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Chapter 34: Royalty Takes Action

Fake Saint’s life of making preparation for countermeasures against the Witch has begun!

Due to that dream, the tactic to prevent Witch from using teleport was successfully completed.

It will be called “Operation Vacuum.”

First, send people to rush underground to fight against the Witch, and make her waste her MP. 

These people must NOT be formal knights or Leila. If the Witch sees signs that I knew her location, she will immediately retreat. You chicken!

I need to make her think “students and teachers coincidentally wandered there.”

In that case, the Witch would be afraid that the information will reach me and would instead use all her power to remove the intruders.

But, as rotten as she was, she was still the Witch. Even if she was a chicken, she was still the Last Boss.

Common students would obviously lose, they wouldn’t be able to win against her.

In the game, Vernell’s party were capable enough to beat her, and in the New Game+, Vernell could solo her, but it would be better to assume she would be a strong adversary for them.

Then what should we do? The answer was simple.

Make the Vernell party stronger… That was all there was to do. 

And so I asked Old Man Fox and Leila to regularly train Vernell’s party in secret. 

As for why we did it in secret, it was to prevent other students from complaining like, “It’s special treatment!”

Also… right. There might be students like Mary who were already stronger than knights in their student years, so I should take into consideration the next fighting tournament of 2nd and 3rd year students.

In addition, since we took control of the messenger after the Diaz group was arrested, it was better to make use of it.

Currently, the Witch was not aware the Diaz group was already caught, and still communicated with stealth bird a.k.a. Styil to communicate.

But the one she communicated with was not Diaz, but Perverted Glasses Bastard instead.

Thanks to that, we were now aware of what she thought about, and what she asked Diaz for.

It made me feel uneasy since the other party was Perverted Glasses Bastard… well, even he wouldn’t leak our information to the Witch… he wouldn’t, right?

Currently, the Witch planned to make me leave the academy, by making one of her subordinates pretend to be Witch and wreak havoc in a faraway place.

Since we could use this instead, I asked Perverted Glasses Bastard to pretend to be Diaz for now and thought of a way to make me leave Academy.

Also, spread the fake info that I was still not aware of underground.

And… there didn’t seem to be anything else.

Waiting for the Vernell’s Party to be stronger, gathering other strong students and making them go to the underground, then activating the operation to finish the deal.

Originally, this period between after summer vacation until winter vacation was supposed to be the 2nd chapter of the game, where it was supposed to be a fight against fake Saint Elrise, but since I didn’t make enemies of Vernell’s party, it was a peaceful period.

But the real deal came after the winter vacation.

From that moment, the Witch would proactively send assassins to deal with the recently revealed real Saint, Eterna. and the wrong choice would kill the sub Heroine.

But since in this world, I stayed as the fake Saint, it might develop differently.

…and while I was thinking of these things, I was inside a carriage.

At this time, I was leaving the academy and returning to Saint Castle.

The reason being, it was totally troublesome but royalties from various nations gathered and held dinner parties to deepen relations between each other, and I was invited to that.

The Saint’s Castle was not territory of any nation to be exact, it was a place where every nation can have a part in it, so it’s the best place to do such an activity.

Why was I invited to my own castle?

This, if we said it in a modern way, it would be, “We’re having a gathering party so you can also participate! Ah, the place is your house, okay!”

It was totally not an invitation. More like, I was the host here.

I personally think it would have been better to ignore me altogether and do it on some random nation.

Ah-, so troublesome.

What’s the fun of putting on fake smiles to old men and eating meals with them?

I told Vernell’s party that I would be back soon, but I seriously wanted to go back right now.

For these kind of dinner parties with higher ups, I needed to control my Saint Role Play better than usual, so it was tiring for me.

As I arrived at the castle, I asked the servants to prepare to welcome the royalties, also to prepare some dishes to eat.

In addition, since there was a request, I made a giant sized cake which was covered with cream.

While I could shorten the process to several minutes using magic, it was still troublesome.

Since I kept a monopoly on the process, I couldn’t ask other people to help.

After I prepared many things, various nation’s royalties arrived one by one.

“It’s been a long time, Elrise-sama. You look beautiful as usual”.

The one who said that and first greeted me was Aiz, King of the Billberry Kingdom. His name souneds cool, but he’s actually just a white-haired, muscled old man.

The Magic Academy was built on Billberry Kingdom’s territory, so it possessed a strong national power and power of speech.

The Saint doesn’t belong to any country to prevent the power balance from being ruined, so it was publicly neutral, but the knights who protect the Saint belonged to Billberry kingdom, so the Saint was practically held in this Kingdom.

Their power of influence, if we said in modern terms, it would be like America.

I never knew what this old man was thinking since way back, so I honestly didn’t like him that much.

Those who followed his back were the princes, but there were various attributes of people from fat guy to handsome guy to bishounen.

And their gaze toward me was disgusting. How to say it, their lust was apparent on their face and in their eyes.

But these guys were still considered their nation’s king and princes.

Bluntly, the village I was born in… in other words, the village Eterna was born and raised in was territory of Billberry Kingdom. Vernell, Eterna, Me and several other major characters were mostly Billberry people.

Leila was an exchange student from another nation, if I was not mistaken.

“I appreciate your welcome, oh Saint. This is a blue magic rose that is cultivated in our Nation. It’s a beautiful flower that is worthy for you. Please receive it.”

The person who gave me the strange colored rose was a king from some random kingdom. I heard the previous king died due to illness and he succeeded to the throne while still young, but it was nothing important.

“Hohoho, Elrise-sama didn’t change, I see!”

The one who laughed brightly was a king of another random nation.

He laughed with a nice smile, but his eyes didn’t smile.

“Hey, Leon, I want to quickly eat Cloud.”

 “Hahaha, you’re right, my lovely Ellie.”

Those people who entered while flirting, was a royal couple who recently married from a random nation.

The one who became empress was formerly a low rank noble, but after many things happened, she managed to win the empress seat, and the fiancée person who was supposed to be empress got their engagement cancelled and exiled away, what kind of villainess development is that? A drama-like development happened.  

It seemed they got their universe wrong. This world is Galge for men, not Otome games for girls though?

Nothing important but, their nation’s economy was one step away from collapsing.

Well that was (when the person who becomes empress was not a person who was educated as one) obvious.

“Wow-, I heard the rumor. To think you were this beautiful! How about it? We could share a drink tonight…”

The one who flirted with me upon meeting, was a white haired old man in top knot hair.

His clothes were Japanese styled… or rather, it was totally Japanese clothes.

He came from a small island nation in the east beyond the sea called Japon. 

Why did fantasy on the east side tend to have Japan imitation with high probability?

“…Elrise-sama. Regarding that day, we really appreciate it.”

The one who came last, was the King of Rutin Kingdom.

Hello, hello. You don’t look good, is it constipation?

“Elrise-sama, about this exchange meeting… no, there’s, nothing”

He was about to say something, but in the end, he said nothing more and left with a dark expression.

What is it? I’m a bit curious.

Making people curious that way, I don’t think it’s a good thing to do.

The exchange meeting went on peacefully afterward.

In the middle, I saw the economically ruined nation asked for another nation’s help, they got kicked away without excuse but, overall it was peaceful.

And once the exchange reached some point, King Aiz suddenly cut in.

“By the way Elrise-sama, I heard you entered the academy to search for Witch but… did you find her?”

 “I still can’t say it for certain. It’s just by evidence gathered, so there is a high possibility that she is hiding inside the academy.”

Actually it was already certain, but I wouldn’t say it yet.

Since we never knew if spies were lurking.

There was a chance that someone here would have a slip of the tongue and it could reach the Witch.

“I see, so it has not yet reached the point where you defeated the Witch… I’m glad for that”.

No, that’s not good.

Are you an idiot?

“Elrise-sama, I have a suggestion but… would you please give up on defeating the Witch?”

What was this old man talking about?!

Happy END wouldn’t come if the Witch was not defeated.

Or rather, did this kind of event exist?

…no, there was none. In the first place, there was no event where Elrise was called to the exchange meeting and left the academy.

Well that may be because I was different from the game’s Elrise, so I did think that something may go differently but I had a bad feeling about this. 

“…What do you mean?”

 “Even without defeating the Witch, you already shine the world with light as it is. Citizens could live without fearing about tomorrow, the demon’s area of influence shrank, the Witch went into hiding… the road where you once needed to fight for your life to cross can now cross safely. It’s all because you are there.”

Fumu, well, because the content of fake Saint was quite THAT, I put quite a lot of power to polish the outside.

But, what was that about?

“That’s why, isn’t it better to make it stay like this? It was what we thought.”

 “Isn’t that making things more unclear? So long as the Witch stays undefeated, Darkness in the world will not be cleared.”

 “Indeed. It is ideal if the Witch were defeated… that’s the best way to clear darkness from the world. But that peace will only last 5 years. And I don’t think a Saint of your caliber will appear ever again. Since that is the case, rather than seeking 100% peace that only last 5 years… isn’t it better to seek 95% peace that lasted for as long as you lived… that’s what I think.”

This old man started saying something strange.

Leave the Witch alone to make things stay like this?

What are you talking about? Is your head alright?

“I can’t tell you in detail but… Saint who defeated the Witch will be lost. Not even you are an exception of this. Elrise-sama, you are indeed the greatest Saint of all time. Other Saints could only bring about 5 years… the period between defeats of Witch until the moment the next Witch appeared, they could only make a short period of peace. Yet, you already kept peace for 7 years… and for as long as you live on, this peace will be maintained. If we lost you, it would be a great loss, and that would be connected to the great disaster that follows. That’s why we suggest… would you leave the Witch alone?”

Uwah, he said something dangerous there.

The King who protected a nation, of all people, suggested to leave the Witch alone.

Well, it wasn’t like I didn’t understand why.

By their point of view, if Witch was defeated, I would become the next Witch.

In other words, “Like hell we could fight against such absurdly strong Witch,” I guess.

“…That day, are you aware that the Rutin Kingdom was almost ruined? So long as Witch exists, that kind of tragedy will be repeated.”

 “Yet you managed to stop that. You protected them. That’s why I’m sure. So long as Saint Elrise exists, there’s no need to defeat the Witch to keep peace…”

As King Aiz smiled, he continued.

“Rather, I think this “95% peace” is the greatest balance there is. During the 5 years of peace since Witch death, there won’t be any threat from Witch nor demons. Yet the moment there are no more enemies, humanity will fight amongst themselves. Their bond will be loosened. Do you know? All war between humans in the past happened during the period where the Witch did not  exist. Even if 100% peace reached, humanity will reduce that into 80%… nay, 70% or even 60% by their own doing. Yet even during this period Witch still existed… This 95% peace is the greatest period I experienced in my lifetime. The common enemy will make bonds between humans stay strong, with a decent sense of crisis, and under the name of Saint Elrise, everyone believes in tomorrow and be positive to their lives. And we all worked together.”

King Aiz held his hand open, and continued to speak.

What to say, as expected of a king. He has great talking skills.

He decorated his words with things that might be true, which made those who hear it think, “That might really be the case.”

“95% is enough… nay, 95% is good! It’s no good to make it perfect. Once it is perfected, people will stop seeking for more and make them turn into no good. Light shone above all worlds, but darkness did not cease to exist… Yes, that is like a shadow that hides as the light of the sun shines, while it is small it indeed exists. The thing the world needs right now is not defeating the Witch. It is to you to stay as Saint! As long as you exist it will continue for 10 or 20 years! No, since you didn’t age, it may continue for over 100 years!”

Ah-, ok. I see?

I get it. He didn’t understand the vital part.

Well I didn’t tell him I am a fake so it couldn’t be helped, I guess?

It seemed he misunderstood me as an ageless existence that could continue to live for a long time.

Actually it was the reverse. My lifespan wouldn’t even reach that of a normal person.

Even if I lived on, it wouldn’t even reach a year… it was frankly already in a low battery state.

In the first place, this world’s life expectancy was not that long. On top of that, I absorbed the Vernell dark power so it became even shorter.

If you added the outside factor like one might be killed by demons, the average life expectancy of a person was about 20 years.

Even without that, there could be death by starving, lack of nutrients, illness, freezing, unborn baby in 1 out 2 chance, all added up to life expectancy that was less than 30 years old.

It wasn’t that rare for people with a good living environment like royalties and nobles, knights to reach age 50s to 60s, but the average life expectancy is still horrible.

At least, due to the result of things I have done, the probability of child birth survival skyrocketed but… even so, it was still incomparable to modern day.

Anyway, just to not incite him further, I responded in neither agreement nor refusal.

“I understand… there is that kind of opinion, I will consider it.”

“Consider? That’s not good.”

I tried to end things peacefully, but it seemed the other party had no such intention.

As he snapsped his finger, soldier flowed in like an avalanche to surround me

Oi oi oi… you want to go this far?

“Elrise-sama! We have to ask you to not defeat the Witch and stay as Saint, the symbol of justice, until your life’s end! This is what we fellow kingdoms already agreed on!”

… Eeh…

Stay in a birdcage until my lifespan ran out…

Now that I thought about it, I think I saw these old men imprisoning me on the Eterna route.

This was getting troublesome.

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1 year ago

Love these types of characters. They know what the truth is and they will take the best route to achieve the best possible result. Though, their execution could be improved a little.

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
1 year ago

Thanks for chap
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Actually his explanation makes a lot of sense. The only flaws is that she actually only has a year left to live, which makes his plan completely fall apart. Also she’s not the Saint so she can’t become the witch anyway.

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Yeah but they dont know that.

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*rubs hands together like an evil villain* Muahaha. This is going to be good.

Elrise obviously is not going to say anything, and since Elrise does get caught in other routes of the game, perhaps these kings have some way of restricting her power? Either way, she ain’t going down without a fight!

A fight of words, most likely! But still a fight!

Anyway, I can’t blame these kings here. …what they are doing is, objectively, the best decision (excluding, you know, just telling Elrise that she’s going to become the next Witch if she keeps this up!).

Thank you for the chapter.

Last edited 1 year ago by SoulsTogether
1 year ago
Reply to  SoulsTogether

She got caught because she was almost at the end of her life and became extremely weak, and she was basically only under house arrest to keep her safe.

2 years ago

…they couldn’t even defeat Witch’s minions, yet they were trying to harm the one who could defeat aforementioned Witch. For such logical failure to exist…

2 years ago
Reply to  Val

It’s quite simple to explain! Logicallya (atleast of) her image should act like a restriction/chain. As a saint, she should prevent needless violence thus not touching the knights. Secondly she should listen to authorities as a saint so… should submit to this orders… ofcourse that logic would be applied if Elrise would be that kind of person as she acts…
Actually in principle it should be enough if just some random knight would say… “please don’t resist and obey us! Or else we gonna be in trouble!”

1 year ago
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basically, since major enemy that only Saint could handle is no more(at least they thought so) they thought they could handle the rest on their own.

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They expected Elrise would be kind enough to let it happen

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Citizen, a reader
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Key point is, they didn’t realize her lifespan was limited here.

And she has no plans on telling them…. eh?

This might lead to Vernell charging trying to save her though, would certainly make for an amazing plotline

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she basically just plan to brought down all the downer factor along with her death, totally unaware her own death is downer nuke by itself