But currently, there was no problem with my body’s condition and Vernell did not have any of the above problems, either.

Also… if I rejected him in public like this, it meant I was publicly humiliating Vernell…

I guess I had no choice, it was just for one song, okay?

I shall show you my dance skills that were refined during bon odori on summer festival.

Well, there’s no bon odori in this world, though.

After I danced a song with Vernell, Leila also invited me to dance.

Then, for some reason, Leila started to dance the male part like it was the obvious thing to do. I didn’t understand.

After my dance with Leila was over, I made the excuse that I was tired, then sat on a chair while releasing an “I won’t dance anymore” aura.

As the party neared its end, some people ended up becoming couples. They brought their partners to see the night sky together.

That’s great, you guys sure are having a good adolescence. Go and explode.

I also went out and looked at the sky above.

The air of this world was not polluted, so you could see the stars clearly. It was really beautiful to look at.

But you would notice that their constellations were obviously different if you paid attention.

Then, after a while, Vernell brought Eterna outside.

Oh? Yes yes, you do things correctly.

Since this happened, it seemed that the Eterna flag had not yet broken.

Ok, in that case, let’s give some service.

Using magic to control light then… there, meteor shower.


 “Look look, look at that!

 “They indeed exist, the meteor showers!”


The students, getting excited as they looked at a meteor shower in the night sky, raised their voices.

Actually, it wasn’t a real meteor shower. I just made it look like that using light magic.

This little trick would give them good memories so long as I was not caught doing it.

But Vernell seemed to notice that I was the one who had done it since he looked at me.

I guessed I was being too blatant about it.

Well, don’t worry about it too much Vernell. It’s better to be silent about this.

This kind of trick makes it look pretty, doesn’t it?

“Yes. … Truly… it looks beautiful…”

So you do understand.

Yes, just honestly have fun with the trick.

Don’t think too much and get fooled by it. That’s the way to enjoy the magic trick.

After the party ended, I returned to my room and fell asleep.

It was supposed to be like that. But, when I noticed, what I saw was my one-room apartment.

As I awoke and looked around, Fudou Niito (male me) sat on a chair, looking towards me.

“Hey, you came, Elrise. I’ve been waiting for you.”

 “Yeah, Me. How to say it… the dream seriously resumed.”

 “I told you this isn’t a dream.”

It was a dream yet not a dream.

That was what Niito (I) said when we separated last time.

It was indeed rare to see the same dream happen several times in a row.

On top of that, it was not the same dream, but the content that resumed.

“Now, let’s resume our last topic. We don’t know when you came here nor when the next time you come here will be. We also don’t know how many times remain for this to happen.”

 “What do you mean…”

 “Well, relax, I will tell you about it. For now, just listen… but before that, your speaking tone totally feels weird to me, so just do it like how you did it on the other side.”

Such a selfish brat… 

Well, he was me so I guess it was obvious.

Well actually, you would feel weird facing me, who talks just like the other party. And if I got used to it, I might have one day gotten caught without meaning to.

So I would just do it, at least.

“It seems I have no choice… is this alright for you?”

 “Oh, that’s good. Now I really feel like I’m talking with Elrise. If only the inside was not me, I would surely fall for you.”

 “Shut it, disgusting. Who would like to see love amongst their own selves.”

 “Indeed. No worries, I also have no such intention. For a bishoujo, content is also important.”

I laughed lightly as I talked with myself, who seemed to be a bit stupid.

Since I was acting all the time on the other side, it felt new for me to reveal my real self somehow.

“OK, how far did we get the last time we talked… oh right, we talked about what you are. I think you are reincarnated there. When you entered there, it had been described in-game as “Elrise” suddenly changing personality at 5 years old. So it’s obvious that Elrise prior to 5 years old was nothing like what the game had portrayed. While both were selfish, but the type of selfishness was different. That type of selfishness was more likely if “I” had reincarnated there without proper knowledge of the game, with a half-feeling of being a modern person. That type of selfishness.” 

 “As I expected that was the case… the moment Fox told me, I also thought the same thing.”

 “Yes. Then we go deeper… perhaps it began when I slept after seeing the Eterna route ending.  That day, it seemed I was in a state of apparent death. I can’t explain it well, but I can feel it somehow. An, ‘Ah, I’m dying,’ kind of feeling. That’s… how to explain it? I felt like I was falling into the bottom of a dark hole then… An ‘Ah, I guess I’m dead,’ kind of feeling. But I managed to return to consciousness. Due to that, my soul has not fully gone to the other side, and we got two people who held half of the same soul.”

Niito (I) talked about that full of confidence while raising his blue-tinted glasses with his fingers.

He talked about reincarnation like it was the obvious thing to have happened, but it was already weird on that point.

Well, since I did exist, it was obvious to say the premise that reincarnation did happen.

If not, the conversation would have stopped there.

“In other words, you are not yet fully reincarnated right now. Thus, you visited here just by spirit to reclaim those lacking parts of our soul several times.”

 “I came to reclaim the lacking part of our soul? But if that’s true you…”

 “Yes. It seems my lifespan got shortened whenever you came. It’s like, you feel aware that death came closer to you each time. This is the reason I say we don’t know how many times remain for this. In a few more times, we will be fused perfectly, and this body will become a corpse.”

While he said that, Niito (I) lightly beat the location of his heart.

That made him look like he had no attachment toward life but, he actually had none.

I knew because he was me.

Niito (I) had already accepted oncoming death from the beginning.

As for why…

“Well, that’s fine. Since even if nothing happened, my body would only have lasted a year. It doesn’t feel bad if we fused, it’s like I was already guaranteed a chance of reincarnation to another world after death, so I look forward to it. Well, I slightly dislike the fact I’ve become a girl, though.”

Because in the first place, he was already near death anyway.

Fudou Niito, from the beginning, was a person who was only waiting for the moment to die.

The doctor had declared he only had a year of life remaining. The choice was either to die at the hospital or in my own home. 

Since that was the case, I’d rather do everything I like to do until the final moment came, then go to the hospital when the time was near. That was what was left of living. 

That’s why I was fixated with Happy END, even if it was just a fiction game.

Since reality was already an asshole, I wished to see a good dream within fiction at the very least.

That’s why… I felt no fear of dying.

But, I just hated to disappear while leaving a mess behind.

“But… what happened about the passage of time? I already lived for years on the other side.”

 “We can only say it flows differently. While you were aware as Elrise for over 10 years, it’s been just a month for me.”

 “You meant to say the game changed as I entered it. Then why did no one make noises about it?”

 “Somehow, everyone but me thinks it was that way from the beginning. So nobody else knows the scum version of Elrise, nor do they know the original version of “Kuon no Sanka.”

I already expected the answer to my question to some extent.

Well, obviously. If time ran at the same rate, then Niito (I) would already have been long dead. If anyone knew the situation prior to the change, there would be a huge mess happening.

Since none of that happened, it was expected.

“How many times can we do this again?”

 “I dunno… but, it’s about 5 more times at most. Every time you came, I saw a dream about you. In the beginning, I saw it as looking at your (me-yet-not-me’s) tale. But recently, I started seeing myself as Elrise in a dream and when I wake up, I have a hard time distinguishing reality. I was having a hard time differing between dream and reality… that kind of feeling.”

 “…I see.”

 “Yeah, since that was the case, let’s continue to the important part.”

Niito (I) opened the sleep mode laptop and opened the fansite.

“Since then, I have opened a discussion on how to prevent the Witch from teleporting. It had been discussed before the Elrise route was found. And I found an interesting idea in it.”

He clicked the keyboard and opened a certain page.

Then I peeked at the computer and raised my voice in amazement.

 602 anonymous knight  2017/10/25(Sunday) 0:20:14

I thought about it, but Teleport is basically magic, no? Then isn’t it just matter of removing Mana from the surroundings? So first, L-sama made a barrier that surrounds the Academy so that no Mana can pass, then expends all the Mana available within the barrier, how about that? Ah, L-sama had to take in those Mana beforehand to reduce the amount inside the barrier and increase the amount inside her.

603 anonymous knight  2017/10/25(Sunday) 0:21:06

That’s impossible. Even if you spent all Mana in the surrounding area, the Witch still had enough mana inside her to use for teleport. While spending Mana in the surroundings did prevent Witch’s Mana from regenerating, it didn’t reduce any amount that Witch currently possessed.

604 anonymous knight  2017/10/25(Sunday) 0:22:22

Then just make everyone but L-sama fight the Witch to spend her Mana until she’s unable to teleport, then do >>602 so teleport is impossible to do.

Every tactic written here was roughly dependent on my vital capacity to contain and absorb Mana in the surroundings. Such a barbaric method.

To use magic, it was necessary to use Mana inside my own body.

There was a limit on how much Mana one could contain, and the destructive power and affected area of magic were related to the amount of Mana used for it.

So the most important point was how big one’s capacity to hold Mana was.

Even with the same magic, the effect differed with the amount of MP used for it.

If we say common people have 1 MP, knights have 100 MP, and Guard Knights have 200 MP, then I had over 500,000.

My MP was 530,000. But I had no intention to use everything so you don’t have to worry.2

So if I used magic with 1,000 MP, those who had less than 1,000 wouldn’t be able to resist it.

As for the Witch… well, she had maybe around 1,000 ~ 3,000, I guessed.

But the Witch had a great Magic cycle, so every time she used magic, her mana would be regenerated after a short time by ambient Mana.

So while she only had the capacity of 1,000 – 3,000, practically, it was infinite.

Well, since I also had a good magic cycle, I also had practically infinite Mana.

But, with this tactic, it was possible to prevent the Witch’s Mana from regenerating.

Since, even if she tried, there would be nothing available in the surroundings.

So the timing of it might be harder, and it meant having others fight Witch to let her use her magic until her MP reached the amount where she couldn’t use teleport.

Once it reached that point, I could use a Barrier and to capture her so completely and seal her Teleport.

Considering my max MP, it wasn’t hard to absorb all the Mana within the barrier and let it dry up.

I see… I think this is possible.

Yes, it was possible to do it this way.

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This answers why elrise is like this, why she doesnt care much, why she is so apathetic about many things and hyper fixated on some. I read this novel many times, but it still makes feel this unique feeling that no other novel has made me feel till now. Its just unique.

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Seriously…the feeling of fulfillment with an undertone of emptiness…the feeling of happiness without a smile. Contradicting feelings like that are the only things I feel right now. I’m not even overreacting since it is hard to describe myself as “reacting,” right now, in the first place.

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Citizen, a reader
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