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Chapter 48: In Search of Clues

“Calm down, Ijuuin-san. There should be related data stored in the company.”

Niito (I) tried to calm Ijuuin-san down, who forgot the name of the person who was in charge of writing the script. 

Even if he did happen to forget the person’s name, the related data should have been recorded since they had sent the game sample there and it reached this person’s address.

Besides, the person who was in charge of the script was an important position, so regarding this person’s name and address, there was no way they would be purely depending on their memory instead of having the data recorded.

It was another thing if they were closely related, but they were merely fellow coworkers, and had never even met in person, so there was no way they hadn’t recorded such a person’s name and address and relied purely on memory. 

As Niito (I) pointed that out, Ijuuin-san was convinced and raised his face.

“That is indeed the case. Fiori’s Turtle’s real name and address data is stored in the company. There is also a note written inside the computer about it. It’s okay, we will find out once we see that.”

Humans were creatures who forget.

No matter how much they believe they could remember it, they would keep the things they do not normally use deep inside their memory, and they would end up becoming unable to recall it.

That was why it was important to take notes.

Well, that’s good, that’s good.

With this, it’s possible to meet with the person who was in charge of the script.

Even so, that was after Ijuuin-san has obtained the data from his company, and I wouldn’t be there at the time, so I could only leave it to Niito (I) and Ijuuin-san.

Also, there was something that I’m curious about.

“By the way, the name of Fiori… isn’t that the name of the world I live in?” 

Yes, regarding the name of the person in charge of the script. 

Fiori was a name from the world where “Kuon no Sanka” took place.

I couldn’t shake off a bad feeling about that.

There’s no way, I thought.

But the act of overwriting one’s original memory, you would be unable to do that unless you were god.

Regarding the original story of “Kuon no Sanka”, no one remembered the scummy Saint Elrise who was hated by all, everyone remembered me as Elrise instead… The more I thought about it, the harder it was to explain this with logic.

“I don’t think that’s a strange thing to do. There are many writers who use their created character’s name as their pen name.”

“While that is indeed the case… this time alone, we can’t just let it settle at that, see?”

Ijuuin-san didn’t think there was anything weird about the pen name, but Niito (I) showed an objection to such an opinion.

Even so, you talked formally until just a few moments ago, yet before you knew it, you started to talk informally.

Well, it wasn’t my business.

“Ijuuin-san. According to the setting of “Kuon no Sanka”, the Saint is born when the World detects that a Witch came into being, then gives birth to a new Saint, right?”

“Yes. To be exact, when the World detects that, Mana forms a Saint by its will. In other words, both the Witch and Saint System were made by the world.”

What Niito (I) and Ijuuin-san discussed were the settings that influence the core of the story.

Both the birth of the Witch and the Saint were done by the will of the world.

That was the behind the scenes setting that was written on a walk-through interview with the producer, it was not revealed during the plot but… it was safe to say both the Witch and the Saint were created by the world.

But, it was unknown why the world made such things.

It had been said the mystery shall be revealed in the sequel, but that sequel was still in progress these 4 years and not yet released.

“Why did the world make such things… Do you know why?”

“…I did hear about such a setting. The Witch was originally the world’s representative to reprimand the humans who had grown arrogant as time passed. For humanity to rule for a long time, for them to not destroy too much, the Witch was made to be such a suppression device. But for some reason, the Witch went berserk and attempted to destroy humanity, then destroyed nature on top of that, so the world prepared the next world representative. That was the first Saint Alfrea who only appeared in name. But even when the Witch was defeated, the resentment and power ended up moving inside the Saint and turned them into the next Witch. Alexia did cut off part of her power and soul then transferred it to Vernell right? Just think it’s similar to that, but on a whole scale instead of just part of it. Then with the loss of a representative, the world prepares the next representative… and this cycle kept repeating itself… such was the explanation.”

Hee, so that was the setting.

So the one who was in the wrong was the first Witch.

If she didn’t go wrong at all, all of that wouldn’t have happened.

Hah-, such a troublesome thing to do.

“May I ask another thing? The birth of the Saint has been foretold by the Prophet is a setting known by anyone who played this game but… what is the Prophet in first place? Why is such a person capable of making a prophecy of the Saint’s birth? This one was totally ignored during the plot.”

The next thing Niito (I) questioned about was the Prophet who made the prophecy of the Saint’s birth.

Indeed, this person was unknown in various meanings.

It had been told during the game that Saint’s birth was foretold by the Prophet, then various nations’ higher ups went and collected them but, to begin with, what was the person who was capable of making such a prophecy in the first place?

But the said Prophet who was supposed to be important to the plot was totally ignored within the game. They hadn’t even appeared in person.

Not even hinted at, there was truly no discussion whatsoever.

“That’s… I don’t know. Even when I asked about that, I got ignored. Well, I thought it was just there to make the plot work or something…”

Ijuuin-san crossed his arms, and looked a little regretful.

Perhaps he thought it would have been better if he had forcefully asked about it.

Then he faced me and asked reservedly.

“Err… Elrise… san, is it okay I call you that? Do you know anything about it? Because you lived there, I thought it wouldn’t be weird if you knew something that we don’t…”

 “No, there’s nothing on my side… it’s just that, I have been told there is such a person. I think King Aiz would know something about it. I will ask about it once I have returned to the other side.”

Ever since the last incident, old man Aiz was being cooperative, perhaps there was something to get if I asked.

As expected, you needed connections with high ranking people.

Well, I did think old man Aiz definitely has met the Prophet in person.

He already saw 4 generations of Saints, after all.

If you excluded me as a fake, then that would make 3 people. I didn’t think he wouldn’t know the Prophet since that was the case.

“Then it is decided what we have to do next. I and Ijuuin-san will search for the person who is in charge of the script. Elrise will search for the Prophet on the other side. I think there should be a hint that connects the 2 worlds somewhere.”

Toward Niito’s (I) word, Ijuuin-san and I nodded our heads. 

If the other world’s situation changed, this world’s game’s content would change for some reason, and everyone’s memory regarding that except for ours would also change.

We didn’t know how this worked, perhaps it went far beyond the logic of humans.

Even so, we might still find our answer.

“By the way… may I ask something?”

As we finished with this topic, Niito (I) turned toward me.

What was it? It seemed he still had some questions, according to his expression.

He opened the computer, then silently clicked open the video site.

Inside the screen “Elrise” was being confined by the king, then Vernell’s group went for the rescue.

After that was the Capital raid but… it seemed the game treated it as a battle with Vernell’s party without Elrise in it and fought Crow.

It was actually different, but… well it was a game after all.

After that battle there was an event where “Elrise” beats down the enemies, and then Crow makes a desperate attack as the last stand.

Then Vernell protected “Elrise,” receiving a fatal wound…

… Which was followed by “Elrise” giving artificial respiration to Vernell. It was mouth to mouth.

Well yes, you do use one’s mouth to do artificial respiration, but…

HAAAAAAAAAAAAH?! What are you dooiiiiing?!

No, I didn’t do that! I didn’t do such a thing!!

As expected, I couldn’t settle that as merely “It’s actually different but it’s a game after all!”

In the video there are comments like “IT’S HERE~!” “Vernell, switch with me”, “Elrise, switch with me”, “You could manage using magic, why do you bother doing it using your mouth?” but wait, seriously, please wait.

I did handle that situation using magic right? I did place my hand on his mouth and sent oxygen in, right?

Why is the ‘I’ on the screen doing it mouth to mouth?

Are you a homo?!

And it was a drawn illustration on top of that…

“If Elrise’s favorability is below 50 she will merely respond curtly using her hand to send in air, but if your favorability is above 50 you get rewarded with a kiss. So there’s a need to die here, I see.”

The commentary said all they liked, but I still wouldn’t do it even with high favorability though!?

What the heck did I just see… was that really me?

Did I see a parallel world’s version of me who had completely turned into a female1? What a torture.

Unable to believe the situation on screen, I panicked, then Niito (I) smirked and asked.

“Well, did you truly do this?”

“There’s no way… there’s no way I did that! There’s no need to use lips so why would I need to go and do artificial respiration!”

That was dangerous, I almost let out the act despite Ijuuin-san being here.

Anyway, I wouldn’t do it. Definitely. 

Well, you see? If that was truly the only way… well, maybe I would?

I’d been taught that time was most important during CPR, so if the situation called for it, there wouldn’t be time to say “I don’t want to since the other party is a man!”

But that was only when there was no other alternative.

If there’s another method, why would there be a need to choose that?

“As I thought… in that case, we could say this was something that originally didn’t exist and was a scene made purely for the sake of “adding some fanservice into the game”. It’s getting more suspicious if the game content truly changes according to our actions… Well, there was a chance you got too panicked and you forgot that you had an alternative and did it anyway.”

Niito (I) let out a sigh, and looked towards the computer as if looking at something suspicious.

All that was done until now that had been portrayed by the game, it was something that actually happened on the other side, or something that may have happened, or so we thought.

But that one was clearly a fake scene.

In that case, the premise until now was destroyed.

But that was all we knew.

It was still lacking materials to decide what might happen in the future.

In other words… As expected, we need the person in charge of the script or Prophet to move forward, for new data to be used for speculation to be added.

It has been decided what to do on the other side during winter vacation.

I think it was about time for me to wake up on the other side, so let’s end it here.

Well then Niito (I), do it properly.

I will also work hard in my own way.

Also forget that scene earlier. OK?

And so, here was a person who made up his goal and woke up freshly, the bastard inside, fake Saint Elrise was here.

Somehow, as I returned from the other side, I became really energetic.

It was HIGH! Like the feeling or something… if I needed to explain it was like I was feeling drowsy all this time, but suddenly, I started feeling completely awake and fresh.

I was clearly filled with power, and my mana has also increased.

It was like a power up I didn’t know about! Best condition!

… Sorry, I actually knew why.

Perhaps it was due to me taking a part of the other me’s soul.

So while I was feeling a lot better here, I on the other side should feel even weaker.

I think it was best if I don’t go to the other side too much.

Although it wasn’t like I could go there through my own will.

Well there was no helping it, even if I thought about it.

Anyway, I better think about what to do from now on.

It was currently on winter vacation, once it has ended, it will enter the 3rd term2 where the plot nears its end.

From now on, it was a jet coaster until the Witch’s fight.

But that was according to the game I knew.

Originally, regardless of the route Elrise would have already left the stage, and Eterna would have awakened as the Saint.

Then Eterna would fear the duties of the Saint. But with Vernell encouraging her, she would strengthen her resolve. Afterward, many things could happen, but all of the possible outcomes were dependent on the branching of the chosen route.

But, as you all know, I still had not left the stage yet, and Eterna was also not aware of herself being the true Saint yet.

So from now on, during the 3rd term my knowledge would become more unreliable.

Even so, let’s put it in order.

First, there were several events prior to the battle against the Witch but the major one would be the Academy Defense Battle.

This happened due to the Witch calling upon the demon horde which destroyed Rutin Kingdom to attack the Academy, then the students and teachers tried to resist, resulting in many mobs dying.

Finally, Eterna would awaken her Saint’s power, defeating the enemy leader along with Vernell’s group… The leader was the ogre-like monkey I bullied back in the past. Then the demon horde who has lost its commander would scatter to escape, and the Academy was saved that way.

But in this world, I already intercepted those demon hordes and made them into sandbags, so it was safe to assume they were no more.

Next one was an event regarding the Perverted Glasses Bastard stalking the Heroine and then confining them.

It would happen towards the heroine with the highest favorability but, in the Alexia route only the period would be pushed back, it would be triggered once Alexia became a member.

Finally, there was the battle against the Witch.

It has 3 different patterns for when it would happen: during the middle of the 3rd term, during the end of the 3rd  term, or the pattern where the battle never triggered to begin with. 

In the pattern when battle was never triggered, you had to complete Eterna’s conversation event to strengthen her resolve as the Saint then choose another heroine, in addition, Eterna’s favorability must be below a certain point while party level was above 40.

Eterna resolved herself to be the Saint, aware that her feelings won’t be answered by Vernell, but still tried to defeat the Witch for Vernell’s sake and brought many knights into the battle.

By the way during this time, depending on your choice and Leila’s favorability, Leila could end up dead.

Of course in this route, Eterna would become the Witch and the Final Boss.

Next was the pattern when the Witch was fought in the middle of the 3rd term.

This pattern happened the most often, and the Witch won’t last until the end.

Most of it was during the middle of the story, when there was still time left she appeared with a final battle atmosphere and the battle to defeat her began.

This happened in all but Eterna’s route. Once the Witch was defeated, Eterna would deal the last blow by a cutscene and it would flow like a happy ending, but…

Afterward due to Elrise’s bad history, those who hated the Saint failed to differentiate between Elrise and Eterna then destroyed Eterna’s hometown, killing everybody in it.

This was found out during the time of transition between Elrise to Eterna thus they were late to find out, and the attacker themselves did not even know what the Saint’s name was.

But said villagers were also idiots, they merely acted by the thought of “The Saint is unforgivable” on mistaken indignation that Elrise’s villainy was done by Eterna. Then when they received the information of “that village is where the Saint was born”, they did the most foolish thing they could3.

As the result, Eterna fell into despair and gave up on  humanity. After killing them, she could no longer turn back.

Well, it was already too late the moment she defeated the Witch but, Eterna failed to even keep the peace for 5 years4.

By the way, in the Alexia route she didn’t die and became a comrade instead.

Of course, the moment she appeared, I took all her equipment and turned it into funds.

The pattern where the battle is at the end of the 3rd term was only the Eterna route.

In this route, the events related to Eterna would be expanded, and the battle would happen in the final period.

They defeated the Witch, and Eterna died in Vernell’s arms.

She might be happier compared to the other routes, but it still wasn’t worthy enough for all that she did.

This girl was way too pitiful.

It made one seriously think she was happiest when not portrayed whatsoever.

Well… in conclusion, the knowledge I had could no longer be depended on.

Because usually, this would be the moment when the trigger event for Eterna’s awakening happens.

With the demon horde already beaten down, if there was any flag left, it would be the Perverted Glasses Bastard Confinement event.

So from now on, it would be like advancing in the dark.

I really had no idea how the situation will develop.

But well, I decided do something about it. For the sake of my own feelings.

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1 year ago

Ah, here it is. The point in the story where the MC can no longer rely on their own information on the game to continue. I don’t fear this part, however, as the author has shown their ability to write very clearly so far. I need only wait for the goodness that’s about to come forth.

Thank you for the chapter.

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Ah, so it is likely that he originally was Elrise, died, transmigration and was reincarnated as Niito, and due to some unforseen reasons was still bound to the will of his original world.

But unlike his original life, there were moralities and consequences that made him learn what is wrong and what is right. Ofc deep down his, or well, *her* original perception that this was a different world was present, which explained the detachment.

Meaning that from the get go he was, by his own words, gay for other girls. Or more probably bi if the original story of Kuni is to be trusted.

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Reply to  Spirit

That’s an interesting theory. as for the truth, you’ll learn by learning further

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After rereading I finally understood correctly

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Reply to  Sugitama-san

Yea, sometimes we need to reread stuff to understand what’s what properly

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5 years was the longest any Saint resisted, other Saint had shorter periods.

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thank you for actually reread the novel! it made it worth translating it

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I am rereading it now.

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thanks! hope you enjoyed the story!

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This is actually my fourth or third re-read now.

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