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Bluntly, this is just the previous chapter, but in Alfrea’s POV, so it’s okay to skip the later part…

Chapter 65: The First Saint and the Fake Saint

The First Saint, Alfrea, was born about 1000 years ago.

It would be more accurate to say 1020 years ago, but the person herself had already forgotten the exact year, and it was just a little difference compared to the total number of years anyway.

When Alfrea was born, she already didn’t have a father, but her mother, Eve, could do many mysterious things that others couldn’t; she was proud of this, so she didn’t feel lonely1.

For some reason, her mom was often chased around the world by various people, so she spent her childhood life on the run. But she didn’t think it was tough, not even once.

Her mom was always invincible and didn’t lose against anyone. More than that, the fact that she lived together with her beloved mother was enough to make Alfrea happy.

But this way of life ended when Alfrea reached 8 years old.

When she was playing around with her mother’s loyal demon pets, light suddenly came out from her hands and burned the demons.

At the time, Alfrea didn’t understand what had just happened, but she remembered that her mother looked terribly upset when she saw her power.

She shouted many things like “Curse you, World!” and “Is that made to be my antithesis!” and “To give that to my daughter, of all people!”

After that, Alfrea was abandoned by her mother. While she was still trying to understand what had happened, she was placed in an orphanage.

As Alfrea grew and reached 14 years old, she came to learn that her mother was known as the “Witch” and was a feared existence all over the world.

She attacked many nations, destroyed environments, and killed many people. As she learned that her mother did these numerous evil deeds, she thought that she should stop her mother.

She did wish to know why she abandoned her, but she also wished for her mother to stop doing these evil things. Plus, she hated the fact her mother became hated by everyone.

But when she thought about it again, her mother might have been affected by the World’s will then.

Whatever the case, Alfrea possessed the power to stop her mother. In hindsight, she was also blessed with comrades who had the same goal, and after two years of effort, she was able to successfully stop her mother.

From then on, she became a hero, and everyone called her Saint Alfrea.

Four years had passed since that moment.

In a world that had become peaceful, Alfrea was engaged to one of her past comrades, and she spent her days in happiness as their wedding day drew closer.

As she and her comrade were enjoying the pre-ceremony and drinking alcohol, she threw her pet turtle into the trash. She was quite drunk at that moment, without a doubt.

But that relaxed situation worked against her.

Suddenly, demons rushed toward the village where Alfrea lived, and among them was the figure of her mother, who was supposed to be dead. 

She was drunk at the time, and there was also 4 years free of combat, and the fact that she was drunk, in addition to her unexpected reunion with her mother, and also because she was drunk, made her unable to fight properly, so she was stupidly defeated and carried away by her mother2.

While she was still trying to understand what had just happened, she was confined inside a crystal and her consciousness was cut off there.

When Alfrea regained consciousness, her mother had already been defeated by a Saint that was not her, and said Saint had turned into the new Witch, along with the fact the next Saint was already born.

Alfrea was originally the power that was prepared by the World to stop the Witch.

But as the World judged that Alfrea’s life had ceased, the World had prepared another Saint.

Also, in the cave where Alfrea had slept, one of her comrades had continued to protect Alfrea.

…By the way, he was not the man she had been engaged to.

It was her other comrade, who had an unrequited love toward her.

As she listened to him, it seemed the man she was engaged to was greatly saddened with Alfrea’s death, but he was not one to dwell on the past and ended up marrying another woman and having children with her.

By the way, this unrequited love guy literally stayed and protected her to his death. Then he even went above and beyond, and had his soul stay behind by binding it to his armor so he could keep protecting her.

He was a way too single-minded person that made Alfrea pull back3 against him.

Also, there was another knight of Alfrea, but it seemed his wife caught him cheating on her with five women, so she abandoned him, which shocked him so much that he threw himself into a sea. It seemed that sea was named after him or something4.

Alfrea was unable to leave this place, but she managed to resonate with the other Saints due their the similarity between their power.

She could see the outside world through the eyes of each generation’s Saints, and sometimes she could even talk to them.

But that changed nothing. She could only watch the cycle continue as the Saint defeated the Witch and then turned into the next Witch.

What awaited each Saint was either death by her own will, or transformation into the Witch, which meant there could never be a proper resolution.

The world continued to be painted in darkness as demons kept growing in number, and environments kept getting destroyed along with the lives living there.

There was a long period of time until the Saint was able to defeat the Witch, while the period before the Saint turned into the Witch was short.

It was easy to break something, but to fix those broken things, one needed several times the amount of time and effort.

As these things that kept happening, the situation further worsened over time, regardless of what people did.

There was no end to the cycle of Witch and Saint; the World acted as if their lives were expendable, and kept killing them.

Because she knew of such fates, Alfrea thought that the hell created by such a cycle would keep going until the World met its end.

That was why she couldn’t help but wish.

For somebody to appear and change such a world.

For a miracle to come and destroy this helpless cycle.

Even though she knew it was impossible to happen, even so she couldn’t help but keep wishing for it, since that was all she was capable of doing.

— Honestly, she didn’t think her wish would truly be granted. 

The Current Generation’s Saint, Elrise, was abnormal even by Alfrea’s standards.

She was way too strong, even when compared to the other generations of Saints.

If one had to describe her, she was like a monster with talent that endlessly evolved.

Even with just the talent she was born with, that girl was already capable enough to fight against past Saints, but she kept polishing herself in a way that none had ever done before. By repeating her evolution and self-improvement, it resulted in the Strongest Saint of all time, who was likely capable of fighting against all the Generations of Saints and Witches, all at the same time, alone.

One movement of her hand shook the earth, and one breath created waves in the sea.

Even the weather was within her control; she called upon thunder, storms, and tornados to obliterate demons along with the lands where they lived.

She could make volcanoes erupt and destroy any enemies with light.

On top of that, the person herself was invincible; she repelled all kinds of attacks, with not even a scratch landing on her.

As long as the people were not dead, she could heal them with her healing magic, regardless of how heavy their wounds were or how deadly their sickness. She also healed the destroyed habitats and refilled the barren earth with green.

What was this? Alfrea couldn’t help but ponder.

As if it was reacting to its state of pure darkness, the World seemed to have gone crazy and gave birth to such an absurd existence.

That peerless existence was indeed the incarnation of justice and light. 

Even for this world that was painted black by Generation of Witches over a thousand years, it only took a few years to be repainted in light.

If it was her, perhaps she could end all this. Alfrea held such hope in her heart.

…No, more like if it didn’t end by this generation, then the World would come to an end when the next generation came.

If this girl called Elrise became a Witch, nobody could win.

That was why she tried to contact her. But contrary to the overwhelming power Elrise possessed, her talent as a Saint was actually the weakest of all generations.

She did possess the power, but if the other Saints had a Saint’s power of 10, hers didn’t even reach 1.

Regardless, she could still use her overwhelming mana to make up for it, so she would come out on top against all generations anyway.

What a seriously imbalanced Saint.

Alfrea tried several times to connect and send words to her, but it kept failing to reach her.

Also for some reason, Eterna, who was not supposed to be Saint, was the one who kept picking up the connection instead.

But luck was on Alfrea’s side this time.

Elrise decided to come to Fuguten where Alfrea was slumbering.

If she came that close, it should be possible to contact her.

Alfrea quickly sent her voice toward Elrise and successfully led her to the cave where she slept.

As she came to face Elrise in the Spiritual World, Alfrea suffered a slight loss of confidence.

She came to learn of it as she faced her directly, but she was already losing in terms of looks.

Her skin and hair, her face and body, everything was perfectly balanced, as if she was a work of art. Even though she belonged to the same gender, she couldn’t help but lust for her. 

But for some reason, strange lights covered the important places, so it felt frustrating.

But such thoughts ended up forgotten as Elrise told her the extremely shocking truth.

“I am not a Saint. I’m merely a person who was coincidentally born in the same village as the Saint. Just a different person who happened to have strong mana.”

What was she supposed to say to this? 

For the Greatest Saint of All Times, who did all those great deeds that other generations of Saints failed to do, to actually turn out to not even be a Saint.

In other words, a fake Saint.

But if such a person was a fake, then those of us who were supposed to be real ones would lose our standing.

If the real one failed to do even one of deeds that the fake one managed to do, then was there any meaning of the real one existing?

To prevent an identity crisis, she forcefully declared her as a Saint, but that unexpected bomb dealt quite the damage to her mental health.

Recovering from her shock, Alfrea once again looked seriously toward the girl.

Normally, there was no way for a commoner to be mistaken as a Saint, but since she still got mistaken despite that, it proved how much of a “Saint-like” existence this girl named Elrise seemed to be.

It was as if the people’s “ideal Saint” took shape in the form of a human… rather, as if it was intended to match that image, that perfect beauty in front of her.

This was actually not a mistaken opinion.

Elrise did so to portray that image of her to the world. The 12 years she had been living in this world up until this moment, she had used magic to make such a façade.

Exactly because a fake was a fake, they need to appear even more real than the real one.

The image of “Saint Elrise” that Elrise made with all her power was so perfect that it managed to deceive even the eyes of First Saint Alfrea… that was all that had happened.

Alfrea wasn’t aware of such a backstory, but she thought.

I made a mistake because she looks nothing like a commoner should.

Even if she didn’t pretend to be the Saint, if she just happened to pass through the road, one would think she was one. That’s how perfect she was at being a Saint compared to other Generations of Saints. It couldn’t be helped to make such a mistake there.

That’s why I’m not at fault.

As she thought that, Alfrea felt justified for her assumptions.

Afterward, Alfrea talked about her relationship with the First Witch… or rather, Elrise was able to piece it together herself but, anyway, she came to understand it.

She might not be a Saint, but in a way, this development was what Alfrea preferred.

The reason Alfrea called Elrise over was to not let her be turned into a Witch; but since she was not even a Saint in first place, then she wouldn’t be able to become a Witch.

So her worry was a needless one.

Also one more thing… she wished to entrust Elrise with the hope to end this cycle.

Alfrea was aware of a method to do this.

“Alfrea-sama. Can you tell me the reason why you called me here?”

“Hm? Nfu ~ you want to know? You want to know? Regardless of what you have to do?”

Since everything she wanted to talk about had already been figured out by this girl, she tried to be mean to her for a bit.

Then Elrise disappeared from the Spiritual World.

It seemed that Elrise had taken her hand off of the crystal and started walking back to where she came from, so Alfrea panicked. 

”Wait, wait — ! I will talk, so wait — !”

Then Elrise came back to the Spiritual World, causing Alfrea to sigh in relief.

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