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Chapter 64: First Saint Alfrea

After we finished fighting with Squid, we were currently enveloped with light and flying across Fuguten’s sky.

As for why we were doing so, it was because we were heading toward First Saint Alfrea’s Tomb.

After the call from the First Saint, Alfrea, got cut off, I told everyone about it.

I thought it was too sudden and that no one would believe me, but much to my surprise, everyone believed in my words. As such, we were on our way to search for the First Saint’s Tomb.

Because Alfrea was the first one, there was no movement to secure the Saint back then.

She defeated the Witch, and that was the first time people became aware of the Saint’s existence.

Because of that, Alfrea’s the circumstances around her birth, like where and when she was born, were still enveloped in mystery.

The First Saint that was so enveloped in mystery… One normally wouldn’t believe it if they were suddenly told that her Tomb was located on the other side of the world. It would be normal to doubt it.

Yet nobody doubted it and believed it, “because Elrise-sama said she heard her voice.”

No, I wasn’t lying this time though. I really did hear a voice.

But leaving that aside, I became worried that they didn’t doublt me at all.

If I were a swindler, I could’ve taken all their money, you see.

“Propheter, are we really heading in the right direction?”

“Yes. No doubt about it. Alfrea lies beyond here.”

I was really glad I brought Turtle along, since it could look into every place in the world.

If I didn’t, we would’ve needed to start gathering information first.

Anyway, since it would take some time before we arrived there, let’s ask it some more questions.

“How did Propheter know that Alfrea-sama’s Tomb is located in this nation?”

“Yes, I knew. You see, this nation was… the hometown of Alfrea and the First Witch. Nowadays, most battles between the Witch and the Saint occur on the Giardino Continent. However, everything began in this small Island Nation.”

It was really important information, but it was not something I had known prior.

The game had never said anything about it in the slightest.

No good… I was currently at the point where the information I had previously taken advantage of has become worthless.

By the way, the “First Witch” and the “First Saint (Alfrea)” were different people.

In the beginning, the World made a representative called the Witch to manage humanity. Then it went berserk, so afterwards, the First Generation’s Saint (Alfrea) was born.

So the person who initially went crazy first was the First Witch, not Alfrea.

“Oh, it’s here. Go down.”

I started to descend when Turtle told me to.

As I looked at the surrounding landscape, the place we arrived at seemed to be a valley bordered by a rock wall.

Turtle slowly walked, then entered a nearby cave.

We followed her lead and went in. After going a bit further in, we came across a surreal scene.

Was it marble… perhaps? The ceiling was constructed with some sort of white stone. Then light came from the entrance; it illuminated the water inside the cave with a bluish glow, creating an otherworldly scenery.

What lay ahead was a set of old and rusted armor.

There was nothing inside it… but it carried a corroded sword, and made a rumbling noise as it moved.

…It might just fall down if I just poke at it.

“That is…”

“…It was Alfrea’s knight once. Back then, there was no such thing as knights that protected Saint. However, his soul remains here to continue protecting Alfrea, even beyond death.”

As we approached, the Armor let me pass alone, then raised its sword to block Leila and the others from moving any further.

“…It seems only Saint may go beyond this point.”

Turtle seemed to have a complicated expression as it said this while glancing at me and Eterna.

Wai, hey. Armor over there! Do you have no eyes?!

Err, it totally didn’t. It had nothing inside after all.

Anyway, did you not notice that you blocked the real Saint?

But it wasn’t like I can really say that right at this time, so I reluctantly advanced.

Um, was this really okay? I’m a fake, you know?

As I advanced further into the cave, I eventually reached the deepest part. A huge crystal lay before me.

Confined within the crystal was a woman … wai, Nude! Nude! NU☆DE!


Her age seemed to be close to Leila’s.

She had beautiful, shoulder-length, silver hair like Eterna.

There was some hair on top of her haid that had spread. It was only on those parts that the tip of her hair was colored black for some reason; it somehow looked like dog ears.

Her facial features looked distinct. It was obvious to anyone who’d look that she was a beauty.

Was there a rule that the Saint’s title could only be held by a Beauty?

Then… her bust was akin to melons! They were big!

Perhaps it might even be bigger than Fara-sensei’s…?

It wasn’t relevant or anything, but I had quite a fetish for cultivation tanks…

You know those scenes in manga or anime, where there was a nude girl confined and dormant within the cultivation tank?

Those sure turned me on!

This was not exactly a cultivation tank; it was a crystal, yet it was still in line with my taste.

This was good, yes, good!

Well, let’s leave my fetish aside.

I came all the way here, but I didn’t really know what I should do next.

Maybe something would happen if I touched her hand?

Then, as I touched her, my surroundings changed, and I was currently floating inside light for some reason.

On top of that, I wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Why did I even have to be nude? Who would even want to see that kind of thing?

Anyway, I used the ultimate defense magic, the mysterious light, to guard the part that shouldn’t ever be seen, but I still couldn’t bring myself to calm down.

This was probably that thing. Something like the world inside my mind.

I could still sense my own body and, if I concentrated, I could also move my hand if I wanted.

“Welcome, O’ Saint of the Current Generation. I’ve been waiting for you to come.”

I turned around as I heard those words and there before me was a nude lady. She was floating before me and I hadn’t even noticed her approach before then.

Uhoh — what a delightful thing to see.

For a girl to defenselessly bare themselves in front of me, this was one of the best perks of TS.

Because we were the same gender, they showed their skin without feeling any shame.

How to say it… err… it might sound dirty, but… fufu… it was arousing enough that I got an erection… 1

“Are you the First Saint, Alfrea-sama?”

Let’s begin with confirmation.

It was over 90% guaranteed that she was, but just in case.

“Yes. You are the Current Saint, Elrise, right?”

“…Yes. Indeed, I’m treated as the Current Generation’s Saint.”

“Treated as… you say?”

Ah, this person really didn’t know.

OK, it was confirmed. This First Saint tried to act dignified or something, but it was already confirmed that she had a messed up head.

Anyway, it was bad to keep bullying her, so let’s just come clean.

“I am not a Saint. I’m merely a person who was coincidentally born in the same village as the Saint. Just a different person who happened to have strong mana.”


Alfrea was so shocked by my revelation that her eyes grew wide.

Ok, her dignity was in pieces.

Though it sure felt good to make a girl who was trying hard to maintain her dignity instantly drop her act and show her true face.

It was bad for me to show my true self, so I would never drop my act, but for those who were cute on the inside as well, they’d become more popular if they revealed their true selves.

“Eh, you’re lying… you are being called the Greatest Saint of All Time, who accomplished things that previous generations of Saints have failed to do… but that was all Fake? Completely mistaken? You’re definitely lying… doesn’t that mean that if a common person simply did their best, then they could manage to do things that generations of Saints have failed to do… Rather, the meaning of our existence as Saint becom-muh-muh-me… What was the point of all the Saints’ existence across the past 1000 years? Were all of them, including me, useless people? Every one of us combined just failed to fulfill what a simple commoner could do? This must be a lie right? Bu, but now that you mention it, even though your mana is absurdly strong, your power as a Saint is so weak that it ranks the lowest throughout the generations of Saints. It was very hard for my voice to reach you… That Eterna girl happened to react instead for some reason, despite not being Saint… huh? Does that mean that girl is the actual Saint…?” 

Oh~ oh~ she’s panicking.

Alfrea, who started mumbling things while holding her head then, started to intently look at me from head down to toe.

It was beside the point, but Alfrea’s name sounded close to Alexia so it was confusing.

The first and last letters of their name, as well as the number of letters in their name were totally the same; it was sort of confusing.

Even just the names Elrise and Eterna were already confusing enough. I might mix them up by mistake.

“There’s no way that you’re actually just a commoner! What’s with that! Even if one lined up all Saints throughout history, you totally look like the most Saint-like amongst all the Saints! You’re totally the Saint of all Saints! And now you’re saying you’re actually just a commoner that had been mistaken as one all along?! You’re definitely trying to fool me!”

“Hah… then what should I do? Should I ask Eterna-san to come over here instead? That person is the real Saint.”

“Fool! If I did that, wouldn’t I look like a fool that’s unable to perceive things correctly! I can’t make that mistake! You are the Saint, ok, I have decided that you are! I, as First Saint, have decided that this is the case! There, I win! I totally win in this argument! There will be no further arguments on this! I will hear no questions! So I did nothing wroooong!”

No good, her mind was more trashed up than I’d anticipated.

I had already decided she had a few loose screws the moment she had called out to me, the Fake Saint, instead of the real one. Though this went way beyond my expectations.

To illustrate, I had imagined her trashed brain power was at 950,000, but it turned out it was actually at 100,000,000.

Rather, it seemed to me that this person must be the most unSaint-like amongst all the Saints.

But we wouldn’t be able to continue the conversation if this kept up, so let’s ask her something.

“Alfrea-sama, I have two things to ask you about. First… regarding why your body is located here, and why your mentality didn’t become that of a Witch. There’s really only one conclusion I can draw from that, but let me confirm anyway… you didn’t defeat the Witch. Am I correct in saying that?”


Alfrea blatantly turned her gaze away from me when I asked her.

Ah… as expected.

If she had truly defeated the Witch, there was no way her tomb could exist.

Because defeating the Witch = becoming the next Witch.

Even if their corpse remained when the next Saint defeated her, that would have meant that, by then, she’d perpetrated many villainous deeds already. She would have been hated as the Witch instead.

There was no way such a hated person would have any existing tomb, much less one where they were entombed so carefully like this.

But Alfrea was clearly being protected.

On top of that, she didn’t turn into the Witch whatsoever.

There was only one conclusion to draw from this.

She… didn’t defeat the Witch.

“…Yo, you’re wrong. I did manage to defeat her once… but she actually just pretended to be dead… After a few years, I thought peace had finally come at last and was drinking alcohol… no, it wasn’t that. When I let my guard down, she came and then ambushed me. She pushed me here to keep me in a state of suspended animation and since then, I’ve been left here all alone.”

That meant you didn’t defeat her though.

But the Witch pretended to be dead, huh… It was simple, but it seemed it was actually quite an effective method.

Anyway, she pretended to be defeated and then hid from surrounding eyes and slowly increased her pawns to defeat the Saint.

I guess I, too, had to be wary of Alexia trying the same trick.

“With regards to my 2nd question… though you have already answered it somewhat. You are confined in this crystal, yet at same time, you are protected. There were few people who’d be capable of doing that… so I meant to ask who confined you here, but I understand this was the deed of the First Witch. That’s why I will change my question… Why didn’t the First Witch kill you, but instead confine you in such a protective manner? On top of that, in such a way that forces you into a state of suspended animation,  ensuring that the Next Generation of Saint would appear instead… I don’t understand that.”


The Saint being forced into suspended animation. This was an effective move indeed.

Thinking about it, that was a simple enough thing to do. Rather, why did no one think about this old tactic? The kind of “things that anyone would think were too obvious” actually turned out to be a blind spot instead.

It was kind of like the shadow under a lighthouse; humans seemed to easily forget what was right under their feet.

The birth of the next generation’s Saint was because the Saint turned into the Witch, or the world had confirmed said Saint’s death.

On the contrary, that meant that if the next generation of Saint was born, then one could just resuscitate the supposedly dead Saint. Then it would make a situation where there were two Saints in a single generation.

But this would only be good for the Saint’s side, and only a disadvantageous thing for the Witch to do.

I didn’t understand why the Witch went through all that trouble to do so. 

If she didn’t fully kill her, but just confined her to ensure that the next Saint wouldn’t be born, that was understandable.

But that was not the case. She went through all trouble of forcing her into a state of suspended animation to ensure that the next generation of Saint would be born.

That was clearly a strange thing to do.

“Wha, what is this, what is this… it’s supposed to be the revelation of a shocking truth! You’re supposed to be all surprised and shocked, yet you seem to already know it even though I haven’t even said anything yet… You also quickly realized Okaa-sama’s intentions when she left me in a state of suspended animation.”

“Wait a moment.”

Oi, wait you.

I heard a word that couldn’t be shrugged off.

Okaa-sama… Okaa-sama, you say?

The First Witch was Alfrea’s mama. She went through all the trouble of pretending to be defeated so Alfrea gained fame for defeating her. Then she ambushed her, and even though she could’ve killed her, she didn’t and left her in a state of suspended animation instead…

Ah — I see… I got it.

Regarding why she did so, there could only be one answer.

Basically, she didn’t want her own daughter to turn into the Witch.

Thinking about it again, Ijuuin-san mentioned something about it before.

Вut fоr ѕоmе rеаѕоn, thе Wіtсh wеnt bеrѕеrk аnd аttеmрtеd tо dеѕtrоу humаnіtу, thеn dеѕtrоуеd nаturе оn tор оf thаt, ѕо thе wоrld рrераrеd thе nехt wоrld rерrеѕеntаtіvе. Тhаt wаѕ thе fіrѕt Ѕаіnt Аlfrеа whо оnlу арреаrеd іn nаmе. But even whеn thе Wіtсh wаѕ dеfеаtеd, thе rеѕеntmеnt аnd роwеr еndеd uр mоvіng іnѕіdе the Ѕаіnt and turned them іntо thе nехt Wіtсh.

As I recalled his words, I understood. Indeed, there was no record at all of Alfrea turning into the Witch.

He only said that a Saint turned into the Witch.

Ijuuin-san only seemed to have heard about the setting from the scenario writer, so he might not have meant that the “2nd Generation of Witch ≠ Alfrea.” So there was actually a hint about it.

“… I understand the situation. In other words, the First Witch is Alfrea’s respected Mother… Perhaps the reason she pretended to be defeated initially and then put you into a state of suspended animation despite how troublesome it would be was because of her feelings as your mother… With what little that remained of her human heart, she still hoped to spare you from getting involved in the cycle of Witch. Thus, she took this kind of roundabout way. And in the unlikely event that she did get defeated by the Saint, at very least, you wouldn’t be turned into the Witch and could wait for the next generation of Saint to become the Witch instead… I guess it’s something like that.”


Upon hearing my deductions, Alfrea started choking on her words.

That reaction was enough; it was easy to understand.

I guess I was correct.

Then Alfrea got teary eyed, and began shivering.

“What is this, what is this — ! Let me explain things for a bit — ! Why did you just suddenly figure things out on your own and accept it so easily! You’re right, though! Let me speak for a bit too! At least show some surprise after hearing such a shocking truth!”

No good. What should I do about this?

This person is quite troublesome.

Anyway, if I guessed all of it already and accepted the truth so simply, she might sulk, so let’s ask her some random things.

“Alfrea-sama. Can you tell me the reason why you called me here?”

 “Hm? Nfu~ you want to know? You want to know? Regardless of what you have to do?”

…As expected she’s troublesome.

Let’s just go home already.

“Wait, wait — ! I will talk, so wait — !”

Right as I was about to go home, she stopped me with a teary expression, so I had no choice but to stay.


※Warning: Quite a Revealing Illustration.

Illustration gifted by わっさわさ様

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10 months ago

So suspended animation for a thousand years is possible… Such a lost opportunity. Since something like that is possible, doesn’t this mean that the same could be done to a Saint who had just defeated a Witch? She would still have 5 years of sanity left in her before she would start rampaging, so humanity really dropped the ball by not doing it… Perhaps the technology to do so was lost with the death of the First Witch? She was a rather special existence after all.

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Eternal perspective
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Lmao she just reminds me of Aqua

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I like Alfrea’s personality. It’s certainly a troublesome one, but in the perspective of a reader, it’s enjoyable. It seems like she’ll be a part of the main cast now. “You’re not the saint? Then I declare you the saint from now on! I win!” Hehehe…

Also nice to see another one of Elrise-sama’s fetishes. We are compiling a list now.

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