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Chapter 66: The New Solution

“Well then, for what reason have you called me here?”

I asked the troublesome First Saint about why she summoned me, since her motive was the most important thing for the time being.

There was no way that informing me about her relationship with the First Witch was all she wanted to say.

It was totally possible that was the case, considering how foolish she was, so much so that it was kind of scary, but let’s begin with the questioning.

And, if that was truly everything she wanted to say, then I would just go home.

“Err… There are two reasons for that. The first one is to warn you to not defeat the Witch. The moment you become the Witch, that would mean the World’s End is confirmed to happen… or so I was going to say, but it seems that’s a needless worry…”

Fumu, so it was the same as with Diaz.

I wanted to say she was supposed to notice that I was a fake since she was the First Saint, but it seemed she actually had a decent reason to call me.

But this matter was practically already settled.

I was not the Saint, so I wouldn’t become the Witch even if I did defeat her.

Rather, to end this sorrowful development, it was better for me, who was not a Saint, to defeat the Witch.

“And one more thing… it’s to tell you the method to end this cycle that began with me and my mother, such is the reason I called you here.”

“Method to end it, is it?”

Only a Saint could defeat the Witch.

But the Saint who defeated the Witch would turn into the next Witch.

That repeated until the present, it was this world’s endless cycle1

I thought the method to end it was to let anyone other than the Saint defeat the Witch.

But I understand that I had overlooked something as I saw Alfrea.

The First Witch put Alfrea into a state of suspended animation and confined her to let the natural cycle move toward the next Generation of Saint instead.

It was basically the same thing for the Witch.

… Or rather, I was such a stupid person.

Why didn’t I think of such a simple method until now?

It was often used in manga, and it was a method used so often that it had become tradition. 

“…Right, it is to seal her. Just like what she had done to you, if one sealed the Witch while she is still alive, that would take care of everything. Since she is not defeated, the transfer of power toward a new Saint won’t happen, to think it was such a simple thing…”

“Wait! Why did you say it before I could again — ?!”

Alfrea turned teary eyed, but I was more concerned with my own stupidity, to the point that it irritated me.

Yes, that was right, indeed. All I needed to do was to seal her.

Just with that, this whole cycle would come to an end.

If the Witch was defeated, it would trigger the transfer of power, so the answer was to just not defeat her. It was just that simple.

There was a thing that said “It’s not supposed to be done.” Then what should we do? The answer was simply “Don’t do it.”… It was something that even children could understand.

I understood why the people of the past never noticed this.

First of all, there was no known technique capable of achieving that.

Next, if a normal human did it, it was highly possible it wouldn’t work against the Witch, so they wouldn’t even think of doing it themselves. 

Even so, the Saint also wouldn’t think of that.

It was because the Saint knew nothing about the truth.

If they were told the truth, it would be troublesome if they abandoned the fight altogether due to thoughts of “I don’t want to turn into Witch.” Also… there was a precedent where one despaired upon knowing the truth and then went on to get herself killed by demons, like Saint Lilia.

Even if the Saint knew the truth, they would stop persevering due to their despair before they could even think “Just seal her then.”

That was why they wouldn’t tell them. And because they didn’t know, they wouldn’t think of this solution.

But it would be bad if I didn’t notice that.

I already possessed enough strength to defeat the Witch through sheer power alone, and I already thought of stopping the cycle by defeating her. I totally believed the idea that “It’s over once I defeat her,” and stopped thinking further.

“Ah — damn! Yes, yes, you’re right! That’s exactly it — ! Just like what my mother did to me, it will end if a Saint simply sealed them. That’s why I called you to pass on the method to seal the Witch.”

These things which Alfrea said with annoyance, were an unexpected fortune for me.

If she really did teach such sealing magic, then there would be nothing more convenient.

It was the magic that had managed to seal Alfrea for 1000 years. So its effect was guaranteed.

Setting aside whether I should use it or not, there was nothing bad about learning it.

With my intention of not leaving a seed of disaster for the later generation, it was better to do what I planned initially and drag the Witch along with me to my death.

However, there was no guarantee the Witch wouldn’t reappear in the future… In an extreme case, if the World thought “I will prepare another representative,” it  meant another Witch would be born, and if such a Witch also ran wild like the First Generation, then everyone’s efforts would all be for nothing.

But if that happened and the Sealing Magic still remained, then they could handle the Witch immediately.

At least, it wouldn’t become like this where unproductive conflicts continued for over 1000 years.

That was why I thought this magic would be better to leave for future generations.

… Obviously, there would be fools who’d use it for no good reasons, so it was better to set rules for who it should be taught to.

The problem was, the person who used this magic was not Alfrea, but the First Witch.

… Was she truly capable of using such sealing magic?

“Ah! That face is saying you doubt whether I could really use it right!?”


“No, no, even if you try to deceive me, you can’t fool me. Your face is totally showing… eh?”

“I am doubting you for it.”


As I plainly said that I did doubt her, Alfrea started to tremble.

Tears gathered in her eyes; it was like a dam about to burst.

She was going to cry, just a little bit more and she would definitely cry. See, she was about to cry.


Yes, she did cry ~

As expected, isn’t it impossible, was my thought as I looked at her.

But that idea of “It’s good to just seal them” could be used as reference in the future.

Once I went home, I decided to immediately start creating a magic that would be capable of doing so.

Of course, the base would be ice magic… to freeze her and keep her in a preserved state.

One would normally die from that, but the Witch wouldn’t die so easily.

So if I did this, it meant that we would trap Alexia in a world of extreme cold on a level where she’d be unable to die, though I did feel sorry for that.

“What is this, what is this — ! I could use it! I could use it properly!”

Anyway, I patted the First Saint-sama‘s head to comfort her, since she wouldn’t stop sobbing.

This would normally be a rude action, but it should be okay. Her mental age seemed to be low anyway.

Then Alfrea narrowed her eyes, and pushed her head toward my hand, as if asking me to pat her more.

What are you, a dog?

“The person who used the Sealing Magic is supposed to be Alfrea-sama’s respected mother, right? If that’s the case, I wonder how you managed to learn it though.”

“Before I was sealed, my mother explained what kind of magic that was by herself.”

I wondered how she managed to learn it, but it was surprisingly due to such a stupid reason.

For the Witch to explain it herself, seriously?

Ah, I see. So you did the thing that happens often in fiction where the enemy explains their own ability to the hero, I guess, First Witch.

Or maybe, she thought to leave it for the future generations and explained it on purpose…

“You don’t have to doubt it that much. I will teach you soon, and you will find out I really did understand my teaching.”

As she said that, Alfrea slowly grabbed my shoulder, and the next moment something seemed to flow into me.

I guess it was because this place is a Spiritual world.

It was not through words, I could understand through feeling.

About how I could use the Sealing Magic.

About how one would wield their Mana to produce such a result, it was as if my hands were patiently guided through the process.

On a side note, I also came to understand that armor at the entrance was merely that stalker comrade. I don’t think I needed to know that.

“How was it? This is the Sealing Magic that has kept me confined for 1000 years. Just receive it gratefully.”

“… I see. This is indeed so.”

Regarding the Sealing Magic that was taught by Alfrea, it was hard to explain in words, but anyway, it was something made through several complicated operations that were laid on top of each other.

Limited area time stop… I think one could say it was like that.

Using Dark magic to confine a space itself was what the Sealing magic was.

Darkness can’t be reached by light, so by using the darkness, one made a space that not even light could reach.

So the dark magic was actually the magic that can manipulate space… or magic that can make space.

Using such a power, they created a space where everything stops, a space where even time stopped inside this crystal. That was the true nature of the Sealing Magic.

At the same time, this explained why the Saint and the Witch were invincible.

Perhaps they were all, unintentionally, made from a space where nothing foreign could pass through.

That was why one needed the same power that manipulated space — in other words, the power of darkness alone can cause damage that pierces through this invincibility.

However, even if I understood, I couldn’t do anything about it.

…since I barely did anything using dark magic… I was not a Saint after all.

“This is troubling. This is not something I could use.”


No, why did you say “eh” there?

I already told you I was a fake Saint, so why don’t you understand that I can’t use it?

But this spell, it was a waste to just abandon it.

Was there no way to properly use this on the Witch?

It might be safer to teach Eterna about this… but this Sealing Magic uses about 2000 MP at once, so it might be hard even for Eterna, since she had just awakened recently.

I had enough MP, but I lacked the proper attribute.

Alfrea could use it, but she was currently sealed.

…ah, I could do that.

It was just a simple thing to do.

All I needed to do was release Alfrea from this seal.

It was always easier to destroy everything than to create.

I couldn’t use this Sealing Magic. I did have the Dark Power I borrowed from Vernell, but it still would’t be enough for it.

But even I could use sheer power to destroy this sealing magic.

“Alfrea-sama… do you wish to be free?”

“Eh, you could!? I totally want it! I’m so bored of staying here all alone! If it’s possible, I want to be released from this place soon! Now, immediately! Hurry, hurry!”

I asked just in case, but she totally latched on the idea to a level that I pulled away.

Well, it was normal to hate staying there all the time along with that stalker armor.

On top of that, she was nude all this time.

That armor, did he remain here all this time just to watch her as she’s nude…

Anyway, I got her permission.

Then there was no need to hesitate anymore. I would destroy the seal along with the crystal.

I returned to reality from the Spiritual World, and backed away from crystal.

Then I condensed mana on the palms of both my hands.

The power was concentrated, and then condensed into a small point.

I added dark power to pierce through the space’s defense, and aimed it toward the crystal.

It might have been my imagination, but the crystal looked like it was shaking.

It must be my imagination. Then Alfrea’s scream echoed in my head.

“Wait, wait, wait! I’ll die if you shoot that! Let me prepare my own heart for —”


The light I shot turned into a beam, it directly hit the crystal and reflected all the way back toward the rock and then fizzled out.

The impact also knocked me back; if I wasn’t standing properly, I might’ve fallen over.

But the magic was effective.

The crystal that confined Alfrea cracked, and slowly crumbled.

So I increased the power output, and the beam grew thicker.

Then the crystal finally reached its limit and completely shattered.

I stopped the magic at the same time, causing the beam I shot to fade.

All that was left there was a nude bishoujo.

It was quite a rough method, but it seemed she was safely released from the seal.


There were no wounds on Alfrea, but it seemed it was quite a thrilling experience for her since she couldn’t stand.

Anyway, it might be pitiful if I brought her out in her current state, so I needed to do something about it…

…but I didn’t have the magic to make clothes.

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6 months ago

I’m rereading but… Did the first witch mom wish for her daughter who has the power to connect with other saints to relay the ability to seal a saint and a witch?

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As if Elrise isn’t enough, 2 actual Saints entered the fray with the Prophet herself providing them information on her defenses(demons). Oh, and Vernell, though that one is made by herself.
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…anyway, have fun, Alexia.

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Who Knows?
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That knight has to be the thirstiest man of all time to do that to himself for some eternal sight seeing for some good ol badonka donks.
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