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Chapter 59: Filth

Well then, it’s not good to take a long time for such small fry, so let’s end this quickly.

Oh, Octopus, you’re merely the opening performance before dealing with Alexia after all.

I will tear you apart then sprinkle you, roast you, turn you into Takoyaki then eat you!

But it seems it is difficult to make Takoyaki in this world.

You could buy convenient Takoyaki spices at a commercial supermarket on Earth, but you need to make the cake flour on your own in this world … it wouldn’t be easy to get your hands on cake flour here to begin with.

Well, let’s put that aside. Anyway I will beat you up!


It seemed it noticed what I was attempting to do. The Octopus moved to hide behind Mob Girl.

On top of that, it used its tentacles to drag Eterna and the others and placed them in front of it as a shield.

You, that’s cheating.

And it was not merely placed in front.

Octopus used 6 of its 8 limbs to drag 6 students, while leaving 2 limbs free.

Then it used 5 of the captured students and Mob Girl to cover itself on all sides.

On top of that, it also dragged one student above, to be used as a guard against any above attack.

Meat shields… what an annoying thing to do.

But muda muda muda1!

There were always counter measures for such things.

“Don’t move Elrise… if you do, their lives are no more. For now, placed your hands on your back.”

Octopus used a cliche threat while I walked in front of it until I was behind Octopus.

It was that thing, using light refraction to produce illusion + stealth that I used back then to deceive the Knights’ eyes.

In front of it, there was currently an image of me who did nothing in front of hostages and obediently put her hand behind her back.

And it was not like there was no gaps between those human shields.

I aimed in between those hostages, then activated ice magic.

For this Octopus to move above ground, it always had to activate water magic on its surroundings and live inside of it.

Once the water froze, it would be my victory.

The Octopus was frozen instantly, and all hostages were also released.

Then I dispelled the illusion and the stealth… I should be seen as if I moved instantly in Leila’s eyes.

“E, Elrise-sama… what just…”

“These hostages made me worried, so I just cheated a little.”

I wanted to keep as many cards hidden as I could, so I didn’t even tell Leila about the details.

It was something like keeping one’s ace hidden or something.

But, it was good that Octopus had walked outside carelessly.

This happy miscalculation eliminated one of the unstable factors for Vernell’s group infiltration.

Anyway, Mob Girl who got manipulated… err, Elizabeth? No, it was Elizabet

Well, it was fine whichever it was.

She was stunned and fell to her feet, so I gave her my hand.

“That was quite a disaster for you… are you okay?”

Her face was not to my liking, but I had been told that she was a fan of mine who had gone to the point of imitating me, so it was important to treat the fan with care.

Then Mob Girl grasped my hand with both of her hands, she looked at it seriously then caressed it.

Hm? What? I didn’t have anything on my hands though?

“Hah… it’s so white, smooth and thin… it’s so beautiful all the way to your fingertips…”

She went hah hah while caressing my hand all around, then slowly embraced me.

Then, she reached out to my hair and waist without hesitation.

“Ah, thank you, thank you… I always sought help. But my voice didn’t come out. But isn’t it obvious? It’s totally wrong for me, who was the Saint to be named as the Witch.”


What was this person talking about?

No, this was what Leila was talking about, her pretending to be the Saint.

She barely survived after being manipulated, yet she began to do her Saint pretend right after. She was quite something, in a way.

“Your hair is silky… your waist is also thin… hah… so this is the Saint… ah, why… Why am I not you? … This face, this body, it should be something I was born with, yet, why did you…”

Uhm… this was quite something. A type that I had never encountered before.

Anyway, I learned something.

It seemed she was quite a dangerous person.

It might have been better if I didn’t save her…

“Hey, give it to me… these hair and nails, face and body, give it to me… I also want to be the Saint. Isn’t it okay? See? See? Isn’t it okay? It’s okay, right? Of course, since I am the Sai…”

“Enough of that, you vermin.”

As I was thinking about what I should do regarding this dangerous Mob Girl who was touching me all over, Leila came near me without me noticing, grabbed Mob Girl’s head, and pulled her away from me. Then she threw her away as if she was throwing out garbage.

Oi Stocco, wasn’t that a little too much?

That girl had a family name, didn’t that make her a noble?

Ah, no, now that I thought about it again, Stocco was a daughter of a Marquis house. Since she won pedigree wise, maybe she could deal with her without much problem?

…No, no, that wasn’t the problem here.

“Your unscrupulous actions and numerous instances of disrespect toward Elrise-sama, I won’t stand for it any longer. For such blasphemy, I shall immediately cut down that dirty head of yours.”

Mob Girl, who was sitting on the ground, didn’t seem to understand the situation as Leila came forward and thrust her sword toward her.

Then Mob Girl stepped backward as she said.

“Wa, wait… ca, calm down… please, Leila. Ye, yes, my Knight! You are the Guard Knight! So you may not do such a thing! Please remember… that moment when you and I ran through the battlefield together, that day where we saved many powerless people…”

Her common tone suddenly became a polite tone.

Perhaps this was supposed to be her attempt at mimicking me.

But I never, not even once, said “may not” like an ojou-sama though.

In the first place, the reason I used polite speech was because using a girl’s tone felt too disgusting for me to do, and using a man’s speech would be too incompatible. That was why I ended up using a polite tone I had used at work; it was just a matter of compromise with my tone.



Uwah, Leila’s expression became something I had never seen before.

It was as if she encountered a huge pile of feces that had fallen down on the road. It made one feel a heartfelt physiological aversion toward it. Then her eyes went beyond extreme anger and turned into eyes of absolute zero; it was an expression that was hard to describe properly.

It was like when something was so cold that it burned you, to the point you were unable to differentiate it from heat.

I didn’t know humans were capable of such an expression.

“Enough, even merely hearing your voice feels unpleasant. I shall cut you down immediately.”

Ah, no good.

This Leila was seriously going to cut her down.

If Leila went on and killed Mob Girl this way, she would be punished by law for deliberately killing a noble. Regardless of the reason, it would become a problem.

It didn’t matter even if Leila was a noble lady.

So I lightly tapped Leila on the back as an attempt to calm her down.

Stocco, Stay.

Calm down, yes yes yes.

“Leila, calm down.”

“Please don’t stop me, Elrise-sama. This thing ought to be disposed of.”

And now, she began to treat her as an “object.”

This might be the first time I saw Leila to be this furious.

In the game, she was also about this angry when she went against Pizzarise, but this was the first time I saw it in this world.

How should I calm her down…

Anyway, if Leila truly did cut her down here, her standing would be in danger.

So it was already necessary for me to stop her, but… I guess it would be better for me to heal the wound she got when Leila threw her away.

This girl was still the daughter of a Count even if she was like that.

And so I was about to cast healing magic, but somehow the place where Eterna was at suddenly shone.

Huh? I didn’t cast healing magic over there though?

Rather this was dangerous. Mana was becoming highly condensed around Eterna.

If this kept up, then everyone on the rooftop, except for me who was capable of guarding it with my mana would be blasted away.

And so I deployed a shield. It guarded against the mana that Eterna blasted out and I would be able to observe what happened next.


Eterna who was inside of the light slowly got up, and looked toward this direction.

Her body was decorated with white particles of mana, and her hair fluttered about even though there was no wind.

Mana waves hit Octopus and erased it; no traces of it remained.

Ah… even though I was planning to make Takoyaki out of it.

Anyway, this was that, without a doubt.

Bluntly, no one understood why this happened suddenly, but it was impossible for common humans to reach 1/600 of my total mana.

Yup, this was that, she was awakened as the Saint.

Why did she suddenly awaken? I didn’t get it…

…Anyway, it wouldn’t be far in the future until I was revealed as a fake Saint, so let’s start thinking about an excuse moving forward.

For those who got rescued when they asked for help, there was no guarantee they would appreciate the help they got.

Even if they desperately sought help when they were in danger, they would easily forget about it once they were saved… These kinds of humans exist in this world.

While Leila looked down toward the Filth (Elizabet), she thought so deep within her heart.

Elrise said she had heard Elizabet’s voice seeking for help.

It must be true.

Back when King Aiz sought help, she, too, helped him as if it was the most obvious thing to do.

Such a power might not have existed in other generations of Saint, but she was the Greatest Saint of all time, after all. It wouldn’t be weird if she was really capable of that.

But not everyone was like King Aiz, who truly felt indebted for the help they got and changed their ways.

For a heart that rotted down to its core, they had no concept of gratitude, after all.

Even so, Elrise still wouldn’t change, and would extend her hand to help them.

She helped anyone without making any calculations in her heart; even if they would have trampled her down for it, she would still extend her hand with a smile.

They wouldn’t betray her… it was not like she had thought of it like that.

She didn’t mind even if she got betrayed and trampled down for it… Elrise surely thought like that.

This kind of life was very precious, untainted… That was why Leila was unable to forgive this filth even more.

For this kind of thing to trample down on Elrise, it was something that shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

That was why she thought she would cut her down for this one time, even if she had to go against Elrise’s will and raise her sword.

But Elrise lightly tapped on Leila’s back and told her.

“Leila, calm down.”

“Please don’t stop me, Elrise-sama. This thing ought to be disposed of.”

Elrise silently shook her head at Leila’s anger.

In her face, one was unable to see the slightest anger for being insulted.

She would love any kind of person, and protect them.

That was why. this time too, she was about to cast healing magic toward Elizabet without hesitation.

Ah… this person is truly…

Leila somehow managed to hold down her resentful heart and sheathe her sword.

In terms of fighting capability, there was no need to protect Elrise.

She was not only capable of protecting herself, but also of protecting everything.

But, she didn’t try to protect herself.

That was why Leila swore to protect her, regardless of what might happen.

Toward Leila, who had once betrayed her, Elrise had forgiven her, and even granted her a weapon.

To repay this debt, at very least, she would become the shield that protected her from this kind of malice.

But it seemed she sheathed her sword too quickly.

The Greater Demon had frozen, while the Fool had turned silent.

All that was left was to secure the students that had been captured as hostages… or so she had thought.

But from one of those students that needed to be secured, Eterna suddenly emitted light, and Elrise hurriedly used a shield to protect everyone. 

Except for the part of the rooftop that was being protected by Elrise, everything else got overrun by light. Even the Greater Demon who was frozen also ended up perishing by it.

Looking at the hollowed out floor of the rooftop, Leila felt terrified by its power.

It was an impossible thing to happen.

There was no way for a common student to suddenly be capable of using magic that was strong enough to make a Greater Demon perish with a single strike.

Not even Leila was capable of doing that.

Doing something like that, which exceeded human knowledge, would only be possible for the Saint.

But that was supposed to be Elrise.

As a matter of fact, Elrise did many great deeds that only Saints could do… Nay, even things that were unable to be done even if past generation Saints had gathered together.

But looking at that figure of Eterna, who stood up within light and shone divinely, all one could think of regarding that form was that could only be the Saint.

For two Saints to have appeared in the same generation, that has never happened before. Not even once.

Yet, this kind of exception happened right in front of Leila’s eyes.

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