Fake Saint of the Year

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Chapter 33: Unobservable

“I have been thinking, but if we could play the Elrise route until the end, doesn’t that mean I understand the future? I’m such a genius~”

After we were done talking about countermeasures against the Witch’s teleport, I told myself what I had been thinking.

The plan, for now, was to create a vacuum of Mana. But if you thought deeper, wasn’t it better to directly play the Elrise route until the end instead?

It would reveal the future and we could prepare various measures for what might happen.

To my wise opinion, Niito (I) just snorted.

“Hah, such a monkey level of wisdom. If that was possible, I’d have already done it, fool.”

 “The heck you say, bastard.”

 “Well, look at this —”

As Niito (I) said that, he opened the video site.

As he searched about Elrise, it had a [shocking] commentary play of “Elrise route final part [Last]” appeared there.

Yes, if we see that, we will know the future.

Niito (I) clicked the video and it played.

First up was the pre-play advertisement. Just CM we didn’t care about. 

After the advertisement ended… the video buffer never ended. As with the comments section, none of it was discernible.

“Ah~, this is one of those sites with heavy traffic. You could see it better on another site, I think.”

 “You would think so, right?”

As Niito (I) said that, he opened another site and started buffering the video of the Elrise route.

Like before, this one never stopped buffering. The comments also couldn’t be read.

It was the same even if you searched by smartphone. Nothing changed.

In addition, even when we went to a spoiler site, the screen stayed a blank white. Nothing was shown of it; the discussion forum also couldn’t be opened.

Yet the part that I already knew, like the scene of the dance party, could be seen without a problem.

“Everything became like this. No matter how you try, you still can’t see it. It’s the same when I play the game myself. The game freezes when it reaches a certain point and automatically closes itself. Even this dance party, I couldn’t reach this point until a little while ago.”

 “What’s that mean?”

 “Oi, your tone is back to normal. In other words, you can’t see the future. Our destiny is not yet fixed, maybe.”

 “Huh? But we could see the Eterna route, right?”

Niito (I) said we can’t see the future.

Yet even as he said so, I could properly see the Eterna route last time.

While the result was not too good… but that was also for future consideration. 

“From your point of view, the Eterna route is a Future (Route) you have not chosen. Bluntly, it’s a future that is not connected to the world you currently live in. It is something that happened in a parallel world. Thus you could see it. Because as it has not been chosen, the Eterna route is considered a “world that could have been” thus it’s already “fixed.” But the Elrise route is different. It’s the world you currently are in. Since the future is not yet fixed… you can’t see what does not yet exist. Do you get it?”

 “Sorry, I don’t. What does that mean?”

 “…just think of the Elrise route as currently under construction. Or rather you… did you become more stupid? Is this the effect of a person splitting into two…?”

Niito (I) dully answered my question, as the video of the Dance Party scene played.

In the video from Vernell’s point of view, there were choices of whom to invite for a dance, and Elrise was selected.

Then there was a Dance Party illustration, and after that was a scene where Vernell had a monologue when the meteor shower happened.

 Vernell: Meteor shower, huh… It’s amazing. But I think it happened at too convenient a time… Did Elrise-sama do something about this?1

Elrise: “…Ah, you found out? As you thought, I just put this show on. Please keep it secret from everyone.”

Elrise: “It’s just a little magic trick… Even so, isn’t it pretty to have meteors decorating the night sky?”

Vernell: As she said that, Elrise-sama looked toward the night sky. Her face as it shone by starlight look so illusionary… so mystical… yes, truly…

Vernell: Yes. …Truly… it looks beautiful…

Vernell: I think so from bottom of my heart.


What’s with this embarrassing scene!

Guah, I got struck! I received 9999 mental damage! It was super effective2!

Stop it! Did you want to crash my SAN meter3!

I dove into the futon and rolled around, then Niito (I) looked at me while laughing. 

“You sure do things like a common heroine there huh? It’s so funny for me though. That Ver — totally going all out to conquer you there.”


No, that’s wrong! I didn’t think Vernell would have that kind of thought at that moment!

Leaving me suffering mental damage, Niito (I) lay on his chair, then changed the things shown on screen.

What was displayed now was a walkthrough site where you could see the status, ability, and learned skills for Vernell, Eterna, Mob A, Fiora, Mary, Aina, and Perverted Glasses Bastard.

“Then… who will you send to fight the Witch?”


 “No, you’re not supposed to say “eh” there. Do you forget about the tactic? Before you fight with Witch, you have to send others to shave her MP, to prevent her from teleporting away. In other words, someone will have to challenge the Witch, right? But if you send the wrong member, it will only increase the death count. Don’t tell me you wanted to go in without a plan?”

After being told by Niito (I), I did seiza on the futon and thought.

Honestly, regardless of whom I sent, it would only make me feel it may go wrong.

In the first place, Elrise was not included as a fighting party in the original game. Since the Witch was someone who could be defeated by Vernell’s party alone, it wasn’t impossible to beat her.

In addition, all we needed to do was to reduce her MP instead of winning outright, so the difficulty had gone down considerably.

Even so, it was still possible for anyone to die there.

Witch Alexia was the last boss of most routes, so she was not to be underestimated.

“How about sending a large number of knights there?”

 “That’s no different than saying, ‘Elrise already knows you are there.’ It will make her Teleport away immediately. Don’t forget, the Witch is afraid of you. If she feels you got closer, she seriously will run away immediately.”

 “Isn’t the Witch a little too cowardly?”

 “You’re the one who is way too strong. What’s with that absurd status? I burst out laughing when I saw the Fara’s Fight Event. Anyone would escape rather than fight against that.”

Is Alexia really the Last Boss? That made me lose confidence.

What’s with that? A final boss who escaped immediately.

Also, it’s no good to bring knights…

“The Witch’s fear of you is serious. It’s on such a level that the Alexia route disappeared in-game”


 “You know that in-game, Alexia sometimes gets her sanity back and appears at the designated place. Then, by raising favorability, you can enter the Alexia route, remember? That thing has completely disappeared.”

I couldn’t help but be surprised by Niito (I)’s words

Witch, did you get that scared… 

Just as Niito (I) had said, the Witch sometimes got out from underground in-game.

Or rather, you couldn’t raise her favorability if that didn’t happen.

To enter the Alexia route, you had to raise her favorability in every chance possible and not raise other heroines’ favorability. You would enter the route when her favorability was highest among heroines when the route branched.

By the way, Eterna was the greatest obstacle to entering this route. If you were doing it normally, Eterna’s favorability would stay higher than Alexia’s by the time the routes branched. So you had to be cold toward Eterna to reduce her favorability. What a pitiful girl.

So if you planned to enter the Alexia route, you had to give her something like petrified dragon feces on Eterna’s birthday, which truly was the worst thing you can give as a present for a birthday. You could witness such a glorious moment of cruelty, Vernell.

But in the world I was in, she didn’t even go above ground in the first place.

So that made the Alexia route disappear.

“By the way, what happened in that route when I entered underground and the Witch escaped immediately? Especially in the routes other than Eterna’s?”

 “In that case, she hides somewhere unknown, and from that place, she will send her followers to kill Eterna’s parents. That will trigger the awakening of Eterna’s Saint power through her anger. Then, using that Saint power, she will somehow find the Witch’s location and kill her. Then it will be the typical development where Eterna ends up as the Last Boss.”

 “Eterna is too pitiful. It seems like the world is trying to kill her.”

 “In addition, it’s never revealed where the Witch was hiding in the game. As such, I don’t recommend letting the Witch escape.”

No matter how it went, Eterna seemed to be unfortunate.

If so, it would be better to secure Eterna’s parents… or so I thought, but it seemed it was better if I never let her escape in the first place and defeated her under the school.

Well, I would give a little thought to the problem of Eterna’s parents, at least.

“You also need to watch out for the moment the Witch’s power is transferred after she is defeated. If you miss that, all your hard work will be for nothing.”

 “To prevent such a thing from happening, the game revealed 2 methods. The 1st one is to kill the Witch without the Saint.”

 “Yes. The cases where this happened tended to be a Bad END. Those who are capable of this are you and Vernell, but… the one who did it will die.”

I and Niito (I) faced each other, talking about the greatest problem: the transfer of the Witch’s Power.

If it transferred to Eterna, it would all be for nothing.

Eterna would become the Last Boss and her fate would be unchanged.

There were 2 ways to prevent it.

The 1st one was for either me or Vernell to finish the Witch. But the one who did it would die.

“By the way, was the identity of the laugher, the one that could be heard as the Bad END was revealed?” 

 “Nope, it’s still a mystery. Well, I think it is just a show of mockery but… there is still no official explanation.”

This method could stop the cycle, but it was the “Vernell defeated the Witch and died as result” Bad END.

But this Bad END had a turbulent foreshadowing to it.

That was, after Vernell died and everyone else said their sadness for losing him and after the ending credits… the screen went black. Finally, there was the voice of something with creepy echoes to it and it laughed.

It was followed by a mysterious sound of something exploding and you ended up back at the title screen.

It’s still a mystery what this thing was meant to be.

“The 2nd method is the Witch committing suicide.”

 “That was how Eterna dies after she becomes the Last Boss.”

Normally, the Witch was unable to commit suicide. As said before, the dark power prevented them from doing so.

But when Eterna was the Last Boss, the power had not yet adapted to Eterna. That, combined with her great exhaustion from the earlier battle with Vernell, allowed her to succeed in committing suicide.

As a result, it became Eterna who killed Eterna, so the power still only transferred to Eterna herself.

This was one of few routes where the heroine survived.

Regardless of the heroine, most will end up dead. But, for a few of them, Eterna would successfully commit suicide and reach a Happy END where the Heroine survived.

But to me, it was not to be done. Considering my initial goal, using this method meant me losing.

“Another option would be, since Demons could kill the Saint, how about using Demons to deal the finishing blow to the Witch…?

 “That would be a difficult thing to make happen. Demons totally allied with the Witch. Also since a Demon’s body is tough, it would be a disaster on the off chance it successfully managed to endure the Dark power since a monster would then be born. Well, it might still be no match for me though…”

Niito (I) suggested using Demons to kill the Witch but I told him it was impossible since Demons are absolutely obedient toward the Witch to the point that they won’t attack the Witch.

“Also that the thing Diaz asked of you was to save Alexia. What will you do about that?”

 “Well… it’s not easy to save her from her predicament. At least, it might be possible if I did what needed to be done in the Alexia route, but…”

 “If I’m not wrong, once the Dark power was transferred, Vernell did artificial respiration on her to push his dark power back to Alexia, right?”

 “Yes, since Vernell’s power of darkness originally belonged to Alexia’s conscience which she cut away. By returning that, Alexia could be revived, and returned as human but… this means Eterna would die. And Vernell will flirt with Alexia in front of her.”

 “She is so pitiful…”

Actually, the Witch route was the most unpleasant route for me personally.

In this route, Alexia managed to turn back into a human and grasp her happiness but… if you thought about how Eterna felt…

What are you doing? Flirting with Vernell as if you had done nothing wrong?

Well, she WAS a victim, without a doubt.

But from Eterna’s point of view, the Witch who did countless vile things, pushing all those problems to me and showing off that she managed to reach happiness with Vernell, their positions were switched, and now Eterna had become the one to be defeated instead.

Eterna, you may cry for this.

Because of that, I didn’t like the Alexia route.

Though I still did it once to complete my CG collection.

“As I expected the one you choose would be…”

 “I will defeat her myself, I guess.”

 “Are you okay with that? You finally managed to be reincarnated in a healthy body. Don’t you have a thought to keep living?”

 “I am not that attached to living in the first place… and it’s tiring to keep up my role play as the Saint. It feels easier to die before I get found out. My lifespan only remains a little anyway. On other hand, it feels like the afterlife would be more comfortable. Also…”

After I said that, I thought about Leila and Vernell at the party… then thought about the world I had lived in for over a decade, and laughed.

“Regardless of what I say, I took quite a liking to those people and that world. That’s why, well… for their sake, I think it’s worth it to throw away a life that is near its end.”

I was not a good person but even I wished to do something good at the end of my life.

I wished for them to look to a happy tomorrow and live on.

It was also my way to apologise to them, for twisting their supposed fate to my liking.

That’s why I would give it gladly, this life of mine that almost ran out of battery.

It was a life which was supposed to have ended a long time ago anyway. There was nothing to regret at this point.

Rather, the one year of life limit was extended to 12 years by my point of view, so there seriously was no regret to be had.

As I said that, my sight became whiter.

Looks like that was it for this time.

Well then, I guessed I would work hard on my Saint role.

Until it reached the end.


[Eterna’s Present selection]
– Earring (cost about 100, favorability ↑)
– Reference Book (cost about 150. Eterna Intelligence↑)
– Dragon Petrified Feces (cost about 5000. Eterna Favorability↓)

Weird Presents that lower heroine favorability is a Galge tradition

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