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Chapter 63: Training in the Island Nation

Well then, we arrived at Fuguten.

This place was located on the other side of world, and it was necessary to use “Festina Lente” at full speed for an hour to get there.

It was currently the demons’ last stronghold in Fiori.

The ones who came here with me were Leila and the eight people who would infiltrate the underground.

While Perverted Glasses Bastard was away from school, the role of deceiving the Witch using the Styil was handed over to Old Man Fox.

Just in case, Perverted Glasses Bastard did send a message before we left, saying Octopus’s strategy seemed to have worked and had managed to redirect our attention to the fake Witch.

As such, Octopus couldn’t go back to the underground because it had to leave with the fake Witch and wreak havoc, and the Saint seemed to be preparing to leave the academy to confront them… that was the scenario he gave her. 

I also brought Turtle along with me, so I could quickly monitor the Witch’s movements at the academy. 

The Witch had no way of knowing that I was currently away from the Academy, and even if she did find out, she would just be overjoyed and think “She’s finally gone,” and remain underground. Though I still needed to bring Turtle just in case something happened.

As a side note, Vernell’s group were quite surprised that the Prophet was actually a turtle. Well, it was obvious they’d be.

“This is the End of the World… No, the other side of the world, Fuguten.”

Leila talked to herself as if she was confirming it.

Fuguten was located on the other side of the globe, on the opposite of the Giardino Continent, where we lived.

But until recently, the widespread belief was that this world was flat instead of round.

That was why Fuguten was called the “End of the World.”

In terms of physical distance, it was the farthest point in this world, and the method of transportation here hasn’t been developed that much.

That was why there weren’t many interactions with this place; when most people thought about Fuguten, they’d think, “I’ve heard such a nation exists, but I have no idea what it actually looks like.”

It was exactly because it was this kind of place that it has still been left untouched, and demons still remained.

On the contrary, if the demons here went extinct, then the only ones that’d remain were the Witch’s followers underground.

“But… how do I say this? It sure is a wasteland here.”

Aina looked around at our surroundings as she said so, but all the visible landscape around was indeed as she had described.

Barren ground, rocks, sand, and mountains were spread around as far as our eyes could see. There was no greenery visible at all.

The earth here was so dry, it was as if all the water in it had been sucked dry; it was also cracked.

This wasn’t just at the level of non-arable land.

This was practically the land of the dead.

“This isn’t that rare. Even the continent we live in used to look like this until just a few years ago.”

Perverted Glasses Bastard said this as if he was reminiscing. 

It was as he said. Back then, everywhere around the continent used to look like this place before I started my active duty.

So I used wide AoE earth magic to cultivate the land, then used water magic to forcefully drag out water from water veins below. Afterwards, I had spread seeds on the soil and then used an excessive amount of healing magic to cause their life force to go wild, which made them sprout and grow. Using this magical brute force sort of method, I managed to turn barren areas into forests.

By the way, I had no idea what would happen if one used such excessive amounts of healing magic toward a human.

I had never tried it before, after all.

It was just that I had experimented with that method on a Monkey Demon that had a similar form to humans. It had boosted their power immensely for a short period of time; it became quite dangerous.

Well, it still wasn’t enough to be a decent opponent for me though.

I didn’t see any side effects, but I didn’t use it toward anything besides plants from that point onward since it was scary.

“As long as the demons are not eradicated, this scenery won’t change. Because even if one made the effort to plant trees, it would only get destroyed by demons. Even if humans themselves can also be considered as somewhat harmful to nature, they still have an overall part to play for nature. But demons are different. All they could do is destroy things… the state of this country is a problem for everyone.”

Leila criticized the demons harshly, without hiding her hatred toward them.

I tried to defend them somewhat though, saying that demons were originally wild animals that had been distorted by the Witch. In a way, they were also victims.

Well, it might be strange to hear that kind of thing from their number one enemy though.

Anyway, I had to search for strong demons to be used for training.

“Propheter, are there any demons who are Greater Demon class or who have a similar level of power in this nation?”

“Umu, I managed to confirm the presence of several strong ones. The closest would be a Big Squid, which is located on the seaside, a 5 kilometer distance to the south.”

First it was Octopus, now it’s Squid… did we come to bully seafood?

Anyway, a Big Squid might be troublesome.

As for why, since it was mainly active within the seawater, the method of fighting it would probably be different when compared to land-based demons.

It might be easier if they were like Octopus who had forcefully gone around on land by using magic. But if one needed to dive into the sea, which was its natural habitat, the difficulty of defeating it would increase by quite a high degree.

But if it was that hard, it might become an essential experience for Vernell’s group.

If anything goes wrong, I could just interfere, so let’s try this.

“I will ask just in case, but will anyone be troubled if that demon is defeated?”

“Hm — I don’t think so. More like there is a notice that reward money will be given to those who are able to defeat it.”

When I had posed this question to Turtle, Vernell’s group had expressions saying, “There’s no way that could ever be.”

Indeed, by our common sense, people wouldn’t be troubled if we defeated such a thing.

As this demon lived beneath the sea, it consumed nearby fish and shellfish; even corals were destroyed down to their very roots.

It also couldn’t go out from sea, which made fighting it seem more like an endeavor with a hundred drawbacks and no gain to it1

But that was not something for us to decide on our own.

It was possible that there would be someone out there who was making use of such a Squid in some way as part of their livelihood.

If we defeated it without permission, it could become a problem.

But since there was a bounty for it, it wouldn’t be a problem even if we were to defeat it.

“Then there shouldn’t be any problem. Let’s go there immediately.”

Well, let’s begin the practical battle training against demons.

After we’d  arrived at the beach, this huge Squid was loitering around as if it were saying, “you’re late.”

It neither ran nor hid.

It just wriggled its tentacles around as it emerged from the water.

As for its size… if we included its tentacles in the estimate, it would be about 40 meters long.

There was a video which had spread in the internet about how a great king squid about 49 meters long was caught at Santa Monica, California, though it was actually just a hoax. But the size of this demon was about that large. It sure was big.

If people were to eat it, how many people would be needed to finish eating it?

But what made me more curious was that there was an elephant-like trunk attached to its face for some reason.

What was that… was it a chimera of a Squid and an Elephant?

“Tha, that’s big…”

“Hum, it just looks big.”

Mob A faltered a bit, but Underdog didn’t flinch as he looked at such a huge bodied creature and advanced forward.

Ooh, Underdog sure looks like a strong character.

Underdog took a stance, and then laughed confidently.

“It’s enough with just me alone. Don’t get involved. If it’s this guy, it should be enough for me to use just 60% of my power to finish it off.”

No, just go and use 100% of your power.

As I was thinking that, Underdog really ran alone toward Squid.

He entered the sea, and as he got closer to Squid, he lost speed and made splashing sounds.

And then — before he could even get in range to use his fist, its tentacle punched him and flung him away.


Oh, Underdog-kun got done in~ !

As he screamed, Underdog flew up into the sky. Since I had no choice, I used wind magic to reduce the impact of his fall.

It was an underdog performance worthy of his name.

But I never got to gauge the of his level of power, so I guess he was not yet qualified as an underdog.

As Squid lost interest toward Underdog, it then turned toward me and started to extend its tentacles.

Oi, oi, you really want to do some Tentacle play? If you want to do that, aim for the other bishoujo instead, yes, the bishoujos.

There was Eterna or Mary or Aina or Fiora. Also, though she was no longer at an age to be considered a shoujo, there was also Leila.

Anyway, I would love to see it, but if it was to experience it, then no thank you for the offer.

So I casually set up a barrier, and blocked its tentacles.

“Elrise-sama! Bastard, your enemy is us!”

Vernell cut toward Squid with his great sword.

But his enemy was within the sea, though it was on a shallow level where his feet could still reach the seafloor.

Even with the range of Vernell’s sword, he still needed to enter the sea for his attack to reach.

But even if it was a shallow depth, since they were inside water, their speed would be greatly reduced.

If this kept up, he would end up like Underdog, but… let’s see what our protagonist has planned.


The Squid roared and smashed down with its tentacles.

Why did its roar sound like that…?

But as if Vernell was waiting for this moment, he quickly brought up his sword and cut off those tentacles.

As expected of the protagonist. It was different from an underdog.

Other members started to move as well and shot at it with magic and arrows; others followed Vernell’s lead and cut at it which started to make the Squid feel cornered.

Oh — as expected of the weapons I had crafted. It might be self-praise, but it sure cut that Squid up quite nicely.

Finally, Eterna shot light magic and the Squid got roasted and turned black.

Ooh… as expected of the Saint’s power, it was super effective against a demon.

Although there wasn’t much mana in the attack, it sure possessed a lot of destructive power.

The Squid seemed to still have some life in it and tried to reach me with its tentacle, but after Vernell struck it once more, it ceased its movements.

“That was amazing… From what I’ve heard, that power is not inferior to that of past Saints.”


As I listened to Leila, who was beside me, calmly evaluating Eterna’s power, I was aware my cheek twitched a bit.

Yup, of course it isn’t inferior.

Obviously, since she is the real Saint.

“If Elrise-sama wasn’t the current generation’s Saint, she might have been mistaken as the Saint instead.”

“…I guess so.”

Leila, did you say that knowingly?

Are you suspicious of me now?

Did she think, “Perhaps, she is not the real Saint?” or something?

At least I had the dark power I had borrowed from Vernell 3 years ago so I could do “things that only Saint could do.” Though in my case, I just forcefully made that happen.

For example, a Saint with the Saint’s power of 100 needed to consume 1 MP for their magic to deal 100 damage to the Witch.

Since Eterna was the real deal, she could shoot straight with just 1 MP consumption of her magic and achieve a result like that.

Meanwhile, I was a Saint (fake) with power of 10, so I couldn’t deal damage to Witch as I was.

So I needed to consume 100 MP to forcefully exceed her protective magic and achieve the same amount of damage … something like that.

“But, this was outside of my expectations. If they could win their battles so easily, then it’s not enough for training.”


I needed to think of another method somehow.

I was happy that Eterna had awakened, but since her attacks were super effective against demons, it had turned into an easy fight.

That was obviously a good thing, since it was proof that Eterna could play a major part against demons in the actual fight.

But we never knew what could happen during the fight against the Witch.

So if possible, I wanted a more difficult fighting experience for them…

“…rse… oh, Elrise…”

Ah — shut up. I’m busy thinking.

Who is it, the one who’s talking to me?

“I am Alfrea… I’m currently talking to you, who is this generation’s Saint…”

Fu-m, I see. Alfrea, huh.

Hers was an existence that was mentioned only by name in the game. What business does the First Saint who never appeared in-game have with me… Fah!?

First Saint Alfrea!?

Wait, that person was supposed to have died a long time ago. Why was such a person talking to me?

No, more importantly… don’t tell me that she… you’re lying? I can’t believe it!

“It might be a surprise that I’m suddenly talking to you. Because you managed to significantly reduce the power of darkness over this world, my voice has managed to reach you. I should’ve been able to contact you, the Saint, sooner, but… no, it must be because I had grown weaker. Anyway, because you came to this nation, my voice has managed to reach you.”

What echoed in my head was a clear voice.

But I was the only one who heard it; there was no sign that anyone else heard it.

Yes… it seemed that not even Eterna could hear this voice.

“But I wonder why? It’s very hard to talk to you, and it seems it won’t last long. I need to talk to you at all costs, so can you please go to my place? I’m currently at the First Saint’s Tomb, which is located within this Nation…”

As she reached that point, the conversation suddenly got cut off.

That was why I told you to properly charge your smartphone…

But it was the First Saint, Alfrea, and the First Saint’s Tomb, huh… I did have an idea about why I managed to hear the voice of First Saint-sama, who was supposed to be dead, and why her tomb was here in this nation and many other things, but most importantly…

… The First Generation’s Saint (she)… couldn’t differentiate between the Real (Saint) and the Fake (Me)… 

Impossible… she ignored the real Saint, Eterna, who was right beside me…!

A/N:[Sad News] First Saint: her head seems a little trashed.

The Demon that Vernell’s group fought against this time.
If a dragon’s power was about level 70, it was around level 50.
It was a Huge Squid Demon, but it had an Elephant trunk attached to it.
His inner organs consisted of a stomach and a liver that had grown so big that it was doing the supposed function of other organs.
It bet its life to make a Bishoujo sticky with its tentacles.
Just making them sticky without doing things all the way was the mysterious policy it had.

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