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Chapter 6: Route Development (Part 2)


I had a really bad dream. 

I got up from the bed and stretched lightly. 

How should I say this… I still feel like this side is the reality. 

This side is overwhelmingly more realistic than the other side. 

The other side is kind of wobbly and feels a bit fake. 

But it is funny to hear that I am a capturable character. 

Hey, that kind of thing is impossible. 

I will bet on the soul of someone who likes cherries.2 

Now, let’s look back at what happened yesterday. 

For the time being, I think it’s safe to say that Vernell, who was about to enter the solo route, got back on track with that. 

He said some cliche lines about using his life and heart for the most important thing, and I’m pretty sure he was talking about Eterna. 

I mean, he hasn’t been in contact with any heroine other than Eterna, so there are no other options to choose from. 

He said he would protect his Saint, which means he was aware of Eterna. 

No, he’s an antisocial person, isn’t he? Maybe, it’s just youth. 

It can’t be… me… no way. Yeah, I don’t think so. 

He wouldn’t have said it like that if it was me. 

Instead of “I’ll protect my Saint,” it would have been “I’ll protect you.” 

The only problem is that, in the end, none of the original goals were achieved. 

I have no idea when Fara-san will act, and the progress of the event is almost exactly as it was in the initial stages. This makes it impossible to predict which event will happen when. 

No, I can’t predict that. The solo route is a meme play in which you basically don’t play the contents, usually only RTA runners go for the solo route.3 

Ah, it’s all so messed up. 

As expected, the obstacle is that I am not at the school campus. 

The main setting of the game is at the school campus, but I’m not there. So, I don’t even know when the events will occur. 

However, in order to reach the happy ending for the Eterna route that I want, but no one has ever seen, I need to know the timing of the events and lead it there. 

There are many other beautiful girls in that school, including Fara-san, who are too good to let them die. But some of them will perish if you leave them alone… this game. 

Excuse me, this gal game is too brutal. 

What should I do…? 


Ah, no, that’s right. There’s no need to think too hard. 

If I need to be a student to determine the timing of events in the vicinity, then why don’t I just become one? I’ll become a student. 

As I said before, it would be absurd for a (fake) Saint to enroll in “A school that trains knights to protect the Saint,” but if I said that, the absurdity has already occurred when the real Saint (Eterna) joined the school. 

If I become a student, the only problem is that the amount of absurdities will increase. 

Besides, I am an influential person now. Any opposing opinions can be won over with an iron fist and eloquence. 

Wasn’t it the same in the original story? 

(Real) Elrise took advantage of her title as a Saint to intervene in the school matters as if she owned the place and caused all sorts of problems. 

It seems like more than half of the incidents that happened in the school were caused by (Real) Elrise. 

What should I say is the reason for enrolling? 

Well, I can just perfunctorily say that I longed for a school life because of my age, or that the Magic Knight Academy is the safest school because all the students would be like my guards. 

Okay, I’ve decided on it. I’ll do that immediately… 

“Knock! Knock!” 

Ah? Someone is knocking on the door. Who is it? I was all fired up for once. 

“Come in.” 

“Excuse me. Elrise-sama, may I have a moment of your time?” 

The one who came in was the beauty-san who serves as my guard. 

She is a 20-year-old tall girl with black hair pulled back in a ponytail. 

She is an elite who graduated from Magic Knight Academy last year with honors and became my guard knight. 

The military uniform, with an official rank insignia, was perfectly donned. 

Her name is Leila Scott, and she is actually one of the heroines that could be captured in the original story. 

By the way, she also is from a noble family, and unlike Vernell and me, she has a family name. 

Vernell, Eterna, and I don’t have family names because we weren’t born into nobility, but there are some characters in this game who have family names, like her. 

Her position is that of (real) Elrise’s bodyguard in the original story, but she has long had ill feelings toward Elrise. Elrise is so unruly and arrogant, and Leila complained that her magic and sword were not refined for this purpose. 

Then, in the wake of a certain event, she resigned from her position as the guard knight to join Vernell. She also brought along plenty of evidence of Elrise’s unrevealed evil deeds, and became a contributor to (real) Elrise’s condemnation event. 

In other words, she is the one who will eventually betray me and oust me as a fake Saint. 

I’m doing things much differently than (real) Elrise, and I’m not getting that much hate, but… As long as a person who isn’t a Saint is pretending to be a Saint, it’s still a crime no matter what. 

I couldn’t complain even if I was to be killed on the spot when I am revealed to be a fake, regardless of my accumulated achievements. 

The title of a Saint in this world is just that important. 

Nevertheless, it is in line with my goal to eventually return the title to Eterna. 

There are no problems with betrayal. 

I don’t mind… do it. But don’t do it just yet. 

“I’m sure this isn’t something you need to hear but… one of the teachers, Fara Doremy, has taken several students hostage and is currently holed up in the basement of the school.”

Hmm? Was there such an event? 

It’s strange… I am pretty sure I have unraveled all the routes, but I don’t know of any such event. 

Fara-san, what the hell are you thinking? 

You’re responsible for an assassination attempt, not a kidnapping.

“Which students are being held hostage?” 

“From first grade, Vernell and Eterna, as well as Fiora and John. From second grade, Tadano, Kazua, and Wase.4 In total, seven students are being held hostage.” 

Hmm. I don’t recognise any of these names except for Vernell and Eterna. Frankly, I really don’t care about them. 

I’ve never heard of them and they are not capturable characters or anything. 

But Vernell and Eterna are in trouble. Isn’t it on the verge of the Saint assassination event? 

Rather, I am more curious as to why they are still alive. 

“But, I am sure it will be handled soon. Please rest assured.” 

“What is the demand?”

No no, Leila-san. First of all is the other party’s demand, not a “please rest assured”. 

If she’s taking hostages then it means that she’s demanding something, right? That’s the most important part, so don’t leave it out. 

That’s why your nickname among the fans is “Stocco”.5 

This unreliable elite-san. 

“No… That’s something you don’t need to hear.” 

“Never mind that. I’ll make that decision after I hear about it. Don’t make decisions on the spot and discard information on your own.”

“… Fara Doremy’s demand is… that Elrise-sama must go to the basement… alone… without any guards.” 

Ah, I get it. It’s that situation.

I’m so lucky. The event came from the other side. Hooray! 

“All right, let’s go right away!” 

Eh? No, don’t stop me. Why are you stopping me?

Translator Note: I decided to watch JoJo because I have to understand the references.

But, I wonder if I will finish watching JoJo first or translate this first. 

Thank you for reading. If you find something wrong with my translations, please leave a comment for me to improve. Have a good day.

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3rd Citizen
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